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2019年11月28日 [日々の事]

📖Dr. Steven Greer's Paper, "Abductions"✒📖グリア博士の論文『アブダクション』✒

📖Dr. Steven Greer's Paper, "Abductions"✒

“Abductions: Not All That Glitters is Gold.”



by Steven M. Greer, M.D.
Copyright 1996

1996年 転写禁止

Since the late 1970s, there has been an unprecedented focus in the UFO subculture and pop media on the subject of so-called ‘alien abductions’. A constant stream of books, videos, movies, lectures and the like have served to keep this subject in the forefront of our awareness. Across America, numerous cities have self-styled ‘abduction support groups’, and an increasing number of therapists have begun to counsel and advise alleged victims of alien abductions.


But we have found that there is something much stranger going on than ‘alien abductions’, and the truth about this matter is far more bizarre than the idea of ETs taking women aboard UFOs to create babies which incubate in space.

Before exploring the really bizarre – and scary – things going on with this phenomenon, let us first state what is obvious to all but the true believers and hard-core abduction aficionados: Not all that glitters is gold, and we are dealing with a multiplicity of phenomena, not a single phenomenon, as conventional wisdom now holds.


Let no one conclude, please, that what follows is a denial of the possibility that some, rare direct human-extraterrestrial contact has occurred. It is likely that it has, but these cases are like pure gold nuggets, which have deliberately and through human folly been hidden under a mountain of fools gold. It may superficially look the same, and glitter in the same way – but the difference is vast.

Here we step into a mixture of great mystery, deliberate covert deception, unbridled human foolishness and fear-mongoring, all blended together into a belief system which, if challenged, yields the challenger attacks from a myriad of sources. I am aware at the outset that the sharing of the perspectives which follow will induce in many a reactionary response to ‘shoot the messenger’. But I beg for your patience, and just a bit of open-minded inquiry, lest we forever lose those few gold nuggets among the growing mountains of fools gold.

To begin to get ones mind around this matter, one must be knowledgeable in and a student of:


the human mind, spirit and full potential of human experience, both conventional and unconventional;
the UFO subject in general;
the capabilities of esoteric and exotic covert human technologies, especially those employed by deep cover projects dealing with the UFO/ETI subject and which are using reverse-engineered extraterrestrial technologies in mind control and psychological warfare agendas;


an expanded cosmology which takes into account terrestrial and extraterrestrial capabilities and experiences, whether they be physical, mental, non-local/spiritual etc.


In looking at the raw data and reports of alleged human-extraterrestrial contact, I would estimate that fewer than 10% of such cases are what they appear to be. The other 90% of cases are a combination of the following:

Misidentification of other unusual experiences, which, due to the dominant pop culture enthrallment with all things alien, get labeled an ‘abduction’. These include so-called (and mislabeled) paranormal experiences related to lucid dreams, out of body experiences, near death experiences, ‘astral body’ encounters with other non-human (but equally non-extraterrestrial) entities, and similar related phenomena. The need for an expanded cosmological view of potential human experience should be obvious: It is all to easy to mis-label an experience if you do not know what the possibilities are. (The reader is referred to ‘Extraterrestrials and the New Cosmology’ by Steven M. Greer M.D. for a more in-depth treatment of the cosmology) This is akin to a doctor having only one diagnosis for chest pain – a heart attack. Such a physician, lacking what is called an adequate ‘differential diagnosis’ would mis-diagnose all chest pain as a heart attack, when it could be that the person was experiencing a collapsed lung, a lung infection, a rupturing aorta, various stomach ailments which present as chest pain and so forth.

In this case, however, many researchers have ‘abduction colored glasses on’, and hence see most of these other unconventional experiences as abductions. Lacking an adequate ‘differential diagnosis’ which includes the numerous other types of possible experiences, all such experiences get labeled abductions, and the experiencer, an ‘abductee’. Those looking into such experiences owe it to the experiencers, and to the field of knowledge, to be better informed regarding an expanded differential diagnosis. Otherwise, we will continue to have a majority of mis-diagnosed cases.


