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2019年10月26日 [日々の事]

📖Dr. Steven Greer’s paper “The Crossing Point”✒📖スティーブン・グリア博士の論文『クロスポイント』✒

“The Crossing Point”(『クロスポイント』)

by Steven M. Greer, M.D.
Copyright 1998

1998年 転写禁止


Experience and observation combined with insight often yield a new breakthrough into truth and the nature of reality.

Science (and the pursuit of truth in general) is a coordinated blending of empirical observation with knowledge, intellect, insight and often inspiration. And just as it is true that no problem can be solved from the level of consciousness which created it, so too insights into reality and the great scientific developments seldom arise from the current milieu alone but rather are born from something beyond the current status quo. It is frequently resisted, even vilified, when first brought forward – and the current high priests of science are little changed from the Vatican hierarchy who condemned Galileo.
科学(と一般的な真理の追求)は、知性、知識、洞察、そして、しばしばインスピレーションと経験則的な観察が入り混じるものです。そして、これらを作り上げた意識レベルから、問題を解決する事の出来ない現実があるように、現実における科学での大きな発展は、それ自体が現在の状況からは見出されていませんが、それよりも、現在の状況を超越した何かから生まれています。それが始めから前面に出てしまうと、頭ごなしに拒否され、けなされさえします - そして、現在の科学の世界でのトップ(と評される)人々は、ガリレオを非難したバチカンの支配者が存在した頃から、ほとんど何も変わっていないのです。

In dealing with the question of extraterrestrial life, this is true in spades. Because the reality which we are pursuing is intrinsically non-human, non-earthly and therefore outside the tidy box of current scientific understanding. By definition, any advanced non-human life form capable of interstellar travel will possess technologies which will look like magic to us. And if we view this quest through late twentieth century anthropocentric eyes alone we are guaranteed to miss 99.9% of the truth. Because the new truth always hovers just outside the current view finder and even the lens of this viewfinder is lamentably defective.

As we scan the heavens for intelligent life with our much vaunted billion channel BETA system at Harvard have we paused to consider that our instruments may be akin to smoke ring detectors looking for us? That is, if our ancestors tried to detect our civilization by looking for smoke ring signals rising from the forests they would be rather disappointed. For we have forsaken the smoke ring signals for TV and radio signals – but they would lack the instruments to detect these exotic things called electromagnetic signals.
ハーバードで、非常にもてはやされた10億チャンネルBETAシステムでも、上空中に、地球外知的生命体の存在を探し、そして調査し、その存在が、煙のようなものと同類であろうと判断した事で、私達は追求するのを止めたのでしょうか?つまり、私達の先祖が、森から立ち上る煙の信号を発見する事で、私達の文明を見つけたケースを考慮するなら、先祖たちは、かなり失望するでしょう。私達は無線信号の真実を求める事を放棄してしまったのです – しかし、このエキゾチックな電磁気の信号を解読するには、(実は、優れた)機材が不足しているだけなのです。

Do we really imagine that extraterrestrial life forms – who have evolved on different planets around distant suns – would really be using twentieth century human technologies? Could it be that – between the era of smoke rings and something else – the era of radio waves may be a very brief instant in time…a virtual fad, a fleeting ephemera?

The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) has spent literally thousands of hours with thousands of people out under the stars observing phenomena which can only be described as extraordinary. And while we have some few interesting pictures and videotapes of craft appearing and disappearing from view, what has been really interesting could not have been videotaped or photographed – indeed the best of it perhaps could not have been measured at all.

This is because the really good stuff, if you will, has occurred just barely in what may be termed conventional reality. Much has happened on both sides of the crossing point of light – but the most interesting has been on the other side.

UFOs of extraterrestrial origin simply are not using our current technologies – and if we try to detect and understand them purely from within the tidy box of current scientific knowledge, we are going to be sorely disappointed. Indeed , we will miss 99.9% of the data, and the discovery will be hidden by the fog in our own vision.
地球外から来たUFOは、現在の私達が使っているような低レベルのテクノロジーを使っていません - そして、私達が現在の科学的知識を持って、それらに関係する事をきちんと調べ、理解しようとすれば、私達はかなり落胆するでしょう。実に、私達は(正しい)データの99.9%を逃し、逃した分の発見は、私達が持つ事の出来るビジョンを、霧の中に隠してしまうのです。

What will be presented in this paper will win us few friends. It will be protested as nonsense and it will raise many more questions than find answers. It will greatly disturb the status quo and upset the hidebound. It will be used as evidence that we have gone round the bend, as it were, and that the entire ET matter is just so much hogwash, and so on and so forth. It has been ever thus…

Nevertheless, while I have personally been extremely reluctant to put on paper what follows for reasons which will be obvious, it is equally true that this information is the crux of the mystery, and quite possibly the real lesson which the extraterrestrial phenomenon has to teach us. It is all about going to the next step – in knowledge, in science, in truth and in personal experience.
私は、世間に明らかに公表出来る証拠を表に出すのを懸念していましたが、ことによると、地球外での現象におけるこの情報が、私達に教える必要のある、真のレッスンである事は真実です。そのレッスンの本質は、次のステップ段階へ、私達が成長する事です - 知識においても、科学においても、真実においても、そして個人的な経験においても…です。

The observations and hypothesis which follow will bring together the conventional empirical data of UFO reports with the more bizarre ‘high strangeness’ experiences of many close encounters. Once a unified theory is understood which bridges matter and mind, machine and consciousness, the physical sciences with the emerging sciences of awareness and thought then and only then will the disparate and seemingly contradictory ET phenomena make some sense. We are stepping off into a terrain which is our future – and a hidden current reality, though it is largely unappreciated. Upon reading these pages one may be confused as to whether this information is science or spirituality or both or neither or…. Chose your label as you need it and as it makes you comfortable. Truth is always beyond labels anyway.

There is no question that there are extraterrestrial life forms which have found this planet and have been observed for decades near or on the earth. Some think they have been around for hundreds of years, even millennia, and still others think they have been here for millions of years. What is certain is that they are here now. The evidence for this is overwhelming and will not be recounted here.

But consider these questions: How did they get here? How does one travel through vast interstellar distances and get someplace within a biological life form’s natural life time? And how does one communicate through such vast distances in real time?

Consider: If an extraterrestrial life form is from a star system 1000 light years away (that is the distance a beam of light travels in 1000 years while moving at a speed of 186,000 miles per second) it would take 1000 years for such a life form to get to earth traveling at the speed of light! And another 1000 years to get home again. That is, traveling at the speed of light, it would take at least 2000 years to make a round trip journey. This is the time which has elapsed since the birth of Christ and it is very unlikely that one life form would live long enough to get here, never mind back home. And 1000 light years distance is in our relatively nearby galactic neighborhood. Now lets consider communications. Using radio, microwave, TV or any other electromagnetic signal currently en vogue now on the earth, it would take this ET 1000 years (at the speed of light which is how fast EM signals like radio waves travel) to communicate back home once he arrived here. And another 1000 years for the ETs’ home planet to answer back. Another 2000 years!

