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2019年06月23日 [日々の事]

🌈Dr. Greer appeared on the “Sophie Co TV” (15 Feb, 2019).📺🌈グリア博士「ソフィー・テレビ」に出演♪ (2019年2月15日放送分)📺

First in Japan! Dr. Greer’s seminar, July, 2019🌟🌟🌟

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Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact. Consciousness. And the Human Future🌟

From Sirius Disclosure
🌈Dr. Greer appeared on the “Sophie Co TV” (15 Feb, 2019).📺

Video & Article (ビデオ&記事)

Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project

Talks of UFOs hovering in the skies have been exciting researchers and the general public for decades. Are we being watched from above, and are we ready for encountering the unknown? We ask Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Center for the Study of Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence and the Disclosure Project.

♥Sophie Shevardnadze (♥SS) : Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Centre for the Study of Extra-terrestrial Intelligence, welcome to the show, great to have you with us. So Dr. Greer, you say that we are not alone in the universe, and there have already been many contacts between us and aliens. You got to admit, though, that for most people this claim is pretty far out. What can be done to prove once and for all that the aliens are real and already discovered?

★Dr. Steven Greer (★SG): Well, that’s a great question, and, in fact, that has happened. If you look it, there’s a documentary that’s just been released in 2017 called Unacknowledged. And it’s the first word in Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, which is a term used in the military of the United States for very top-secret projects dealing with the UFO and extraterrestrial issue. And you’ll see that there we have over 950 top-secret military people who come forward with testimony documents, photographs, we have even done analysis on an extra-terrestrial biological specimen. And there’s incontrovertible evidence that we’re being visited. And frankly, everyone in very high-ranking classified projects know this. The public hasn’t been told because they wanted to keep these secret for reasons of technology and the macroeconomic petrodollar system. The secrecy has really nothing to do with the, quote on quote, aliens, it has everything to do with the geopolitical power and money, as usual.

♥SS: We’re going to get to geopolitical power and why we’re covering up the aliens because of that, but still, wouldn’t you expect an event of this cosmic magnitude to be pretty much impossible to cover up?

★SG: It hasn’t been. I mean, one of the interesting things, at least in the United States and most countries, more than half the people believe we’re being visited, 65% of the public believes that there’s intelligent life out there. In fact, 43% of Americans believe that we’re currently being visited, actively, by non-human advanced civilizations. So people use the word cover-up, but in reality, it’s hidden in plain sight. You need to make a distinction between official acknowledgement of something and what the public already knows. My job… I’m an emergency doctor, trauma, but I left my medical career to expose this big cover-up, as you call it, some years ago, and we’ve put together this positive proof and evidence. You can go to our website, siriusdisclosure.com, and you will see thousands of pages of government documents and dozens of top-secret military testimonies of the facts. And so I tell people, this is not about a belief system, it’s about what the facts are.

★SG: Now, the question that you’re asking is why haven’t official governments acknowledged this. That is a different question from whether or not the subject has been disclosed. We’ve been working for over 25 years to disclose this information, and the public has accepted the fact that we’re not alone in the Universe, the vast majority. In fact, if you look at the, even on Unacknowledged, this documentary, it’s on Netflix now, around the world, it’s had tens of millions people see it. And on pirated sites, probably a hundred million people. So what I point out to people is that this information is out there, but the governments have not seen fit to officially recognize it because it would disrupt the status-quo.

♥SS: Alright, so let’s take a look at the world picture that you are painting, and ask some questions about that. First, are aliens just visiting Earth, or they have settled here permanently?