Confabulation, wannabees, false memory syndrome and mental illness are also part of the mixture of cases. We have learned of one celebrated abduction case where the person lied about prior serious mental illness, and another where the ‘abductee’ who claimed to have been impregnated by ETs later admitted to having had an affair which resulted in the pregnancy. Now, this is not the sort of thing which proponents of the UFO and abduction field want talked about. But covering up these types of errors only compounds the superstition, ignorance and disinformation which already abounds in this area of study.

Hallucinogenic drug use has been noted to exist among some self-styled ‘abductees’ as well as researchers. Certainly, an already murky picture is made dimmer by the intervening use of psychoactive drugs.

Most importantly, there is the significant segment of the 90%+ cases of misidentified contact events which are of decidedly covert human origins. This is the area which will be most bizarre to the reader, and most disturbing, and the majority of the remainder of this piece will concern itself with this problem.

Abductions, and the ‘abduction syndrome’ as it is commonly referred to, is largely a creation of covert human disinformation projects. Both the technologies employed, and the agendas motivating their use, are genuinely troubling. Most will not want to hear what follows, but we feel the time has come for the truth to come out, so that those who will listen can stop being manipulated with false information.

(For more background on the nature of covert human operations dealing with the UFO/ET matter, the reader is referred to ‘Unacknowledged’, by Steven M. Greer M.D.)


To understand the disinformation capabilities of current and recent covert projects dealing with the UFO/ETI subject, it is necessary to look historically at events, beginning in the 1940s (and perhaps before). The acquisition of advanced extraterrestrial hardware by the mid-1940s (Roswell 1947, Kingman Arizona 1948 etc) led to very deep covert research and development projects related to reverse- engineering extraterrestrial technologies. While most researchers in the field have focused on energy generation (zero-point) and propulsion systems used by ET vehicles to ‘transfer’ through interstellar space, the area of advanced extraterrestrial communications has been largely ignored. But not by covert human R&D projects.

If it is obviously true that ET spacecraft are not using jet fuel and internal combustion engines to travel through interstellar space, it should be equally true that they are not using AT&T microwave, radio wave or related electromagnetic waves to communicate. Why? Because these EM waves, which travel at the speed of light (186,000 miles per second) are too slow to effectively communicate in real time across interstellar distances. Even at the speed of light, it takes 100 earth years for a radio wave to travel only 100 light-years in distance. This means that a two way conversation with one’s home planet would take 200 years, and this for only the initial exchange : “Hello, mission control, this is Alpha 1, how are you today?” “This is mission control, we are fine; how are you Alpha 1?” Unless a species lived thousands of years as biological life forms, a routine conversation could not be completed before the death of all parties!

Therefore, the communication systems used by advanced ET life forms are employing advanced non-local technologies NOT dependent on the linear speed of light. They utilize technologies based on laws of physics not even elaborated by human scientists in the conventional, non-covert world. And these are technologies which directly interface with mind and thought.

This explains why so many individuals have seen an ET craft and then projected spontaneously a thought for it to come back, or move one way or another – and lo and behold it does. Just as a hologram or TV would look like supernatural magic to someone 200 years ago, these technological capabilities look and sound like magic to us in the latter 20th century. (And from this the reader can see why so many ‘paranormal’ experiences can be erroneously reported as UFO experiences, and vice versa.)
それは多くの人々がETの宇宙船を見た後、なぜ、ETたちは即、彼らの居場所に戻る事ができ、自ら、人々に対して配慮さえする事が出来るのかを説明できます – そして、それはちょうど、200年前、ホログラムやテレビが、多くの人々にとって、超常現象の魔法のように見えたでしょう。これらの技術的能力は、20世紀後半の私達には、魔法のように見えたかもしれません。(そして、ここから、多くの『超常現象的な』体験が、なぜ、UFO体験として、誤って報告される事になり、解釈され、その逆もまた同様に理解できるものでしょう。)

Now, a well-funded covert enterprise reverse-engineering ET technologies will look at all systems, not just ones related to propulsion and basic energy generation. Thus, as a consequence of this research, the covert entity dealing with this matter has elaborated the communications technologies of these life forms, and unfortunately have put them to some very nasty uses.