Obviously, any star-faring civilization, perforce, will have developed technologies which operate outside of the current twentieth century earth gadgets in use today. Way outside, in fact. So far outside that an entire ET craft could (probably has) hovered right above the SETI radio survey project and they never ‘saw’ it. Why? We were looking with the wrong instruments. We are trying to detect civilizations which are not human with strictly 20th century current technologies. But is there another way?

By definition, as you can see from the above analysis of the time delay in ‘speed of light’ travel and communications systems, any ET civilization capable of getting here from interstellar space will be using technologies which bypass linear time/space as we know it. That is, they must drop out of linear time space reality and actuate communication and travel using technologies – and spectra of reality – way outside of the electromagnetic spectrum currently being used by Harvard and SETI to detect them.

Just as x-rays, gamma rays, UV radiation, infrared radiation, radio waves and the like existed before we had instruments to accurately measure them so too do spectra of reality utilized by advanced ETs. That is, ETs are using aspects of the physical universe which are beyond current non-covert scientific instruments to adequately measure.

Remember, we did not invent gamma rays just because we finally developed scientific instruments to detect them. Gamma rays existed for eons before we ‘discovered’ them. They existed, but since they were outside of the visible spectrum seen by the human eye, they were not perceived.

Similarly, the ETs are here, but usually exist in spectra of energy outside of current civilian instruments to measure them. Occasionally they pop through/into our measurable reality and end up being seen, photographed, land and even crash (or get shot down). They then will leave traces on a radar scope, or create a significant field flux in certain energy spectra, such as microwave, ultrasound and the like. But then they are gone. To….where? To…what? To …when?

Indeed, this is the real challenge. After 35 years of observing these objects at various times, I am convinced that through frequency shifts and very high energy physics, these objects and the life forms within them move between linear space time and other spectra of physical energy and physical reality outside of current detection capabilities. Some have called this inter-dimensional or multi-dimensional shifting, verbiage only useful once defined clearly. But once understood and experienced, you find that it is other dimensional in the same way gamma rays would have been supernatural to cavemen: in reality, all of these ‘dimensions’ are not so ‘other’ after all, but are part and parcel of this reality and folded away within it.

Unfortunately, some researchers have concluded that the UFOs are not extraterrestrial but are rather inter-dimensional instead. It is quite clear to us from our own direct research that they are both.

That is, the nature of the ET reality is very much like our own -only they are using a bit of a wider spectrum of reality for travel, communication and related tasks. This wider spectrum crosses over into phenomena which some have termed inter-dimensional and the like, but in reality it is all present within this reality, only it is finer, more subtle and currently unmeasurable by our scientific instruments in the civilian arena (covert programs do have such capabilities).


To bring this discussion into focus and tangible reality, consider this account from a CSETI military witness.

One evening I got a phone call from a gentleman who had worked in the Air Force and also with Kelly Johnson at Lockheed Skunkworks. He had called ostensibly to offer to be one of the CSETI military witnesses to UFO events – but his larger purpose was to get my feedback on an experience which he had in the early to mid 1960s. At that time he was studying a tradition which helped people to have so-called out of body or astral projection experiences. This is when the subtle or astral body leaves the physical body and flies off somewhere.
ある晩、私は、空軍にいて、ロッキード・スカンクワークスのケリー・ジョンソンと働いた紳士から、電話を受けました。UFOについて、CSETIの軍の目撃者の1人として申し出るために、電話をしました – しかし、それよりも大きな目的があり、それは1960年代前の中期にした経験について、私のフィードバックを得ることでした。その時、彼は、人々が体も星々の投射を受けるという体験についての教義を研究していました。これは、神秘体が、物理的な体を離れ、どこかに移動する状態の事です。

One day, his teacher told him that he was ready to have such an experience fairly soon, and that evening he indeed had his first OBE (out of body experience). But what happened really surprised him. After many disclaimers on his part to the effect that he was an altogether sane and rational person, and apologizing in advance for going into something so strange and bizarre, he related the following: As soon as he left his physical body, he shot up through the ceiling of his house, into the space above – and then slammed into the side of an extraterrestrial spacecraft hovering somewhere high in our atmosphere.

As he did so, he literally rocked the spacecraft (remember this is in his astral body) and popped into the craft, whereupon he saw some ETs at a console who looked over at him, saw him, and had an expression as if to say, ‘My God, why don’t you watch where you are going!’

I have no doubt that this man is telling me the absolute truth about what he experienced. I have no doubt whatsoever that he had an OBE, went out into the space above his house uncontrollably, and slammed into an actual ET craft – which was hovering in an energy form closely akin to whatever energy form we are in when we have an OBE or a very lucid dream.
私は、この人が経験した事について、確固たる真実を私に話していると、疑いの余地は全くありませんでした。私は、彼がOBE(体外離脱)の経験があり、制御不能な状態で、彼は自分自身の家の上空へ飛び出し、実際のETの宇宙船に激突した事に、疑いの余地がありませんでした。 - 私達がOBE(体外離脱)または、非常に明晰な夢を見た時、私達は自分自身が存在する、どのようなエネルギー形態とでも、同じようなエネルギー形態として、ただよっているのです。

He rocked the spacecraft with his astral body and the ETs inside saw him (and he saw them). Now consider: what form of energy was this military man in and what form were the ETs in? If the ETs were the same as an angel or a ghost or the like, why would they be in a technologically advanced spacecraft operating a computer console? Angels do not need computers….

Now, this man – who was very timid about relating this story to me because he thought that I would consider him a crack pot of some type – was surprised when I explained that this is a very common experience and went further to explain the nature of ET technologies as they function beyond the crossing point of light. That is, the spectrum or aspect of physical energy which ET craft and people are capable of shifting in and out of approximates what the mystics and ancient traditions would call the astral field or plane. That we cannot adequately detect and measure this component of reality is no reason to dismiss empirical observation and experience. After all, empirical observation and experience is the mother of all science. Remember Newton observing the apple falling from the tree.

But what is the connection between this so-called astral or etheric aspect and ET technologies? And why are they related at all?

To understand this we have to ask the question “What is beyond the crossing point of light?”. That is, what is beyond the light barrier – what do you experience when you exceed the speed or vibration of light and electrons and even subatomic particles? What exists when you traverse that barrier and go beyond the speed of light and the frequency and energy of matter?
これを理解するために、私達は「何が、クロスポイントの向こうにあるのか?」について考えなければなりません。つまり、光りのバリアを越えているもの – あなたは光と振動と電子と速度さえ上回るものを経験する時、何を経験すると思いますか?あなたがその光りの域を超え、更に光速と周波数と物質のエネルギーを越えるとき、そこには何が存在すると思いますか?

By definition any ET civilization which is here has interstellar travel and communications capabilities. This means that they operate on the other side of the light/matter barrier as easily as we use radio signals and fly on jets. This is their reality and world. This is their cell phone and automobile. This is their existence technologically, theoretically and every-day practically. But it sure looks like magic to us.