★SG: No, these are reconnaissance, and civilizations that are visiting the planet certainly increased after we started detonating atomic weapons, there’s clear evidence that they have a concern about our destructive capabilities and weapons of mass destruction, and if you look at the modern era of sightings of so-called UFOs, those increased markedly after we developed atomic and nuclear weapons, and the hydrogen bomb. That’s a fact, and we have many top-secret witnesses who were present at nuclear facilities where these extraterrestrial vehicles would come in to observe and to see what we’re doing. So I think there’s… There are a lot of people, like, of course, the science fiction, who’d make you think that there’s a risk of some kind of alien invasion or threat. It’s the other way around, we’re viewed as the threat, the human civilization right now is viewed as a very unstable civilization that has not attained a peaceful world situation, which should have happened at the end of World War 2, and has not yet happened. So I think that these civilizations are waiting for us to grow up as a civilization, and until then, there’s not going to be any overt action by them unless some catastrophic event was to happen.
★SG: いいえ、彼らは調査として地球に住んでいるのであり、地球人が核兵器を頻繁に使用し始めた頃、確かにこの星を訪れる地球外の文明たちが増え、私達の破壊力や、大量破壊兵器に関して、非常に懸念しています。現代の、いわゆるUFO目撃例でいえば、私達が原子力や、核兵器や水素爆弾を開発した頃から、彼らの目撃例は、顕著に増加したという明らかな証拠もあります。これは事実であり、彼らは、私達を調査(観察)する理由で(物質化)した乗り物で訪れ、核施設では、多くの極秘の証人たちの証言から、「彼らを目撃した」という証拠がそろっています。地球人には、ある種のエイリアンの侵略、あるいは、脅威のリスクがあるというSF小説のような先入観が、多くの人にほどこされていますよね。実のところは、真逆であり、宇宙人たちにとって、私達、地球人は脅威(暴力的)な存在だと見られています。地球人の文明は、第二次世界大戦の終結あたりには、平和な世界情勢になるべきでしたが、未だに平和な社会に到達していない、非常に不安定な文明だと判断されています。そのような理由で、彼らは、私達が平和な文明として、ある程度成長できる時まで待ち、いくらかの大惨事が起こるまでは、どのような行動も見せないであろうと私は思います。

♥SS: So how many different alien species are here, visiting Earth? What do they look like? What’s their culture like? What methods of communication do they prefer or use?

★SG: Well, these are all really complex questions, number one… The last I heard is that there was documentation of more than five dozen different civilizations or different species, and they range from all kinds of shapes and sizes. Many of the spacecraft that have been seen are not the typical round UFOs, some are triangular, some are circular spheres. These civilizations range from hundreds of thousands to millions of years more developed than ours, and it appears that they are working somehow together in observing the planet. But the caricature of, so to say, an alien that’s been put out there, that’s mostly a counter-intelligence perspective that has been done by the CIA. To be honest with you, I would say that most of the information people see out there on the subject is disinformation created by the intelligence community for its psychological warfare value. But the ETs themselves, these civilizations range in… Some have been documented to be as short as a foot, foot and a half tall, and some that are more than 12 feet tall. And there are many different species from different star systems. Now, the communications, this is where it gets interesting. Because you and I are talking at the speed of light, basically, electromagnetic, or less. If you’re dealing with civilizations from another star system, certain technologies are phasing trans-dimensionally, across dimensions, beyond the speed of light.

★SG: Now, this has been something that is not wanted to be exposed, because it has huge implications technologically. For example, we often would say, the state of the art method of communication for us is an iPhone or a telecommunication system, or a satellite system. Those are actually very antiquated systems based on mid 18-hundreds to late 18-hundreds telecommunication radio frequencies etc. We’re dealing with civilizations that are communicating with technologies that go beyond the speed of light, but also interface interestingly with directed and coherent thought. So you have to ask the question: what is the speed of consciousness and thought? So this gets into some very advanced concepts and post-quantum mechanics, and so-called entanglement, where you can go beyond the speed of light, which has theoretically been stated by Western scientists not to be possible. But I would argue that it’s only being argued from the point of view of the myopia of the current scientific paradigm. You’re dealing with civilizations that are so far advanced than us that almost any manifestation of how they might appear could appear magical, but it’s not, it’s science.

♥SS: So if they’re so advanced, and you are saying that the aliens have visited Earth with reconnaissance missions, is it just that, or do they want something from the planet? If a civilization that manages interstellar flights exists, then, that makes us a real backwater of space...
♥SS: そうですか。彼らが非常に高度文明で、宇宙人たちが偵察の任務によって地球を訪問したなら、彼らは何がしたいのでしょうか?そして、彼らは地球に何を望んでいるのでしょうか?宇宙の次元間を移動し、操作できる文明が存在しているならば、彼らは私達から離れたところに基地を作るのではないでしょうか?