Once the ET communications technologies were discerned, a decision was made to see how such technologies could be put to use, especially for disinformation purposes. Because above all things, the project dealing covertly with the UFO/ET issue has desired continued secrecy, and a continuation of their exclusive knowledge and control of this subject.

The problem is, the UFOs continue to be seen all over the world, so this matter, in order to be secret, must be hidden in plain sight. And so it is.

One of the principles of good, effective disinformation is that you psychologically manipulate the environment so that people will not know what they are looking at, even if they see it. Another is that the creation of very similar, hoaxed decoy cases – if strategically executed and played out – will hide the real phenomenon, or at least draw peoples’ attention away from the real events. And yet another is that if all else fails, and the secrecy is ended, people will be so confused about the real versus the memorex, that they will be easily manipulated to the covert project’s agenda.

All of this is at play in the UFO field, and the cornerstone of this disinformation effort is the so-called ‘abduction phenomenon’.

Wilbert Smith Consider this for just a moment: There is a top secret Canadian document, written by Wilbert Smith, which states that , in 1950, the UFO matter was the most secret project in the US, surpassing even the secrecy surrounding the development of the hydrogen bomb! In 1996, the secret is even bigger, and the resources used to maintain the secrecy many orders of magnitude greater than that of 1950. Moreover, the technological resources available to this covert project involve reverse-engineered ET technology, in the form of operational craft, non-linear communications capabilities, and biological ‘cloned’ entities. It is not hard from this to see that extraordinary resources have been used to maintain the secrecy of this subject.
ウィルバート・スミス、瞬間的な出来事に対する考察: 1950年、ウィルバート・スミスによる、カナダの極秘文書には「UFO問題こそ、米国で最大の秘密プロジェクトであり、水素爆弾の開発に取り組む秘密のグループの上位を上回るだろう…」と記されてあります!1996年になると、秘密はさらに大きくなり、多くの資源がその秘密のために費やされ、1950年代頃に比べ、より強固に拡大されました。さらに操作上の技能や、(ETテクノロジーのような)非線形な通信能力、および生物学的で実物大の『クローン』を使い、隠れている人々のプロジェクトが利用可能な技術的資源のために、ETたちのテクノロジーが研究され、再生し、全てが連携されているのです。膨大な資源が、この種の秘密を維持し、守るために使われている状況を理解するのは難しい事ではありません。

Everyone in counter-intelligence knows that really good disinformation contains some elements of the truth, thereby making the false information or events more believable to the targeted recipients. In the area of alleged UFO ‘abductions’, by simulating false, but believable, alien encounters, a number of objectives are accomplished:

Actual ET events are lost amid the mounting cases of hoaxed, simulated cases. As mentioned earlier, the real gold nuggets get buried under a mountain of fools gold – and very few researchers know that they should be doing assays…
実際のETイベントはニセのシミュレーション演技によるものであり、そのケースの数が増えるにつれて、判断を見誤ってしまうでしょう。前述したように、本当の金塊は、山ほどのバカげた話しという金の山の中に埋められています - そして、それらが分析するに値する物だと理解できる研究者は非常に少ないのです…。

By overwhelming the ‘sound’ of actual ET events with the ‘noise’ of simulated ones of an increasingly implausible nature, the civilian research community is not only thrown off track by pursuing false cases, it is increasingly discredited. The wilder and more absurd the scenarios are which are fed to victims of human covert abductions, the more the general scientific and media communities view the entire field as so much nonsense. In this way, human initiated covert abductions not only serve as decoys in the UFO civilian research community, but serve to avert serious inquiry from the ‘mainstream’ scientific and media communities. It is a master stroke of disinformation, which the civilian community has swallowed hook, line and sinker.