Consider this: When you traverse the veil of light, what do you find? What is beyond the crossing point of light? How do the physics work? What is space and time like? At that level, can we measure a thought and call it a thoughtron? Can mind and machine become integrated and operate seamlessly? What is life like there? What is experience like? How would we know that reality?

To begin to address these issues, however briefly, we must elucidate a cosmology which can accommodate the observed facts and experiences from both sides of the crossing point of light/matter. Here, I must digress into my own understanding of reality, inwardly and outwardly, and will ask for your patience in advance. This discussion will take us into areas which make many uncomfortable, especially those with scientific backgrounds or very conventional religious backgrounds. What I share here is admittedly from my own experience and background and so I ask your forbearance in considering the ideas and terminology which follows.

First, let me state my bias: That God exists and is omnipresent in every way imaginable. Now, this is quite counter to my up-bringing and training since I was raised a very devout atheist by parents who did not believe anything existed which could not be measured in a test tube. Nevertheless, my experience has shown otherwise and at any rate God exists whether we acknowledge Him or not….

Therefore, the cosmology which I present below factors into the equation the universal component of mind, which some may call the impersonal aspect of God. The Great Mind, the Universal Mind, the Pre-existent Mind, the Absolute.

As I have come to understand this cosmos, the basis of all existence -every atom, every star, every molecule and every person – is a non-local essence which is present at every point in time and space and yet is bound by no point in space or time or matter. This essence is awake, intelligent and knowing. It is conscious. It is mind. It is the awakeness of awareness, the undifferentiated pure intelligence and mind of the universe. It is present in every blade of grass and pervades the vacuum of space and the farthest reaches of the universe – and yet it cannot be divided or localized to one point in space or time or matter. That is, it is a unitive state, present always, but indivisible, and its effect is to create a oneness without the possibility of division. Its effect also, once recognized, is to make everything non-local, that is every point in space and time is a window, an entry point to every other point in space and time. The permeating, integrating aspect of this intelligent essence is such that all that exists is always connected and actually accessible through this non-local, integrated aspect of existence.
私が、この宇宙を理解する事になった、すべての存在-すべての原子、すべての星、すべての分子、そして、すべての人の基礎 - 時間と空間のあらゆるポイントに存在する空間と時間、またはあらゆる物質に束縛されない非局所的な本質(エッセンス)です。この本質は目覚めていて、知的で、すべてを理解しています。意識や、精神や、自覚を持ち、裁断されていない宇宙の純粋な知能と目覚めた心です。それは草原のあらゆる葉にも存在し、空間と、最も遠い宇宙の領域までも広がります…しかし、それは空間や時間、物質というものに分けたり、局所化する事は出来ません。つまり、それは常に統合的な状態であり、その影響はワンネスの意識を作り出しています。そして一度でもそれを認める事が出来れば、その認識の影響事態も非局所的なすべて(つまり空間のあらゆる点)を作ることになり、時間はウインドウ(空間と時間、その他の点へのエントリーポイント)になります。そして、この知的な本質が浸透し、融合する側面は、存在するあらゆるものが常につながれ、存在のこの非局所的で、統合された側面を通して実際にアクセスできるようなものです。

The structure of existence is that this non-local, conscious and intelligent component of existence is unchangeable and is unaffected by relativity or changes in space, time , matter and so forth. And yet paradoxically it is very present in every grain of sand and every galaxy – only in a form which is always one, indivisible and whole.
存在の構造は、非局所で、意識的で、知的な構成要素が不変的であり、相対性や空間、時間、物質などの変化に影響を受けませんが、逆に、それはあらゆる銀河の砂や、あらゆる穀物にも存在します – 常に一つであり、分離できず、完全であるだけの形です。

Through its organizing and integrating aspects, non-locality exists at the very local level, whether one considers the microscopic or macroscopic level of existence. That is, the cosmos is integrated in such a fashion that there is absolute integration at every level – and so the mystics were right when they said that one could behold the cosmos in a drop of water.
組織し、集積することを通して、人が肉眼で見えるレベルを考慮するかどうかにかかわらず、その存在の微細な非局在性は、ローカル・レベルにも存在しています。つまり、絶対的な宇宙の統合は、あらゆるレベルにあるようなファッションで集積されます – そして、彼神秘主義者たちが、1滴の水の中に宇宙を見ることが出来ると言ったのは、正しかったのです。

From this Pre-existent, Absolute field of intelligence and consciousness emerges all else. Again, paradoxically, the unified field of consciousness and intelligence, while indivisible, is present at every level, no matter how small or large. The Absolute remains the Absolute – and yet it is present in every quark – but not bound or limited or divided by the quark.
半分存在するものから、知能と意識の絶対的なフィールドは、他のあらゆる所にも出現します。また、逆に、意識と知能の統合されたフィールドは、分離できない一方、たとえそれがどんなに小さくても、大きくても、すべてのレベルに存在しています。絶対的な不変性は、絶対不変のままです – が、それはあらゆる素粒子(グループ)に存在します – しかし限界はなく、制限されず、分ける事は出来ません。

For this wonderful Nothingness (which is the fullness of absolute awareness) to give rise to the expressed cosmos, with all of its stars and galaxies and atoms and peoples, a creative process exists which is at once simple and elegantly complex. That is, from the plane of the Absolute – that pervasive, ever present and indivisible state – creation comes forth and is maintained by what has been termed the Creator aspect of God. The critical elements of this process are will, the sound component of thought, then the visual component of thought and then the structural aspect of the astral world and then the matrix of the material world, expanding and encompassing the entirety of the universe.

The Creator aspect of the Absolute, through the operation of His Will, creates the cosmos from very subtle to very material as follows:
•The sound component of pure idea-forms/thought give rise to the aspect (you may think dimension if you must) of the universal which is the sound quality of the idea/thought for each and every created thing – whether an ant or a galaxy. Evolution and change occurs around and through the blue-print of this initial idea form of creation. The entirety of the cosmos exists as and through this sound component of thought. The essence of non-local, omnipresent mind/intelligence is present at this and every stage which follows. In some traditions, this idea/sound component or form of the entire universe and everything within it is called the ‘causal or causative world’. In Biblical and other traditions I believe this is what is meant by the Word of God, ‘In the beginning there was the Word…’.