★SG: Yes, it is, except, here’s the problem: we’re going into space, aren’t we? We have a space station, we’re going to Mars with unmanned and, eventually, manned vehicles, we’ve landed on the Moon. My uncle helped design the thing that landed on the Moon with Neil Armstrong in it, the lunar module. What I tell people is that when we start going into space, combined with weapons of mass destruction, a red flag went over the Earth that said: we are at the point where this civilization could potentially be a problem. So I believe that we’re viewed as a problem civilization that’s in evolution. And the big task for humanity is to go from a fractured, you know, ape-like civilization where we’re fighting each other over stupidity to a peaceful civilization that goes to space peacefully. When we reach that hallmark, that milestone, then you’re going to see a much more open contact occur from these other civilizations and the human species.
★SG: そうですね。それは次に説明する通り、問題点はここにあります:私達は、現代、宇宙時代に突入していますよね?そして、宇宙ステーションも作りました。宇宙で無人機器を使用したり、人間によって操作される小型車を使い、火星も調査し、月にも着陸しました。私のおじは、月面着陸するための船を設計するのを手伝い、その船に、ニール・アームストロングが乗船しました。私が言えるのは、宇宙時代に突入した時、地球上では大量破壊兵器の問題があり、この宇宙への進出に結び付いているのです。:つまり私達の文明事態に、潜在的に問題を抱えているのです。そして、私達地球人というのは、進化途中の問題を抱えている文明だと判断されているのだと思います。そして、私達が愚かにもお互いに戦い、分裂した現代の文明から、平和に宇宙へ入ることのできる、安らかな文明を持つ存在へと進化する運命にあります。そして、私達が目的とする自身の存在にたどり着く時、進化した他の文明と人々が、オープンコンタクトをおこなうようになるのです。

♥SS: So, according to your words, there’s this special organization that keeps the lid on the UFO story. But surely aliens would not just stick to America, and if they are out there, other major governments of the world should have been aware of aliens too. So is there an international secrecy agreement, or each government has their own alien policy line?
♥SS: では、あなたのお話しでは、本当のUFOの話しを隠蔽したいと思う特別組織がいますが、宇宙人たちは、アメリカから距離を置き、近寄らないために、世界中の他の政府は宇宙人に気づけません。そして国際法の守秘義務の約束もあり、各国にはその国々の政策方針がありますよね?

★SG: They are. It’s a transnational organization, so let me make a distinction between international, something like the United Nations, and transnational. Transnational, it sort of transcends geopolitical boundaries, and, for example, we have documents that show that the old KGB in Soviet USSR had cooperation with US intelligence on this issue back in the darkest days of the Cold War. So, in fact, secrecy on this issue has been maintained by a cooperative entity that is multinational and transnational for many decades. Now, the crown jewel of the activity on this subject has been in the United States because of the technology and just, frankly, the macro-economic clout that the United States possesses. But other countries have certainly had… I mean, we’ve had, for example, Chile and Brazilian military files have opened up recently, where they have acknowledged chasing these objects with their jet fighters. We have footage that has been given to us from Chilean generals recently, of these ET objects being chased by their jet fighters. In Mexico, we have similar footage. So a number of countries have actually cooperated with opening up their files, but the real research and development projects have been centered in the high-tech corridors in the United States and in the very classified projects which are properly known as the Unacknowledged Special Access Projects, or USAP.

★SG: And there are corollaries to those in Canada and the United States, the United Kingdom, and, I would suppose, to some extent, in Russia and China, although to a lesser degree. Certainly, countries all over the world have a prevalent interest in having this information come out, because the big talk is about climate change, the so-called global warming and resource depletion. The fact of the matter is, the technologies for going from one star system to another involves very advanced science and physics, that would get us off oil, gas and coal very quickly. But therein lies the problem: it’s a multi-trillion dollar economic question of bringing out this information. If you acknowledge that we’re not alone in the Universe, and they’re here, the first thing a scientist is going to say to any government official is: what technology are they using to get here? When they ask that question, it will be answered, when it’s answered, it’s the end of oil.
★SG: そして、当然の結果がカナダとアメリカ合衆国、英国、にそれらにあると私は思います。そしてその内のいくつかは、ロシアと中国、そして小さな国にあるでしょう。大きな問題が気候変動、いわゆる地球温暖化と資源の減少について話されるので、各国は、世界中で、この情報に関心を持っています。事実、1つのスター・システム(宇宙構造)から別のスター・システム(次元)に移動できるテクノロジーは非常に高度な科学と物理学的知識を持ち、それは石炭、オイル、ガスなどの化石燃料、そして限界のある自然エネルギーから私達を早急に解放します。しかし、それには、問題点があるのです:このエネルギー問題の主軸となるマルチ1兆ドルを稼ぎ上げる経済問題です。あなたが、私達が宇宙で孤独な存在ではなく、地球外知的生命体たちが、既に、ここに存在することを認めるなら、科学者たちは、政府に「地球外知的生命体たちは、地球に到着するために、どんなテクノロジーを使っているのか?」と、最初に聞きたいでしょう。その答えに堂々と答えられるのは、石油を含むエネルギー問題の終わりの時代です。

♥SS: The documentary based on your book, “Sirius”, starts with the premise that the power of oil corporations is what is behind an unfair financial system that benefits the few - and leaves the American middle class in the dust. Is this whole UFO thing really your way of expressing extreme frustration with what is going on in the normal world?