The use of reverse-engineered ET communications technology for disinformation purposes via abductions and the like also allows for the testing of such systems to evaluate their efficacy and reliability. For those who believe that the testing of such ‘non-lethal’ weapons on the civilian population by covert operations is unthinkable, remember the covert testing of radioactive substances on innocent civilians during the Cold War. In 1993, the Department Of Energy (formerly Atomic Energy Commission) and its leader, Hazel O' Leary Hazel O’Leary, released documents disclosing the fact that innocent civilians had been deliberately contaminated with plutonium and other toxic radioactive substances to simply see what the effect would be. It was reported that plutonium was actually put on the oatmeal of children in an orphanage to see what effect it would have! The same sociopathic excesses of those secret plutonium testing projects are being replayed in spades in the civilian sector with simulated ET abductions of innocent humans, so-called cattle mutilations (also largely of covert human origin) and related covert projects. We may not want to believe this, because it seems just too horrible. But the longer we live in denial, the more we will be led down the primrose path of deception and the manipulation of our minds and emotions.

Most disturbing are the apparent underlying motives and agendas driving these covert human projects dealing with abductions and the like. Aside from the deflective, decoy value described above, the content of the hoaxed human initiated abduction experience is decidedly negative, xenophobic, fear-inducing and anger-inducing. To what end? Could it be that both the ‘abductees’ and the millions who learn of their horrifying experiences through books, videos, TV specials and movies are being prepared to hate the ‘alien presence’ and thereby accept, somewhere down the road, the sacrifices needed to engage in interplanetary war? And who would benefit from such a ‘star wars’ scenario? The military- industrial complex. The very same interests about whom we were warned by no less a figure than 5 star general and conservative republican president Ike Eisenhower. After all, the classic uses of psychological warfare were (and are) related to preparing a civilian population to hate the enemy, and to be so animated in that direction that any sacrifice would be made to fight them. Could it be that we are now being so manipulated, so that we will collectively accept the costs of building the capability for interplanetary war – a capability which would extract trillions of dollars from the world economy?

誘拐事件や、こういったものを扱っている、隠れた人々のプロジェクトを動かす潜在的な動機や、明白な課題は、非常に気がかりなものです。上述の歪んだ『おとり』としての価値は別として、人間を騙し始めた誘拐体験の内容は、宇宙人嫌いの、恐怖と怒りという明らかなネガティブ思想へ誘導されます。一体、それは何のためなのか?本や、ビデオ、テレビ特番、そして映画を通し、宇宙人の「ゾッとするような」体験について語る『拉致被害者』の出現や、その事により、数百万人もの人々が『宇宙人の存在』を憎み始め、嫌悪し、やがて、惑星間戦争に従事するのを『必要な犠牲』だと受け入れる準備を心の中で整理して備える…という事につながるのでしょうか?そして、誰もがそのような『スター・ウォーズ』のシナリオから利益を得る事になるのでしょうか?軍隊産業複合体のように…。私達がファイブ・スターと、保守的な共和党の大統領アイク・アイゼンハワーと同様に『数字』によって警告されたのと同様に…。結局、古典的な心理的戦略は、一般大衆の中の民間集団に、敵を憎ませ、どのような犠牲でも払わせ、相手と戦わせる方向で、心構えをさせる事につながっています。(まさにそうなのです。)もしかすると私達は集合的無意識の中で、惑星間戦争を実行できるように、その機能を実現するためのコストを、自ずと受け入れられるように、私達は現在かなり操られているでしょう – それは数兆ドルを世界経済から取り込む機能としても役立っているのでしょうか?

Actually, it appears to be even worse than this.
We have learned, by investigating the ties, proclivities and beliefs of a number of people connected to abduction programs, that there is a clear aeschatological bent to their endeavors. This means that part of the agenda is serving the bizarre, religious purpose of resurrecting satan in the form of ET, and fanning the flames of a future ‘holy war’ against them, to coincide with the end of the world. I know this sounds bizarre and unbelievable (it was very difficult to accept when it first came to my attention) but it is one of the very deep, dark and frightening sub-texts of the entire ET issue. For those awaiting the end of the world with the changing of the millennium, what better vehicle than to frame the ‘final conflict’ between humanity and evil invaders from outer space? More than a few people in the UFO subculture, who present themselves as impartial scientists and / or benefactors, hold to this paradigm. And deliberate actions are being taken to fulfill it.