•創造された物の思考/思案の音でもある、普遍概念を表す面(必要ならば、局面を思い浮かべるかもしれません)を、純粋な思考形態/思想という材料が、引き起こします – 蟻1匹でも、銀河でも。発展と変化は創造の初期の思考形態の青写真を通して起こります。コスモス全体は、思考サウンドの構成要素を材料として、そして、それらを通して存在します。非局所性、遍在する心/知性の本質は、あとに続くあらゆるステージに存在します。いくつかの伝統的な話しの中では、この思考/音の構成要素、あるいはその中の全ての宇宙とすべての形は、『原因であるか原因となる世界』と呼ばれています。聖書などの様々な伝統的な歴史においては、例えば聖書では(『始めに、言葉がありました』)という言葉で、意味しているのだと、私は思っています…。

•The sound/idea component of thought then gives rise to a less abstract but still very fine and subtle aspect which some have called ‘astral’ but which I prefer to regard as the conscious-intelligent visual (CIV). This aspect, which has within it the blueprint causal or idea/thought/ sound of the causal world, is more defined and is ‘seen’ or visible as expressed thought-related forms. It is vast and beautiful and many lucid dreams involve interactions with that realm or aspect. The military man who had the out of body experience had an astral or CIV body interaction with an ET craft, which was phase shifted primarily into this energy form or aspect (more on this later).

•Absolute, undifferentiated Mind, together with the causal idea/sound/thought form and the CIV or astral form create a matrix which supports or gives rise to the so-called material universe. The blue-print, if you will, of ideas/thought/sound and subtle CIV form actually supports and helps create the more gross or expressed material universe. But the material universe has within it the unitive, indivisible Absolute mind, as well as the causal and CIV aspects. Indeed, each and every aspect of the expressed material universe which science can study and measure with current instruments has associated with it all of these finer aspects or spectra of energy. It is incorrect to regard, therefore, these aspects as purely distant ‘other dimensions’ since the warp and woof of the material cosmos is conscious, thought form based and has an astral or CIV matrix within it (or associated with it).

This rather brief and simple overview admittedly leaves out a number of details, best left to another treatment. However, it should be noted that at each level described above there are many gradations and expressions of detail. That is, the causal and CIV aspects have within them a multitude of differentiations, expressions and laws of function much like the material cosmos has fine sub- atomic particles and vast swirling galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Indeed, the details and laws affecting these vast realms dwarf those of the material cosmos and it is too obtuse a matter to elucidate in this paper.

The human being (and this would include other non-homosapien higher intelligent life forms, i.e. ETs) has every aspect (or dimension) folded within him. Human consciousness, or spirit, is always connected, however unknowingly by the individual, to the Absolute conscious being. In fact, as mentioned earlier, consciousness or pure mind in its essential aspect is simply that whereby we are awake – or that whereby we are. It is a unitive state and is not divisible. It is always essentially one with the Absolute, but we are trained to see only multiplicity and separation. Thus individuation overwhelms the unitive state – and we think we are separate. It is a perceptual defect which the practices of all religions, in the form of rituals, prayer and meditation, attempt to correct.
人間(そして、ETsたちのような聡明な生命体)の中にも、これが多次元において折りたたまれています。そして人の意識や心は純粋である意識的な存在に常につながっています。実のところ、上述したように、その重要である意識や純粋な心は、私達が目覚めている時にそれを自覚でき、そうなれるのです。それは結合的な状態であり、分離できません。それは基本的には常に明白な純粋性ですが、私達は多様性と分離だけを見るように訓練されています。従って「個性」という分離化は、結合的な状態を圧倒してしまい、– そして、私達は、それぞれが別々の存在であると考えるのです。それは、すべての宗教や、儀式、祈り、瞑想という形で、修正しようとする知覚の修復作業であり、欠損状態なのです。

An ancient Sufi tradition attributed to Ali states “Thinkest thyself a puny form when within thee the universe is folded?” This rhetorical question serves as a reminder of the holographic nature of mind and the human being’s potential place in the universe: Through the experience of the non-local, omnipresent aspect of mind or consciousness, every aspect of the universe can be directly accessed and experienced. This is because the non-local aspect of consciousness is essential to awareness itself. It is always ‘there’ and need only be experienced.

This aspect or nature of mind is why people occasionally have spontaneous experiences of non-locality: They will have a dream and the next day, or the next year, the events perceived in the dream will unfold precisely as seen. How can this happen?


The nature of mind is that it is unitive, indivisible and present at every point in time and space – but bound or limited by no aspect of space or time. This means that both distant points in space and time can be accessed through this faculty. Human history is filled with such accounts, and while they are generally dismissed as curiosities by modern day science, in fact they hold the key to understanding the next great leap in scientific exploration: The study of consciousness and non-local reality.
マインドの性質は、時間と空間のすべてのポイントで結合され、分離されない状態で存在しています。 - しかし、空間や時間のどの面にも拘束されたり、制限されたりする事はありません。これは、空間と時間の双方の離れた点が、この能力を通してアクセス出来る事を意味します。人の歴史はそのようなプランで満たされますが、通常、現代科学によって、「珍しい現象」として避けられながらも、実際のところ、それは科学的な探索の、次の大きな飛躍を遂げる際の理解のための鍵になります:意識と非局所的な現実世界の研究。

In the lucid dream, the individual experiences increasing non-locality as the so-called astral or CIV aspect of the person awakens or perceives a distant point in space and/or time. This is less mysterious once we understand that mind or consciousness is always existing in its basic nature as a unitive state which transcends the limits of both time and space. Through it, any point in space and time can be accessed, at first one at a time. This should not be confused with the prerogatives and powers of God however. God , the Absolute universal mind, knows all things at all times and at all places, all at once, all of the time. But the individual person, through the faculties described above and by the very nature of the unitive state of mind which is essential to his basic awareness, can experience precognition, inspiration, intuition, remote viewing and the like.

Dr. Robert Jahn at Princeton University has studied another aspect of this non-locality of consciousness as it pertains to mechanical systems. The reader should study the results of these experiments which demonstrate that mind and thought, directed for example at a random number generator, can affect the outcome of the device. This can be accomplished because there is a nexus or link between awareness and matter: the warp and woof of matter is woven in with consciousness and in fact is simply mind-stuff expressed at a different frequency. Thus, an individual can affect his body, another person’s health through prayer and visualization or even mechanical systems via thought and consciousness.

Dr. Larry Dossey and others have collected many interesting scientific studies which demonstrate this non-local nature of mind or of reality. The reader should study these for a fuller understanding. History is filled with accounts of such enigmas: the person in prayer who spontaneously levitates, the adept who can materialize or dematerialize objects or teleport objects across the room etc. While easy to dismiss as anecdotal or superstitious tales, the history of humanity as well as recent scientific experiments clearly establish that consciousness is non-local, can operate outside of time and space as we define it and can clearly affect distant inanimate objects or machines.

This is easily understood once the basic cosmology is appreciated: Consciousness is never divided, is present everywhere, is never limited by space or time and yet paradoxically is present at every point in space and time – in every atom and throughout every galaxy. Thus, the interface between consciousness and matter is essential, not contrived or difficult. Actuating events, then, becomes a matter of working in this nexus.
基本的な宇宙論が評価されれば、これは簡単に理解できる事です:意識は決して分離されているものではなく、どこでも点在し、決して空間や時間に制限されずに、逆に、空間と時間のあらゆる部分にも存在します - すべての原子と、あらゆる銀河系の端まで。従って、意識と物質間の相互作用の事実は存在し、決して、難しいものではありません。そして、様々なイベントで、他に影響を与える時、この結びつきで働いているという事を理解する事が重要になります。

In previous papers I have discussed some of the unusual technological manifestations of ET s in recent times. Many of these aspects of ET activity get left out of reports or get suppressed even by main stream UFO organizations and researchers because they are so far out of the ‘box’ of conventional scientific norms. But it is precisely these unusual manifestations of ET technology which should interest us the most: They are the ones which will open the door to new understandings of the universe which make our current scientific knowledge look like kindergarten musings.