★SG: No, it’s just an acknowledgement that the world is a faint shadow when it could be if the technologies that we’ve been developing over the last fifty years in classified projects were being used. I mean, we’re all using jets and cars, oil and gas, and we don’t need them. We haven’t needed them for decades. It’s the decision that has been made because to bring out these new technologies would be too disruptive to the current macroeconomic system. And I think, this is the debate that needs to be joint because people are increasingly getting concerned over the climate change and pollution and deaths related to air pollution. These are all solvable problems, but they are not going to be solved by tinkering around the edges with solar power or wind power. We need really bold new scientific discoveries that have been studied for many decades in classified projects brought forward to benefit the human species.
★SG: いいえ。そうではなく、ここ50年間に開発されているテクノロジーを、私達が実際に使わせてもらえていれば、それは世界に蔓延している、これらの秘密のプロジェクトの存在というのは、単に影のようなものであることがわかります。つまり、私達、一般市民は、現在、ジェット機や車、石油やガスを使っていますが、独占されているテクノロジーを使用できていれば、この古いテクノロジーを数十年にもわたり、必要とはしていませんでした。この新しいテクノロジーを表に出すことが、現在のマクロ経済システムの破壊的要素なので、隠されているのは決定的な問題なのです。私が思うには、世界中の人が、今後、ますます、大気汚染や、気候変動の危険について考えることになるので、この問題は、別々に考えるのではなく、結びつく問題として考える必要のある問題なのです。この問題というのは、実際には、すべて、解決できる問題ですが、太陽エネルギーや、風力エネルギーなどで、解決しようとしても、最終的には解決しないでしょう。私達は、陰で数十年間、研究が進んでいる、新しい科学テクノロジーが必要なのです。

♥SS: In one of your main theories you suggested that the powers that be don’t want the public to know because of oil revenues - alien technology would kill oil business. But some governments like oil revenues and others don’t, for instance, China would be very happy if it didn’t have to buy oil, so it can’t all be about that, can it?
♥SS: あなたの議論の主なものは、石油産業の利益のために、宇宙人たちのテクノロジーを一般市民には知られては困る人々がいて、それが公表され、使用されると、石油産業は壊滅状態になるといいます。しかし、石油産業の利益と結びつかない一部の政府は、石油を買う必要がなければ、例えば中国のような国は非常に豊かになりますから、すべての国に当てはまるわけではないですよね?

★SG: It’s about the macroeconomic system that is dependent on the petrodollar system, and that’s from Bretton-Woods at the end of World War II, if you look into history… Even countries who are not oil net exporters, for example, China or Japan, tied into the macroeconomic system that is very dependent on the current energy and industrial paradigm and in particular the petrodollar. These are the things that would change very quickly with the disclosure of the fact that we’re not alone in the universe. We’ve been studying and we’ve figured out how these machines operate. Let’s be very frank: they’re not using Exxon ot Jet-A fuel, or Russian or Saudi oil to go from one star system to another, this is common sense. And the people, I’ve spoken to in the research and development world in classified projects, and as I’ve mentioned, we have over 900 of these top-secret whistleblowers on our team, it’s quite clear that these technologies have been fully developed, but bringing them out would disrupt the status quo. So, the big economic interest all over the world would have to adapt very quickly to a whole new economic system.
★SG: あなたが歴史を調べれば、ほとんどの国が石油産業に依存し、第二次世界大戦の終結頃では、ブレットン・ウッズから続く、マクロ経済システムに組み込まれていることを理解するでしょう。現在のエネルギー産業のやり方、特に石油産業に深く依存するマクロ経済システムでは、石油純輸出国、例えば中国、あるいは日本以外の国でさえ、同等でした。これらは、私達が宇宙で孤独な存在ではないという事実に基づくディスクロージャーと、即座に入れ替わることができるものなのです。私達は学び、研究し、地球外から訪れる彼らのマシンがどのように動作するかを理解しました。率直に申し上げます:彼らは、1つのスター・システムから別のスター・システムに移動するために、エクソンモービルを使って、ジェット機器に乗り、ロシアやサウジアラビアの石油を燃料として使い、移動するわけではないのです。これは常識です。私は細かく分けられたプロジェクトで研究開発をしている人々に話したのですが、既に話した通り、私達のチームには最高機密の告発者が900人以上います。地球外から来た宇宙人たちのテクノロジーを地球人が研究して開発したことは、明らかなのです。しかし、その研究者たちを表に連れ出すことは現状を混乱させてしまうでしょう。世界経済は、非常に素早く、新しい経済システムに適応していく必要があります。

