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2019年06月20日 [日々の事]

❀June 19, 2019. Dr. Greer’s message (with Japanese translation)📩❀2019年6月19日グリア博士のメッセージ📩

First in Japan! Dr. Greer’s seminar, July, 6, 2019🌟🌟🌟

🎥Support the CE5 film so people around the world learn how to make peaceful contact: CE5 film🌟

ET Contact: The 1% Effect.
Dr. Greer talks about the importance of mass consciousness and how 1% of conscious humans can transform the rest of the 99%.
“Close Encounters of the 5th Kind”: Contact, Consciousness, and the Human Future is Dr. Greer's third film.


↓Dr. Greer's message video↓

I want to thank everyone who’s helped us with the previous two films Sirius and Unacknowledged. If it wasn’t for all you guys we could not have made those films which have been seen by tens of millions of people. All over the earth in his advance disclosure and the knowledge about the fact that we’re not alone in the universe we’re now working on Close Encounters of the fifth kind. And this is how I really got started in this field. It was before the disclosure project movement was founded by me in the 1990s.


And it’s about a very personal ability for every man and woman and child to make contact with these civilizations. However in this case, we want to create a film that going to be seen by a hundred million people or more to create a mass consciousness movement. Where we come together as one people and create a new civilization on this planet. That is peaceful high-tech using new energy technologies but also peaceful in space in open contact with these interstellar civilizations that are visiting us and have been visiting us. They’ve been asking for appropriate response from humans for 70 years.

And all we have done is either denial ridicule or militarism. We need to be the Vanguard an army of peaceful warriors, Shambhala warriors, Consciousness warriors that make contact with them understanding higher states of consciousness and the fact that the conscious mind is not limited by space or time. And that’s the foundation of Close Encounters of the fifth time. And by doing this we have found through research that only 1% of a population has to become awake and moving with intend in a good direction to affect the other 99%. And that effect which has been proven in quantum mechanics and in consciousness studies over and over again is what we want to do with this film.

So, we want on a planet of seven and a half billion people 75 million people to see and receive this message. And begin to understand that the universe is folded within every single one of us. And that when we go out to make contact under the stars with two or three or four or five people. It causes an effect in the consciousness field that advances us into the good future and off the passive path of destruction that we’re on. So this film is really the most important one we will do. And it’s about putting all of us together in a movement to create universal peace in our lifetime. A world of peace of peace on earth peace and space don’t wait for the President or the space force or the UN or the military or your senators or anyone else to do it.

This is a message about all of us doing it. And the way we’re going to organize. That is to have a hundred million people around the world see this new documentary film the title of which is Close Encounters of the fifth kind contact, consciousness in the human future. So I really appreciate your support any help. You can give us in the way of a contribution whether. It’s five dollars or anything is very very important because both the movie that we’re done so far that I’ve now reached at least 50 million people. Those have been done because you guys who understand how important. This is have actually you know walked the walk and helped us make this a reality. So again, thank you for your past support.

I hope you will support this endeavor. And we're already in production. It's going to be an incredible. An incredible project and with your help. We’re going to change the world and make it the world of our dreams.
Thank you very much.


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