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2020年01月17日 [日々の事]

📚Dr. Steven Greer’s Paper “Unacknowledged” 👓📚スティーブン・グリア博士の論文『非認可』👓


by Steven M. Greer, M.D.
Copyright 1996


Click here for the PDF version.

Can the government keep a secret?

A really big secret – the biggest of all time? When the peccadillos of every politician and government leader are prime time news, could the government hide from us the most astounding discovery in the history of the world – the existence of extraterrestrial life?
ある本当に大きな秘密 - あらゆる時代の中で最大の秘密を? 政治家と政府指導者のどんなつまらない過ちも、ゴールデンアワーのニュースになる時、政府は世界の歴史の中で、最も驚くべき大発見…地球外知的生命体の存在を、私達から隠せるものだろうか?

Well, yes – and no.
First, the concept of government must be redefined, because there exists the government of ‘we the people’, elected and appointed officials, public representatives, the executive, legislative and judicial branches, etc, etc, a la your standard junior high civics course.


But then, there is also the unacknowledged ‘government’: the ‘government’ of deep cover, deep black projects, contract agents and companies, and shadowy mid-level functionaries whose task it is to ensure that the government of ‘we the people’ knows little or nothing about the unacknowledged ‘government’.

The right hand does not know – or often want to know – what the left hand is doing….
But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves now. First some background.

右手は左手が何をしているか知らない - 時々、知ろうとするものの…。

For nearly six years I have quietly researched how real secrecy is maintained, in the latter half of the twentieth century. What I have found is astonishing, and frankly unbelievable. What you are about to read is the truth – but I admit that I would not have believed it had someone told me this 3 years ago. You may want to read the rest of this article as if it were a fictional story. You may feel more comfortable looking at all of this from a distance. But let some part of you know that this is the truth.
約6年間、私は、実在する秘密が、この20世紀の後半に、どのように維持されているのか、ひそかに研究してきました。私が知ったものは、驚くべき内容で、率直に言うと、信じ難いものでした。今あなたが読もうとしている内容は真実です – けれども、私は、誰かが3 年前にこれを私に話していたとしても、私はそれを信じなかったでしょう。あなたはこの論説の残りの部分を作り話として読むかもしれません。この話しの内容を、遠くから眺めたなら、より快適だと感じるかもしれません。しかし、これは真実の話しだという事を、いくらかでも知って欲しいのです。

This article is not about whether UFOs/ETs are real, or are visiting earth. Let’s get this out of the way first, since it is the easy part: UFOs are real; they are of extraterrestrial origin; they have been around for decades (if not centuries); there is no evidence that they are hostile; there is probably more than one type of life form visiting us; and aspects of the ‘government’ have known this for 50 years, at least.
この論説で扱う内容は、UFO/ETが現実のものなのか、あるいは地球を訪問しているのか、という事についてではないのです。まずその事から片付けていきましょう。というのも、それは容易な部分だからなのです:UFOは現実にいます;それらは地球外に起源を持っています;彼らは数十年間(数世紀ではないとして も)にわたり、私達の周囲にいます;彼らが敵対的であるという証拠は全くありません;私達を訪問しているのは、おそらく複数のタイプの種族です;『政府』の、とある側では、少なくともこれを50年前から知っていました。

The more difficult part of this subject is getting your mind around the fact that something this extraordinary is real, and yet remains somehow unreal, hidden, secret, enigmatic. That the official government – and the official keepers of truth in the media and science- have been deceived for this long is a tribute to the sophistication, depth, breadth and ubiquity of a secret program unparalleled in history.
この問題のさらに難しい部分は、この異常な物事は、現実でありながら、それでも尚、何かしら非現実的で、隠され、秘密にされ、謎のままなのです。公式の政府 - およびメディアと科学界における、公式な真実の管理人たちが、これほどまでに長く欺かれてきたのは、歴史上、例を見ないほどの、この秘密計画の精巧さ、深さ、広さ、遍在性の賜物です。

Indeed, the story of how – and why – this deception has existed exceeds the extraterrestrial phenomenon itself in bizarreness, mystery and incredulity. In fact, it seems that the effectiveness of the secrecy is itself related to the stunning incredulity of the nature of the secrecy. Put another way, the whys, hows, and wherefores of these secret projects are so bizarre and unbelievable, that they provide their own best cover: no one would believe it even if they came upon it. It is absolutely over the top.