On one occasion, I had the opportunity to meet with a foreign head of state, who has an interest in this subject. Over the course of an hour and a half to 2 hour meeting, I learned, to my horror, that this leader was doing everything he could to see that the world knew about the evil, sinister and manipulative agenda of the ‘aliens’ by advancing the world’s knowledge of abductions! Worse, I was categorically informed that every set-back in human history, every international conflict, and the very basis of the non-fulfillment of human potential, since Adam and Eve, was the result of the nefarious manipulations of the ‘aliens’ ! After mostly listening politely for an hour and a half, I let this leader know that this was not at all our assessment of the situation.

Later I learned of this person’s ties to fringe religious groups, and also a network of similar leaders and benefactors of abduction ‘research’ which has ties to bizarre end-of-the-world religious groups, who demonize the ET presence to fit the current religious paradigm. And the anchor for all of this is the abduction ‘phenomenon’.

If the reader is not concerned by now, check your pulse.
Now, it is not clear if these bizarre beliefs are fundamental to the covert programs, or simply an intended out-growth of them. That is, it is likely that these leaders and benefactors have been manipulated into this assessment by covert projects dealing with abductions and mutilations, and they have created a way to fit the ‘reality’ of abductions into their religious belief systems, as it pertains to the ‘end times’. Such persons may themselves be victims of manipulation, and they are responding to the ‘content’ of the ‘abduction syndrome’ in a predictable way, given their religious beliefs.


Nevertheless, the deception, hoax and manipulation which all of this represents is effective, because most humans are, alas, easily deceived and especially vulnerable to manipulations of their fears of ‘invasion’. Since cave man and tribal times, to the war in Bosnia of the 1990s, one of the basic fears of peoples around the world has been that of invasion, and (no coincidence) the abduction of women and children by the invaders. It is such a basic fear, that it is easily manipulated. We would suggest that this primal fear of abduction, rooted in the ancient collective history and consciousness of humanity, has been used to skillfully manipulate and inflame the fears of extraterrestrial life forms.

We have, collectively, been all too willing to take this bait.
Even the lexicon developed in the UFO subculture – the ‘abduction by aliens’ – is inherently xenophobic and draws sweeping conclusions about the ET presence, which are unwarranted by the objective facts. And we have learned that when others, who have done their homework on covert capabilities in this regard, have attempted to point this possibility out to the UFO community, they have been shouted down and ultimately black-balled from events. The true-believers in the abduction scenario do not want to consider that there are covert capabilities (and have been for decades) which can simulate an ‘alien abduction’, totally using reverse-engineered ET technologies.

私達は、集合無意識的に、この罠に上手くかかり過ぎているのです。語彙さえ、UFOサブカルチャーで開発されるのです – 『エイリアンによる誘拐』 – 本質的に宇宙人嫌いで、エイリアン恐怖症の人々の周囲には、そういった結論を全体的に描いてしまうのです(客観的な事実では保証できないとしても)。そして、ある人物が、この件について、隠れた機能における、彼らの課題をUFOコミュニティに説明しようとした時、彼らはそのイベントに関して大声で怒鳴りつけて黙らせ、最終的に反対投票させたという事態を私達は知ったのです。誘拐事件のシナリオの本物の信仰者たちは、リバースエンジニアリングしたETテクノロジーを完璧に使いこなし、『宇宙人による誘拐』をシミュレーションしている隠れた機能(が、数十年以上続いている)とは考えたくないのです。