Back to the main problem: How are ET craft and personnel traversing the vastness of interstellar space and time? Well, it turns out that the rigidity of that vastness of space becomes quite flexible and can be largely bypassed once you frequency shift to the other side of the light barrier. In one quantum movement, the ET craft and all its occupants phase shift to a finer aspect of the cosmology outlined above, and exist then in an aspect or dimension which is more non-local than the material universe known to modern science. That is, the observed phenomenon of these objects which often seem to disappear and then reappear instantly at a considerable distance is due to the fact that they can phase shift in and out of the fixed time/space material aspect to one which is inherently more non-local. (Yes, non-locality is relatively relative.)

From what I have observed, this is done through very high energy physics and electronics which literally phase shift, in one quantum leap, the material ET craft and all its occupants into an aspect of the cosmology which closely approximates what was described above as astral or CIV. This is done through a complex interaction between powerful rotating electromagnetic fields and the gravitational field and mass inertia. When the craft is on this side of the crossing point of light, it is seen like any other material, manufactured object, but it can maneuver in ways which appear to negate mass inertia and gravity. Once it phase shifts onto the other side of the crossing point of light/matter, it seems to disappear. But it has not. It is in that place beyond our SETI Beta radio wave survey – the place where our military contact bumped into them in his astral body!

While in that form or energy spectrum (or dimension) the craft can hover, or move within the material universe at many, many multiples of the speed of light. The velocity is non-relativistic, at least as measured on this side of the light barrier. However, 1000 light years will not be traversed instantly because there is an element of ‘drag’ as it moves in this aspect through the material cosmos. Put another way, there is a component of the object which adheres to the underbelly of the material cosmos and there is a coefficient of cosmic drag which prevents the transport from being instantaneous across vast interstellar distances. Operating, then, in a sort of ‘junction’ between aspects (or dimensions) the ET craft can phase between either. Actually, it can also be partially in both.

The spacecraft then can be hovering outside the SETI Institute – and remain undetected by them unless it pops into the material aspect fully and then only if the people in the building bother to look outside, see the device- and honestly report it.

宇宙船は私達のSETI研究所の外の空中に、停止する事ができ − それが物理的な側面に完全に入らない限り、彼らを見つける事はできず、建物内の人々が、彼らを気にかける場合のみ、状態に応じて、正直に姿を見せるかもしれません。

Similarly, ET communications systems are ones which interface with mind, thought and computerized telemetry. For decades, people have reported having what has been dismissed as telepathic experiences with UFOs. As soon as such accounts are admitted to, the scientific community howls and tosses out the entire case. Alas, they have tossed out the baby and the bath water. As Dr. Jahn and Dr. Dossey and others have demonstrated, mind and thought can interface with and affect material – even technological – systems. What is obvious from 35 years of experience with this phenomenon is that ET communication protocols are not using AT&T microwave systems to communicate in real time through interstellar distances. This cannot be done. They are using computerized systems which are advanced enough to interact directly with thought and consciousness, and by so doing access non-local spectra of energy, thus bypassing linear time and space.

Literally thousands of people have had interactions with these objects which have a thought/matter or telepathic component to them. I feel that we dismiss such accounts at our peril, as we may be slamming the door on the next great science: the science of consciousness and its interface with material and technological systems.

Do not confuse these systems with current human experiments with brain wave activity and links to computers: those are still using electromagnetic energy which only travels at the speed of light. The ET systems referred to here operate on the other side of the crossing point of light and, while technologically facilitated, interface with thought and mind directly. Through such a system, information can be instantly transmitted through millions of light years of space since the non-local aspect of mind, thought and energy are being utilized. The communication systems do not have real time delays due to the coefficient of cosmic drag mentioned above.


Essentially, there are spectra of energy which are sub-electromagnetic and sub-material – but which are nevertheless very real and very physical. The use of the term meta-physical in relation to this area is very incorrect and time-restricted: A hologram or a flashlight would be metaphysical or supernatural to a human 500 years ago! This is a key point, that the energy and spectra of energy referred to here are naturally occurring aspects of the creation. They are all around us and within us. It is not ‘other’. It is not supernatural. It is not metaphysical. It has simply not be studied and understood adequately by modern science – and it has been by advanced ET civilizations which are interstellar competent.
基本的に、下位の電磁気であるエネルギー範囲と下位とする材料が存在します – しかし、まさしく現実と身体的反応は、どこなのか。このエリア範囲の形而上学的解釈は、大きく誤認し、時間に制限されています。:500年前、ホログラムやフラッシュ反応は、人間にとって、形而上学的なものであるか、超自然的なものだと考えられていました!ここがポイントであり、ここで参照するエネルギーの範囲は、自然な創造の中で生じるという側面にあります。それらは私達の周囲と私達自身の中にあります。それは『他』にあるわけではありません。それは超自然でもありません。それは形而上的なものでもないのです。それは、現代の科学では、適した形で理解されていない事を物語り、それは惑星間の高度なET文明のものでした。

There are numerous accounts, dating back for decades, of very ordinary humans seeing one of these ET craft and directly interacting with it by thought alone. That is, the person may think ‘Oh, I wish it would move to the right’ and the craft will move to the right, or as it starts to leave he may think, ‘I wish it would turn around and come back’ whereupon it immediately stops, turns and comes over. A few such accounts may be dismissed as coincidence. But there are so many of them that empirically one must reach the assessment that these objects have telemetry capabilities which can interface with directed thought.

As I have written elsewhere, this class of ET technologies may be viewed generally as consciousness assisted technologies (CAT) and technology assisted consciousness (TAC). That is, their technologies utilize that nexus referred to above where mind/conscious thought interface technologically and reproducibly with matter, machine, communication devices etc. CAT is when the individual (or group) consciousness and thought assists or interfaces with a receptive device. TAC is when a device augments, projects or assists an individual or group’s consciousness or thought.

For example, CSETI has located a former Bell Labs/Lucent Technologies scientist who, more than 35 years ago, while working on a covert research project, was given an ET communication device by a general. This scientist was asked to study and reverse engineer the device – that is, take it apart and figure out how it worked. Here is his story.
例えば、CSETIは、35年以上前、隠された研究プロジェクトに取り組みながら、とある将軍によって、ET通信機器を与えられた元ベル研究所/ルーセント・テクノロジーの科学者を突き止めました。この科学者は、その機器を研究し、分析するように頼まれました - すなわち、それを分解し、それがどのように作動しているのかを理解して下さい。ここで彼からの話しを紹介しましょう。

Upon receiving the device, which was a round object about the size of a grapefruit, dark and textured on the surface, it began to ‘speak’ to him directly in his awareness with thought. He was startled by this – especially when the device mentally told him that the people who had asked him to study the object had malice in their hearts and that the scientist should destroy the device!