♥SS: You also say that American president is not being told about all such findings. You even prepared a special briefing for President Obama and you spoke before Congress - how did it go?

♥SS: あなたはオバマ大統領のために特別な状況説明さえ用意し、議会の前で話しました。- それは如何でしたか?

★SG: You know, what I found is that everyone wants to know. I’m in Washington right now about this issue. It’s the biggest non-secret that ever was. Everyone knows that this is going on. All the way back to when I was first putting the briefing together for President Clinton and his CIA director, it was well-known that there are deep secrets on this issue. But for the most part the elected officials at least in this country aren’t given control over these projects. If you doubt that, go remember what Jimmy Carter said after he became president, when he tried to look into this. When someone asked what it’s like being the most powerful man in the world he said: “I wasn’t that man because there were things that they wouldn’t tell me about and I had no control over.” So this is a really big problem for a democracy and for governance all over the world - this level of secrecy. And it’s reached the point at least in the United States, in UK and a number of other countries where the secrecy isn’t in itself criminal, I’m saying this very specifically, and has subverted the constitution, the rule of law and proper oversight.
★SG: ご存知の通り、私が見つけたものというのは誰もが知りたい内容です。私はこの問題について、今、ワシントンで話しています。それは、大きな秘密ではありませんでした。誰もが、これは続いている問題だという事を知っています。私が最初にクリントン大統領と彼のCIA長官のために状況説明をまとめて、特別プロジェクトの秘密が、この問題の秘密であることは有名でした。しかし、大部分の人々は、少なくともこの国の選ばれた役員は、これらのプロジェクトに関して、干渉する権利を与えられていません。あなたがこの話しを信じられないなら、これを調査する時、クリントン大統領が、大統領になった後に、ジミー・カーターが何を言ったかを思い出して下さい。誰かが、世界で最も強い存在は誰なのかと尋ねた時、彼は次のように言いました:「私は話してもらっていないことがあるので、私はその人物を知らないのです。そして、どうにもならないことなのです。」ですので、これは、民主主義国家にとっても、自己修復をほどこすにしても、本当に大きな問題なのです。秘密にされているにはあまりにも大きな問題です。そして、アメリカ合衆国では、少なくともある点まで、理解できるようになり、英国や、その秘密の状況が、良いものではなく、それは、憲法や、法の支配、そして人の思考を混乱させるものだということです。

★SG: And this is what we found with President Obama, with Clinton. And also if you look all the way back to the time of Eisenhower, he got very frustrated dealing with this issue, and this is why he made his famous speech “Beware the military industrial complex”. He was a general, he wasn’t anti-military, nor am I, I’m from a military family. However, there are interests that have become very undemocratic and have been a threat to the world freedom and also now to our geophysical existence in terms of the biosphere that have been allowed to go on for way too long. And this has been a problem all the way back to President Eisenhower in this country and similarly in other countries around the world - this level of secrecy.
★SG: そして、これは、私達がクリントンとオバマ大統領の中で発見したものだったのです。あなたがアイゼンハワーの時代を振り返るなら、彼は、この問題を扱い、非常にイライラした事を知るでしょう。彼は自身の、あの有名なスピーチで『軍産複合体に用心しなければいけない。』と言ったのです。彼は将軍であり、彼は反軍隊ではなく、軍隊のファミリーとして行ったのです。しかし、非常に非民主的になった傾向があり、それは、私達の地球へ、地球外生物の存在が近づくことが、「脅威」であると思った事です。そしてこの秘密のプログラムに関して、世界中の国々も、この問題について、アイゼンハワー大統領同様に、非常に不安を覚えたのです。