To be honest, my own first reaction to what you are about to read was, “yeah, right…”. But then confirmation after confirmation, and independent corroboration after independent corroboration convinced me of it. And then I was saying, “Oh God…”

Space here only permits me to share with you the highlights of 6 years of intense, behind-the -scenes research. Someday, I hope the entire story can be told, names and all, but for now allow me to paint for you a broad picture, and some of the details. This information comes from personal, private and exquisitely sensitive meetings and long discussions with very senior and relevant military, intelligence, political and private corporate sources. The search for truth regarding these secret projects has brought me to heads of state, royalty, CIA officials, NSA operatives, US and foreign military leaders, political leaders and high-tech corporate contractors. The process has been exhaustive, relentless and mind-blowing. Safety and prudence requires that I leave their names out of this for now; by the time you finish reading this, the reason will be obvious.
ここでの紙面上の関係から、私は6 年間の緊迫した舞台裏での研究の、主要部分だけをあなたにお伝えしましょう。いつの日か、私は、全ての話しのを語る事ができ、名前も何もかもが明かされる事を望みますが、今のところは、全体的な実態画像と、その内の幾つかの詳細だけを述べる事しか許されません。この情報は、非常に高い地位にあり、この問題と関係のある軍や情報機関、政府、および民間企業の情報源との、個人的な内密の、慎重を極めた会合や、長時間にわたる議論から、もたらされました。これらの秘密のプロジェクトに関する、真実の探求は、私を国家首脳、王族、CIA高官、NSA(国家安全保障局の)スパイ、米国、および外国の軍隊のリーダー、政治指導者、および先端技術企業の契約業者のトップへと導きました。その過程は情け容赦なく過酷であり、極度の衝撃さえ与えられました。安全と慎重を期するために、ここでは彼らの名前を当分伏せておかなければなりません;あなたがこれを読み終わった時、その理由が明らかになるでしょう。

This phase in the CSETI project began in earnest in July of 1993, when a small group of military and civilian people involved with the UFO matter met at my request to discuss how to best liaison with the government and military. From an operational point of view, CSETI needed a senior point of contact (POC) within the chain of command who knew what we were doing to contact extraterrestrial civilizations. We wanted to ensure that our efforts were safe from intentional or unintentional military/intelligence/government interference. And we wanted to be clear that our effort should be regarded as a citizen’s-diplomacy effort and that a stand-down order should exist protecting us from any interference, in the US or abroad. In the previous year, CSETI had facilitated two near-landing events in England and Mexico, and we wanted to be sure, given these developments, that we could proceed with safety for both our teams and for the extraterrestrial visitors, whom we regard as our guests.
政府や軍隊と連携する、最良の方法を議論したいという私の要求から、UFO問題と関わる軍隊や、民間の小集団が集まり、1993年の7月から、CSETI(地球外知的生命体研究センター)のプロジェクトが本格化しました。作戦上の観点から、CSETIは、指揮系統内で、私達が地球外文明とコンタクトをするためにしている事を理解できる、高位の接触者(POC)が必要でした。私達は、意図的であれ、偶発的であれ、私達の取り組みに、軍/情報機関/政府による妨害が入らないようにする必用があり、私達の取り組みは、一種の民間外交と見なされたものであるため、米国の内外を問わず、いかなる妨害からも、私達は保護されなければならないという事も明確にしておきたかったのです。昨年、CSETI は、英国とメキシコで、宇宙船が、ほぼ着陸に近い形の出来事を実現させていました。そのため、事態の進展を考慮し、私達のチームと共に、私達にとっては、客人である、地球外の訪問者たちが、安全にコンタクトを継続出来る環境を守りたかったのです。

Over the following few months, members of our team had had discussions and briefings with a wide array of government, military, intelligence, political, international and private leaders around the world. What we learned seemed surreal, unimaginable and bizarre.