After struggling with what to do about this conundrum, the scientist ‘accidentally’ over-heated the device in an experiment and it was destroyed (at least materially). But after it was destroyed, he heard one last thought which said ‘Thank you…’.

I know that this sounds very strange. But the strangest things are true, and this account is one of those very strange but true accounts. We may wish to run at light speed away from such information – and go back to our radio signals. But the future is here and if we do not meet it wisely others -like the general who originally provided the device – will hijack the future to places where we do not want to go.
私は、これが非常に奇妙な出来事に思われてしまう事を理解しています。しかし、最も奇妙であるのは、それが真実である事です。この出来事は、非常に奇妙ですが、しかし真実の出来事の1つです。私達は、そのような情報から離れ、ただ光速に走る事を望むかもしれません – では、私達の無線信号に戻りましょう。もしも、私達が、当時の将軍が提供してくれた『奇妙な出来事』をふまえ、未来に賢明に取り組もうとしないならば、私達は進みたくない未来に進まされ、将来をハイジャックされてしまいます。

haines1a.jpg (6258 bytes)
Dr. Haines


Over the past 8 years, CSETI has gone all over the world pursuing this phenomenon and observing its manifestations. Others are better at photography, landing traces and the like. There are dozens of day light photographs of these devices. There is radar evidence. There are over 4000 landing traces documented by Ted Phillips. Dr. Richard Haines has hundreds of pilot accounts of these objects.

Our purpose has been to interact with these ETs on their level. To consider what their reality is and to go there. It is an experiment and an experience. It has been mind-blowing for all concerned.

Over these 8 years we have had experiences and seen phenomena which involve every aspect of what has been described qualitatively in this paper. A brief listing of this phenomena follows:

globe.gif (1064 bytes)RV X 2. (See CSETI training materials) Our experiment, the CE-5 Initiative, involves numerous protocols, some obvious and practical, some very experimental and immensely controversial. One of the controversial protocols involves group access to non-local consciousness followed by remotely viewing (through consciousness) ET craft or persons which may be at a great distance or which may be nearby and phase – shifted beyond the visible spectrum of human sight. Once an object or person is ‘locked on’ and viewed, the process is reversed and the object or person is directed to the CSETI research site via CIV / visual thought component vectoring. That is, the ET object/person is shown clearly our coordinates and location via the CIV component discussed earlier. The CSETI research experiment in this protocol attempts to RV (remote view via consciousness) the ET object, connect to its CAT telemetry system and vector or guide the object to our exact location. Essentially, we are doing in a dynamic, applied setting what Dr. Jahn is doing at the Princeton PEAR lab experimentally: Connecting clearly directed conscious- visual thought to ET communications devices and attempt to do so with adequate precision so that they see us and we see them, and a trajectory is established for contact.
globe.gif(1064バイト)RV X 2。私達の実験、CE-5の先駆けは、多くのプロトコルを必要とし(CSETIの訓練内容を参照)、明らかである事実的な実験を行い、論争の的になるような物事とも関係します。論争の的となるプロトコルの1つは、意識を通して遠く離れ場場所を見る、非局所性の意識グループに接近する事を必要とし、段階を経ます。それは人間の可視範囲を超えてシフトします。物体、あるいは、人間側の可視が『ロックされて』、見られる場合は、一旦、そのプロセスを、逆にして、CIV/ビジュアル思考の構成要素で、電波の誘導を通し、CSETIの研究サイトに向けていきます。つまり、ET、物体/人は、早期に議論されたCIV構成要素を経由し、はっきりと私達の位置を示します。CSETI研究所による、このプロトコルの実験は、RV(意識を通した遠隔透視)でETオブジェクトを視察するよう試みます。あるいは、そのCAT遠隔測定システムで、その位置に接続したり、物体を、私達の正確な居場所に導きます。本質的に、私達は、ヤーン博士が実験的にプリンストンPEAR研究所でしていた事を適用しています:彼らと明確に接続する事は、意識と視覚的な思考を、ET通信機器を通し、彼らが私達に会い、私達から彼らに会う事を望み、軌道は、コンタクトのために適正な精度によって確立されます。

I am quite aware how ridiculous this may seem to some. But this is an experiment which not infrequently results in a object popping in over head – or more. While using lights, lasers and radio signals to vector and confirm contact, the core of the protocol does involve CAT (and often in response from the ETs’ TAC – see below).
私は、これが、ばかげた方法だと思われる可能性がある事をよく理解しています。しかし、これは、頭上に訪れるオブジェクトを生じている、終わりのない実験、または多くのコンタクトです。電波を使って誘導したり、それを確認するために光りや、レーザー、無線信号を使いながらのプロトコルの中心は、CAT(ETたちのTACからの応答反応による - 下記参照)に由来します。

Key to RV X 2 are the following components:

RV(遠隔透視) X 2の鍵は、以下の構成要素です:

1.Human access to the non-local component of consciousness
1. 人間サイドさらの、意識の非局所的構成要素へのアクセス

2.Remote viewing of ET objects or persons with accuracy
3.Connecting to ET CAT communication systems while in the CIV mode of awareness
3. ETが認識するCIV方式のCAT通信システムとの接続

4.Clearly vectoring (guiding) the ET object into the research site area through sequential and coherent visual thought which shows the site from deep space down to the specific details of the site.
4. 宇宙のETサイトから、こちらの現場の詳細に至るまで、はっきりと彼らに連続的に示して(案内する)視覚と思考を通した誘導。

5.RV’ing the response if any from the ETs prior to appearance (interactive RV mode)


The entire protocol is done with the clear intent to establish peaceful contact and relations with these life forms.

During RV X 2 often more than one person will ‘lock on’ to the same object or life form and receive the same information regarding its location and/or time and place of appearance. This information is regarded as unconfirmed unless an actual event seen by the group confirms it.
しばしばRV X 2の間、二人以上が同じ物や生命体を『見て』、彼らの位置や、その時間や場所に関して、同じ情報を受け取ります。各グループによって見られる実際のイベントは、それを確かめない限り、この情報は未確認であると考えられています。