♥SS: Alright, tell me this, if this story is kept so secret that even presidents are not informed about the issue, why are you still alive? Why are you allowed to make documentaries that stream on Netflix? The CIA has killed people for way less than disclosing a huge government cover-up…
♥SS: わかりました。これについて聞かせて下さい。もしもこの話が大統領さえ知らされないほどの大問題の秘密ならば、なぜあなたは今も生きていられるのですか?なぜあなたは、ドキュメンタリーをNetflixの映画にすることができたのですか?CIAは莫大な政府の隠蔽を明らかにする人々を殺したんですよ。

★SG: Yeah, and there were three people on my team who had been assassinated, who had been helping me, including a former CIA director… And I don’t want to go into that right now. However, we have systems in place to protect what we’re doing. I have a lot of information that if something happened to me it would hit the internet and it would be catastrophic for those folks. That’s just something we put in place about 20 years ago. My view is, and this is the other thing, there are people in Pentagon and CIA that I dealt with who are very much in favor of disclosing this information. So this is not a monolithic us vs. them, there is a huge number of people who are on the side of bringing this out all over the world. I have a friend of mine, Carol Rosin, who’s worked very closely with senior Russian contacts who want to see this disclosed for the same reasons we do. So we have similar people in China, United Kingdom and Canada. So I don’t think it’s a monolithic issue, it’s a very much in flux. What I’m seeing is that this isn’t going to happen until people become aware that this is a serious problem, but it also has within it serious solutions for the world’s environmental and governance issues and economic problems around the world.
★SG: はい。以前、私を手伝っていた、私のチームの元CIAディレクター3人が暗殺されたことがあります。今、私は、その件に触れたくないのですが、私達のチームの活動を保護するためのシステムが私達にはあります。何かが私に起こったならば、それがインターネットに出て、それが秘密のプログラムに携わる人々の致命的な情報となるものをたくさん持っています。それは、まさに私達が約20年前に実施したものです。私と関わっている国防総省やCIAの人々は、この情報を表に出す事に関して、非常に賛成なのです。私達には、彼らの秘密を、この世界の表に出すための莫大な情報をにぎっています。同じ同志に、私の友人で、キャロル・ロジンがいますが、彼女はロシアのシニア上級コンタクターで、非常に親しい友人です。私達には中国、イギリス、およびカナダに同様の同志がいます。従って、私は、これが1つにまとめることができるような問題であるとは思っていません。私が思うには世界中の人々がこれを深刻な問題であることに気づくまで、本当の解決はなかなか起こりそうにないということなのですが、これは世界の環境問題や、自治問題や、経済問題の深刻な解決策を握っているということなのです。

♥SS: There have been high ranking military and government officials coming forward talking about aliens for about 60 years. I spoke personally with a former defense minister of Canada...
♥SS: 約60年間、宇宙人について語ることを志願する高位の軍人と政府の高官がいました。私は個人的にカナダの元国防大臣と話したのですが…。

★SG: Oh yes, he’s a friend of mine.
★SG: そうですか。彼は私の友人です。

♥SS: Right, he told me there are dozens of alien species visiting this planet. None of them were able to provide hard, undisputable, evidence, but I just want to know, how many witnesses there needs to be? Does it really take an alien saucer landing on Red Square or Pentagon for everybody to acknowledge the existence of outer civilizations?
♥SS: そうなんですか。彼は私に、この惑星を訪問する数十種の宇宙人たちがいると述べましが、明らかな証拠を私に見せてはくれませんでした。私は知りたいのですが、どの程度、目撃者というのはいるのでしょうか?本当に、全員が地球外文明の存在を認め、モスクワの広場や国防総省に上陸する、宇宙人たちを受け入れるのでしょうか?