Beginning at least as early as World War II, we found that certain officials in the US government knew that we were not alone, that there were advanced machines flying around in certain regions of the WWII conflict which were not ours, and not theirs. A medical colleague and friend, whose relative was a celebrated WWII pilot, has told me that this pilot was sent to Europe by the president to figure out what these so-called ‘foo’ fighters were. He reported back to the president that they were extraterrestrial spacecraft.

From there on, it gets more and more strange. A retired general, who later became right hand man to a certain CIA director, told me this: That as a military officer in 1946, he was responsible for writing ‘non-responsive’ letters regarding a series of day time sightings of UFOs over Idaho. He said people knew the UFOs were real, but soon a Cold War was on, and later a few hot wars ensued, and everyone was concerned with global thermonuclear war- so who had time to worry about these enigmatic but harmless ETs.
Who indeed.


Multiple new, independently corroborating witnesses told us of the crash and retrieval of ET spacecraft in 1947 in New Mexico and in 1948 in Kingman Arizona. Now THIS really got someone’s attention, and the name of the game was, henceforth, ADVANCED EXTRATERRESTRIAL TECHNOLOGY. How does it work; what can it be used for; how will they use it; what if the Soviets figure it out before we do; what if it leaks out and some new Hitler uses it to dominate the world; what if people panic when they learn of it; what….

And a million more questions, at the time all unanswered.
And thus was born the secret project of the millennium.


After all, at the time, we were working on the development of the hydrogen bomb – and our arch-enemy the Soviets were hot on our tail. What could be more destabilizing to an already fragile world order than the introduction of inter-stellar propulsion technology to a world of vacuum tubes and internal combustion engines? To say we were facing a quantum leap in technological capability is an understatement. And we wanted it safely for ourselves.
要するに、当時私達は、水爆の開発を行なっていました - そして私達の大敵であったソ連は、必死になり、私達の後を追いかけて来ました。すでに脆弱な世界秩序の状態を、さらに不安定にするために、真空管や、内燃機関の世界に、惑星間の推進技術を導入する以上に、価値のある事があったでしょうか?私達が技術的能力の大飛躍に直面していたと言うのは控えめな表現であり、私達は私達自身のために、惑星間の技術を安全に入手出来る事を望んだのです。

So, ‘National Security’ demanded that this entire matter be kept quiet at all costs. And no cost was spared in doing so.

But there was one very large and busy fly in this ointment: The ETs were flying, sometimes in formation, with thousands of witnesses, over the skies of America, and the rest of the world. Now, how do you hide that?

The mind hides it. In an Orwellian twist, it was found from past psychological warfare efforts during WWII that, indeed, if you tell a lie often enough, especially if told by ‘respected’ authority figures, the people will believe it. It appears that one of the masters of psychological warfare during WWII was put in charge of this in the late 1940s. General Walter Bedell Smith helped coordinate the psychological warfare components of this problem, and helped launch the big lie: UFOs, even though millions have seen them, do not exist.
心(マインド)がそれを隠すのです。それはオーウェル思考(George Orwell: 1903-1950)に、ひねりを効かせた仕掛けで、第二次世界大戦中の過去の心理戦の研究により、実際、以下の事が知られていました。例えば、頻繁に嘘が使われる場合、特に『尊敬される権威的人物』によって話された場合は、人々はその嘘を信じるようになると言う事が、第二次世界大戦中、心理戦の活動からわかったのです。第二次世界大戦の熟練者の一人が、1940 年代後期に、この任務を任されたようでした。ウォルター・ベデル・スミス将軍は、この問題の心理戦の部分を調整する仕事に関与し、大きな嘘を立ち上げる事を手伝いました:『例:UFOは、百万人がそれを目撃したとしても、存在しない。』

For every sighting which made its way into public awareness, there would be official denial and, worse, ridicule of the event and the observers. Harvard Astronomer Donald Menzel was trotted out to tell the world that it was all hysteria, that UFOs were not real, that it was all poppycock.