As a result, during these experiments around the world, we have had the following general types of experiences which demonstrate the technologies referred to earlier:

globe.gif (1064 bytes)Sudden appearance of large structured craft (discs, triangles etc) which ‘pop in’ and then vanish in seconds and even a fraction of a second, but which is witnessed by multiple people

globe.gif (1064 bytes) Longer term appearance of objects, up to many minutes, which then disappear (phase shift out of visible/material perception)
globe.gif (1064 bytes)通常の宇宙船よりも長い外観、長い時間現れて消える。(可視範囲/物理的な知覚からの移相)

globe.gif (1064 bytes)Intelligent probes consisting of ball shaped objects, of various colors, which come over and even within the group and which are not only intelligently controlled, but are themselves conscious and intelligent (advance AI – artificial intelligence). Usually these are translucent to slightly opaque red , blue , green or golden spheres ranging in size from 6 inches to 1-2 feet. They interact consciously with the individual or group and then vanish. They are most likely demonstrations of TAC where the consciousness and thought (even personality) of an ET on board a craft is technologically assisted and projected in a controlled fashion into the group.
globe.gif (1064 bytes) ボール状の(様々な色の)物体に対する知的調査。グループの人々の前に現れ、コントロールされるだけではなく、理性を持ち、意識と知能を兼ね備えた進歩したAI - 人工知能)。通常、これらは6インチから1〜2フィートまで様々なサイズで、半透明であったり、赤や、青、緑、あるいは金色の球。彼らは意識的に個人やグループと相互作用した後、姿を消します。宇宙船に乗るETの意識と思考(個性を含む)が、管理された方法で、グループに対して技術的に補助し、投影します。それはおそらくTAC(意識)のデモンストレーションである可能性があります。

globe.gif (1064 bytes)Anomalous beeping or high pitched tones which have an omni-directional component, as if heard from all directions at once. Often these occur after projecting over radio waves the CSETI beeping tones which are routinely transmitted from the site.

globe.gif(1064バイト) まるで即座にすべての方向から聞こえるように、ピーッという高い音を鳴らし、変則的で、全方向的構成要素を持つ状態。これは大抵、CSETIの現場サイトから電波音を送った後に起こるケースが多い。

globe.gif (1064 bytes) Anomalous electromagnetic effects (EM) on equipment, cars etc. Often, equipment will fail with a close approach of an ET craft, as happened in Mexico in 1993 when an 800 foot diameter silent triangle approached the group and all camera and other electronic equipment failed. Other manifestations include setting off radar detectors, laser detectors, car electronics dimming down or browning out, electrostatic energy on peoples’ skin or clothing. On multiple occasions my compass has rotated counter-clockwise around the dial as a counter-clockwise rotating craft has approached. During one CIV/Material interface case (see below) the compass changed magnetic north to almost due south (off 160 degrees) and remained that way for nearly 3 months. It now works perfectly fine (until the next very close encounter!)

globe.gif (1064 bytes)Fast-walker interactions. Frequently, after RV X2, the group will experience multiple objects which initially appear to be satellites – but which interact with directed thoughts or signals. For example, a high flying object will, as soon as a thought command is given, stop or change directions abruptly. Satellites do not back up, make right hand turns or descend suddenly and get brighter while interacting with people on the ground. These types of events have been witnessed by dozens of people during multiple CSETI research events.
globe.gif(1064バイト)足早に歩く人との相互作用。しばしば、RV(遠隔透視)X2の後、グループは、最初、衛星に見えた複数の物体を目撃し – 思考や誘導による対話を経験した。たとえば、高い距離で、空を飛ぶ物は、思考命令を受けると、すぐに、方向を変えたり、止まったりした。地上で人々と交流している間、その衛星に見える物体は、後退せず、回転もせず、下降する事無く、より明るくなりました。この種の出来事は、CSETI研究活動中、複数の人々によっても目撃されています。

globe.gif (1064 bytes)CIV/Material interface phenomena. This is a broad category of phenomena when ET objects are just on the other side of the crossing point of light and matter – and begin to ‘bleed through’ to this aspect or dimension. Frequently the team will observe sudden strobe-like light discharges all around us. These are not retinal firings from the eye since multiple people see them at the same instance. Subsequently, the form of an ET craft or even individual will appear faintly and then will form -as if some type of shimmering electronic hologram. These have appeared within the group itself or within a few feet from the group. During such very close encounters there are often multiple phenomena occurring: RV’ing of objects along with visual perception of scintillating craft or people, AI probes coming into the group and anomalous sounds being experienced. Not infrequently, participants will report being touched by someone, but when they look only a faint shimmering glow is seen. During prolonged events of this type, an unusual time/space dilation or contraction will occur: time seems to stand still – or proceed very quickly and the space around the group becomes more defined. These types of encounters have had durations of over 2 hours or may be very fleeting. In England in 1998, near Alton Barnes, after first seeing a very large circular craft on separate nights which would pop in and disappear in seconds, the group had the same object descend around them in a scintillating , sparkling form complete with discreet areas of ET life forms seen shimmering, spaced between each person in the group! The temperature of the setting raised at least 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit. All participants saw the object and the life forms. None of them were fully ‘hard’ material, but rather remained only partly in this dimension.

globe.gif(1064バイト) CIV(文明)/物体との接続現象。ETの物体が、まさに光りと物質の交差ポイントの向こう側にある時のカテゴリー - そして、この次元まで『出現』し始めました。突然、ストロボのような光が、しばしば、チームの周辺に放出されたと、述べます。複数の人々が同じ現象において、彼らと遭遇するため、これらは目からの網膜発火現象でありません。その後、ETの宇宙、あるいは個人は形をかすかに現し、その後、電子ホログラムのように、ちらちらと形を表すます。これらはグループの内側、あるいはグループから数フィート以内の場所に現れました。こういった形で、非常に遭遇に近い現象が、しばしば起こっています:きらめくテクノロジー、あるいは人々のRV(遠隔透視)による視覚と共に動く物体、グループの輪の中に入るAI調査、異例の音。参加者は何かによって触れられていた感じ、報告しますが、彼らがそれを見ようとすると、かすかな光りの輝きだけが見られます。このタイプの長引くイベントの間、変わった時間/空間の拡大、あるいは収縮が起こります:時間は、静止するようになるか、逆に、非常に速く、進行し、グループの周囲の空間は、より定義されます。この種の遭遇では2時間以上の長さがあったり、逆に、非常に敏速に時間が進んでいるかもしれません。1998年のイギリス、アルトン・バーンズの近くで、それぞれの夜に、数秒で消える、非常に大きな円形の宇宙船を見たグループが、かすかに光るETを目撃し、きらめく形で彼らの周りに下降しました!その時、気温は約10〜15度上がりました。すべての参加者はその物体と生命体を見ました。彼らの形は完全に『硬い』形ではなく、部分的に、この次元にとどまっていただけでした。

In 1997, while in England on a training expedition, my trusted colleague Shari Adamiak and I were upstairs in a room in the manor house which we had leased. The remainder of the team, about 6 people, were out on the manor grounds. Suddenly, I saw a blue white light or object fly through the closed window and into the room. It hovered over by the fireplace and then expanded to become a shimmering ET about 3 feet tall, as if a subtle electronic hologram had appeared. It was conscious and sentient. It was just barely material and visible, but clearly so. This was an AI projection of the consciousness and CIV/astral form of an ET which had been projected into the room. What the other team members saw from outside (they were not initially aware that we were in that room and did not learn of our experience until the following morning) was a blue white object swooping down from the sky and flying into the window of the room where we were located. They all saw this object, but were unaware of the further experiences which Shari and I had with the person. This is another good example of TAC.

