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2019年05月01日 [日々の事]

NEWS of Dr. Greer & Sirius Disclosure.🌟グリア博士とシリウスディスクロージャーからのニュース🌟

NEWS of Dr. Greer & Sirius Disclosure.🌟
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From SiriusDisclosure.com
Here's what's been happening with the film:

- Marian in the photo is one of Dr. Greer's oldest friends and witnessed an early CE-5 with him in France in the 1970s when a fully materialized craft appeared. She was interviewed in Borrego Springs for the film.

- We have reached out to the CE5 community to get video and still footage from CE5 events. Someone very active in New Zealand shared with Dr. Greer amazing footage taken by a woman in the Netherlands who is doing CE-5 on her own. She will let us use her astounding footage that shows a craft moving in random patterns around the sky, stopping and then moving again.....surely not an aircraft or satellite!

- The film crew is in Virginia to film some more people who have had amazing CE5 experiences over the years and also to film Dr. Greer relating how he got started on this journey. Those being interviewed Include a case where a man was healed of his hearing loss during a contact event in AZ. We will have the interview with the man and the interview with the man who took the picture of that ET and the picture of the ET.
- 映画の撮影に関わるスタッフたちは、長年の間、驚異的なCE5の経験をした多くの人々を撮影し、更に、それがどのようにこの機会に遭遇したのかを述べるグリア博士もバージニアで撮影します。インタビューアは、ある男性のコンタクト体験の中の始めから最後までに起きた癒しがどのようなものかも撮影されました。その男性とインタビューアと、その(本当の)ETの写真と、その写真を撮影した人とのインタビューもあります。

- We are reaching out to MDs and PhDs in the Science of Consciousness field to be interviewed so that we can show the solid scientific basis on which the CE-5 protocols are based. We will show how non-locality of consciousness has been proven by science - and explain why and how the CE-5 techniques actually work.

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CE-5 2019-05-01
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