★SG: No, it doesn’t take that. However it does take people get educated in a way that’s meaningful. This is why we’re putting out this educational films and products. I think that Paul Hellyer, the Minister of Defense of Canada, a very good friend of mine, he and I held a press conference in Toronto, and I was one of the people to introduce him to this subject. And he knows this for a fact that he was kept in the dark as Minister of Defense of Canada. I’ve dealt with the Minister of Defense of Great Britain, Lord Hill-Norton, a 5-star admiral, who also was lied about these projects. Now, in terms of hard evidence, we have them. I have radar traces, and I have traces of physical material. When you say we don’t physical material and evidence, we do, but who’s looking at it? Who’s exposing it? There should be a series of shows that does nothing but putting that forward. That’s what we’ve started to do because those exist - not just government documents and testimonies, but physical evidence such as radar tracings. Recently the Pentagon released a radar case off the coast of California where one of our fighter jets tracked one of these objects moving in a way that no conventional aircraft could possibly move, and this was in The New York Times, and CNN and elsewhere. My point is that there’s a huge amount of evidence like this and even physical hard evidence. We have it, I’ve been accumulating it for decades. The question is who’s going to do a story on this? Ultimately what happens is that at least in the United States if you start doing a deep dive into the evidence on this that show is going to be cancelled. Everyone thinks we have a free press in America, we do not.
★SG: いいえ、そういうことではありません。多くの人は意味のある教育を受ける必要があるので、私達はこの点に関する、教育映画や製品(DVD/本)を出しています。私はポール・ヘルヤー氏(元カナダ国防大臣)を、とても良い友人であると思っています。彼と私はトロントで記者会見を開き、この会見の主催でした。そして彼はカナダの元国防大臣として、この極秘プロジェクトが秘密にされているという事実を知っています。私は、英国の防御大臣や、極秘プロジェクトの五つ星の提督、ヒル・ノートン卿とやりとりしました。さて、確かな証拠についてですが、私達はそれを持っています。私はレーダーの追跡記録を持っていて、物理的証拠を握っています。あなたは、私達が物理的証拠がないと言いますが、誰がそれを見て、誰がその証拠を暴露するのでしょうか?テレビでは、表に出すだけの見せ物のショーがあるだけです。物理的証拠が存在しているので、私達はディスクロージャープロジェクトを始めたのです。政府の文書や、証拠だけでなく、レーダーの透写図などの物的証拠もあります。最近、私達のチームのジェット戦闘機の1つが、どの航空機でも見せない形で動く物体を追跡したカリフォルニア沖で、国防総省はレーダーを記録し、これが、ニューヨーク・タイムズとCNNに写りました。私達には、このような莫大な量の証拠と確かな物的証拠さえあるのです。私は数十年の間、こういったものを蓄積し続けています。問題は、誰が、この話をするのか?なのです。あなたがショーを始め、キャンセルされそうになり、この問題の証拠の中に深くダイビングを始めます。少なくとも米国でそれが起こる可能性はあります。アメリカでは誰もが出版の自由をもっていますが、私達はそうしません。

★SG: We have a managed press. And if CNN started drilling on this subject they would be told to stand down off of it. And I’ve seen it happen. ABC News was pursuing this with us, I gave them 35 hours of digital tape of top-secret testimony and hard evidence, and the executive producer of ABC News was told: “You will not be allowed to do this story.” So there’s a myth around the world that the media is somehow completely free, the big mainstream media are free to do this. And this is not the case. If you look at the documentary “Unacknowledged” we have an Air Force intelligence official who said: “We used to bring in US bags of cash to people in the media to secure their co-operation in keeping this stuff secret.” This is the fact. This guy’s testimony is there for everyone to see. And he worked for many years in a classified project on the Kirtland Air Force Base managing counter-intelligence in trying to stop leaks on this issue. These facts are out there for the public to see. Now I hope, people will look at it. And I think, people need to understand that we need to create a new type of media that actually is honest and will tell the truth to the public about this.

♥SS: Alright, Dr. Greer, thanks a lot for this insight and the interview. We were talking to Dr. Steven Greer, director of the Center for Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence, talking about alien civilizations and our prospects to get in contact with them any time soon.
♥SS: わかりました。グリア博士。このインタビューに応じて下さったことを感謝します。地球外知的生命センター研究所所長、スティーブン・グレア博士と、彼らとコンタクトをする、私達の未来について語りました。

★SG: Thank you.
★SG: ありがとう。

UFO Real Truth & Government Cover-Up!

From: Special Prosecutor with Attorney Larry Klayman and Dr. Steven Greer.
What will be discussed: Attorney Larry Klayman is an American activist lawyer and former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor. He is the founder of watchdog groups Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch. He and Dr. Greer will be discussing Disclosure and possible legal strategies to reign in Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs).This will be an informative discussion on how to legally address the unconstitutional nature of USAPS by one of the top attorneys in America, Larry Klayman and the Founder of the Global Disclosure movement, Dr. Steven Greer.

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