globe.gif (1064 bytes) Lucid dream state interaction with ET craft and / or persons. Because the ET technological reality allows them to move seamlessly between the CIV dimension and this material one, and since their communications systems prefer CIV transmission modes, frequently individuals (and sometimes more than one individual) will have a detailed interaction during the dream state. Remember that the CIV/astral component and technologies which interface with that energy spectrum allow for easy interface with the dream state since the lucid dream state is the activation of the CIV/astral body or component of an individual. ETs can interface as easily with that aspect as we pick up a phone and call New York. It is my opinion that the most common way in which ETs have interacted with individual humans is in lucid dreams and not material contact (bodily contact). While material contact has occurred, it is risky and unnecessary once these more subtle technologies are mastered and understood. Once it is appreciated that the CIV/astral spectrum is the preferred field through which ETs must pass for interstellar communication and travel – and that it is the same spectrum activated or used in a lucid dream – it is easy to see why so many people report this type of experience. The RV X 2 protocol described above is a conscious activation of expanded awareness and CIV component to deliberately interface with ET technologies and individuals.
globe.gif(1064バイト) ETテクノロジーと/人との明晰夢の状態における接続。ETテクノロジー的な現実が、CIV(文明の)と、この物質的次元間をシームレスに移動する事が可能であり、彼らの通信システムがCIV(文明との)伝達モードを好むので、よく、個人(そして2人以上の個人)は、夢の状態において、鮮明な相互間とのつながりを体験するでしょう。夢の状態がCIV(文明)/天体の活性化や、個人の構成要素であるため、そのエネルギースペクトルと結びつくCIV(文明)/惑星の構成要素とテクノロジーが、夢状態によって、容易に接続できる事を覚えておいて下さい。ETは、その側面で、私達が受話器を取って、ニューヨークに電話するのと同じくらい簡単につながる事ができます。ETが個々人と対話する、最も一般的な方法は、物理的なコンタクト(身体的なコンタクト)ではなく、夢の状態にあるというのが、私の意見です。物理的なコンタクトが起きている間、これより巧妙なテクノロジーが使われ、わかるなら、それは危険であり、不必要な事です。CIV(文明)/アストラル体のスペクトルが、ETたちが惑星間通信や旅行—明晰夢において作動したり、使われたのと同じスペクトル--のために通過しなければならない好ましいフィールドであることが理解できれば、なぜ、多くの人々が、このタイプの経験をするのかという事を理解するのは簡単です。上記で説明したRV(遠隔透視)X 2のプロトコルは、ETテクノロジー、および個人と意図的に相互接続し、認識が拡大され、それはCIV(文明)の構成要素の意識的な活性化です。

globe.gif (1064 bytes)ET craft transfer through solid matter. On more than one occasion we have observed solid appearing ET objects or craft (daytime sightings with the sun shining off the metal surface) pass directly into a mountain without crashing. This is accomplished by a frequency shift in the material of the craft so that it can mesh or pass through matter of traditional density without actually affecting either. That is, a frequency phase shift allows one solid object to pass through another without interacting. Remember that most of what we call ‘solid matter’ is not solid at all – it is mostly space (or something – hint: see the cosmology outlined above). This phenomenon has been reported for decades and has caused some to dismiss such accounts as ‘ghost-like’ or poltergeist. Actually, it is only another expression of ET technologies operating on a more profound or subtle level of existence which can alter the frequency of matter (they can also alter time/space relationships as well through similar means). I should also point out that covert military sources known by me personally have testified to the fact that at least by 1953 human secret projects were materializing and dematerializing objects and transferring them across defined spaces. If we were doing this covertly by 1953, one can only imagine what advance interstellar ET technologies can achieve.
globe.gif(1064バイト) ETの宇宙船は固体中を通して移動します。私達は複数の出来事から、壊れない状態のまま、物体として現れるETのオブジェクト(太陽に照らされて表面が輝いている目撃例)、またはテクノロジーが、直接、山に墜落する事無く、降りれる事に気づきました。それは実際、いずれにも影響を与えず、調和し、伝統的密度の問題を通過することができるように、宇宙船のテクノロジーで、周波数偏移によって遂行されます。すなわち、偏移シフトは、1つの固体を相互作用することなく、別のものを通過させる事を可能にします。私達が『固体』と呼ぶもののほとんどが、堅固ではない事を思い出してください –その大部分は空間です。(ヒント:上記の宇宙論の概説を参照)この現象は数十年以上もの間、報告され、そのいくつかは、『幽霊のよう』、または『ポルターガイストのよう』な現象から、私達を保護しました。実際、それは、物質化の頻度を変更する事が出来る存在の微妙なレベルに作用するETテクノロジーの別の表現にすぎません。(彼らは同様の方法で、時間/空間の関係も変更する事も出来ます。)私も、隠れた軍隊のソースによって、個人的に知らされた事ですが、少なくとも1953年までに、人間による秘密プロジェクトが物体を具体化させたり、非物質化したりして、定めた宇宙空間を横切り、彼らを宇宙空間の向こう側に転送したという事実証言があった事を指摘しなければなりません。私達が1953年までに密かにこのような事をしていたならば、人間は、惑星のETテクノロジーが、どんな進歩を達成する事が出来るのかを想像する事が出来ます。

This list could go on much further but what is described above should give the reader a sense of how unusual manifestations of ET technology may be. From the above, it is easy to understand why ET events can be confused with phenomena which originate from the CIV/astral or causal level, that is are not ET but have components of the same manifestations. No wonder the literature is filled with confusing accounts of ETs , angels, ghosts and strange phenomena of all stripes, all lumped in together. Of course, modern man would look like something supernatural to people a few hundred years ago: imagine showing up at a church meeting in Salem Massachusetts in 1692 with a cell phone, a hologram, a satellite TV and a Range Rover. You would be burned at the stake as a witch forthwith!

Still, it is important to keep in mind that the cosmos contains many levels of existence. There are CIV/astral and causal worlds and beings which are not ET. And yet there are ETs which some or much of the time interface with and utilize aspects of the physical cosmos which are in those subtle realms. (See “Extraterrestrials and the New Cosmology” by Steven M. Greer M.D.)
(スティーブンM.グリアM. D.による「地球外知的生命体と新しい宇宙論」を参照)

It should also be remembered that not all ETs may be so advanced. Given the billions of galaxies each with billions of stars, it is likely that some ETs are the equivalent of human cave men while others may be at our level of evolution and yet others are millions of years more advanced than we are today. For those at the SETI Institute, may you find those ETs which are at our level and which are primarily still using linear radio wave technologies. Odds are, there are some out there.

But know this: ETs far advanced beyond radio signals and internal combustion engines do exist. They are here. They may be all around us. Let us open our minds and our eyes to the extraordinary opportunity that hovers right in front of us. For most of what is exists beyond the veil – through the crossing point of light. And it awaits our exploration.


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