How do we know about these capabilities? Research, investigation, interviewing knowledgeable people who have had involvement with these technologies, and personal experience. Over a 3-4 year period, we have interviewed individuals with top-secret clearances in areas related to electronic mind control and related technologies. What we have learned is best summarized by a statement from Officer W-1: ‘ Technologies exist, which are ready, off-the-shelf capable, and which can fit in a panel truck or on an antennae in a city, which can totally induce an experience. If it is desired, a targeted person – or group of people – can be made to have a conversation with their personal God, and they will believe it is real, and they will pass a lie detector that it is real, because for them it is real…’

We have identified people who recall, despite chemical ‘deprogramming ‘ over a three day period, being in special para-military units and being ‘abductors’. That is, these individuals were used to ‘abduct’ civilians, in an elaborate and technologically exotic hoax. These humans were the abductors, not the extraterrestrials. But the technology, reverse-engineered from the ETs, is so good, that unless one knew to look for a hoax this good, one would be forever deceived.

And yes, these projects have had the capability for decades to place ‘implants’ into humans (and animals) for the purpose of not only tracking and reconnaissance, but for inducing specific experiences.

Worse yet, these capabilities have been used to ‘abduct’, intimidate and deceive world leaders on this subject, and to specifically get them to maintain the secret status of these programs.

Specifically, the abduction of a certain past MAJOR world leader was orchestrated by covert forces attempting to end a planned disclosure on this subject by this leader, the US President, the head of the USSR and others. A first hand witness, who is friends with this world leader and is himself a head of state, has related the details of this abduction to me personally. It was an effective, if horrible attempt to frighten these world leaders into ending their plans to disclose the UFO information to the world at the end of the cold war. Both this world leader, and the head of state and friend who related this to me, did not know that this event was done by covert human forces. They thought it was an actual alien abduction!

And the message offered to this world leader, by these hoaxed aliens? ‘Cease your plans to disclose our presence to the world, or we can and will abduct every world leader involved…’ How convenient. Notwithstanding the fact that in this same time frame ET craft were being seen in a massive wave in Belgium, and one would soon begin in the volcanic zone of Mexico and around Mexico City, we are to believe that the ETs would abduct a world leader to hide their presence!

This, I am told, ‘blew up like an atomic bomb in the White House’, and all plans to effect a disclosure on this subject were ended, forthwith and forever.


Recently, I have learned of a group of researchers who have independently identified a covert operative who was involved in ‘abducting’ a woman in California and who was, not coincidentally, in the security detail for the world leader the night of the ‘alien abduction’. It does not take a rocket scientist to see what the agenda is here, and how all of us have been manipulated into a belief in the ‘abduction syndrome’, and our leaders intimidated into inaction.

I realize that this information is harder to accept than (even) the idea that we are being visited by extraterrestrial life forms. But that is the point. These secret projects are so bizarre and sociopathic, that they are their own best cover. Who would believe it? And by manipulating the images and ideas in the public domain on this subject, we are led to either disgust and rejection of the entire phenomenon, or to anger and hate toward the visitors. How convenient….

It is time for the civilian research community to get serious about this matter. We must do our homework, and ask the hard questions. We must become knowledgeable regarding what the true covert human capabilities are, and man induced abductions. We must be more restrained and cautious, and avoid sweeping, paranoic pronouncements regarding so called ‘alien agendas’, since the events upon which we base such assumptions may be of a very human origin.

From what we have learned from first hand witnesses to covert capabilities, covert reverse-engineering projects, and covert human abductions, we need to take another very hard look at the entire ‘alien abduction’ syndrome, as it is currently described. I believe that the entire data base on this matter has to be taken apart and rebuilt, using a more inclusive cosmology, which includes not only ET/Human interactions, but also, other experiences as described earlier, and, most importantly, covert human capabilities and disinformation programs.

Not all that glitters is gold, and discerning this fact, by our leaders and the public, may determine whether we are manipulated into a future of inter-planetary conflict, or instead, choose a future of rational and peaceful engagement.

For the sake of the earth, and the generations which follow us, I hope we are wise enough to choose peace.
Steven M. Greer M.D.



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