So well into the 1950s, a relatively small group of people knew the truth, and kept the truth to themselves. When an event occurred which got the media’s attention, authority figures would deny and ridicule it. Since humans are generally insecure social creatures, and more like lemmings that we would like to admit, it became clear that if you wanted to avoid embarrassment, ridicule and social estrangement, you kept quiet about UFOs, even if you had seen one up close and personal. Add to this the active encouragement of wacky stories and bizarre tall tales within the civilian UFO subculture, aided by the naturally occurring level of crazies and crack-pots in society generally and, well, you get the picture. Any respectable person – and especially the ‘respectable’ media, scientists and political leaders- would have to view this as the ‘topic non grata’ to avoid.
(Having gone through what I have in the past 6 years, I really can’t say I blame them…)

こうして、1950年代になっても、真実を知っているのは、比較的少人数のグループだけになり、真実は、彼らの内部でしまわれるようになりました。メディアの注目を引くような出来事が起きると、当局者がそれを否定し、馬鹿げた話であるとしたのです。一般的に人間は、億弱な社会的動物であり、私達自身を認め、むしろレミング(北極付近に生息するタビネズミ)に近いために、例えば、あなたが、困惑や嘲笑や、社会的疎外を避けたいと思えば、UFOを自分の目で間近に見たとしても、それについては沈黙を守ってしまう…という事が明らかになったのです。これに加え、自然発生レベルでの気違いや、変人のような、一般的な社会現象と連動させる形で、一般市民のUFO関連団体の中では、馬鹿げた奇妙なホラ話しが、積極的に奨励されました。もうお分かりかと思いますが、こうしてまともな人間 - 特に『まともな』メディアや科学者、政治的指導者なら、誰もがこれを『好ましからぬ話題』として見なすようになったのです。(私のこの6年間の経験を振り返れば、私には彼らを非難する事は出来ないのです…。)

But this is all very conventional stuff, really. The bizarre twists began in the 1950s, when a new model for covert projects evolved; a Frankenstein was created, but now it has gotten a will of its own, has gotten up off the table, breaking all restraints, and is moving around amongst us.
しかし、これらすべてはいかにもありがちな話です。事態の異様な展開は、秘密プロジェクトのための、ある新しいモデルが徐々に展開し始め、1950 年代から始まりました;フランケンシュタインが作られたのです。それは自らの意志を獲得し、手術台を離れ、すべての拘束を断ち切り、私達の周囲を歩き回るのです。

In late 1993 and into 1994, 1995 and 1996, from one meeting to another, a shocking truth emerged. Somehow on the way to the 90s, something awful had happened: The entire matter had been largely privatized, was 10 levels deep black and was operating outside the constitutional chain of command of the US or any other government. Now, I know what you are thinking – I thought the same at first – but hear me out.
1993年後期から、1994年、1995年、1996年と、会合を重ねるたび、衝撃的な真実が浮かび上がって来ました。ともかく、1990年代に至るまで、大変な何かが起こり始めたのです:この問題全体が、主に民営化されていき、十層ほどの闇の深さまで沈み、米国や、他国の政府の憲法による、指揮系統外で活動するようになったのです。私には今、あなたが何を考えているかが分かります - 私も最初は同じ事を考えました – しかし、私の話しに最後まで耳を傾けて頂きたいのです。

Within a few months of that initial meeting in July of 1993, I and of the CIA, Congress, the Clinton Administration, the UN, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the military in England and elsewhere. Our initial logic was first to make the case to these folks that since the Cold War was over, a window of opportunity had opened through which a major disclosure on this matter could be made. The time had come to return this matter to the international community. Right? Wrong! Virtually without exception, leaders in the military, intelligence fields, politics and national security areas agreed that the time had come for the truth to be told.

Problem is, they had no access to the truth, or the data, or the cases, or the technology or the deceased ET bodies in storage (yes we know where they are and it is not Wright Patterson Air Force Base any longer). Those who I thought would be in the loop were out, and the ones running the show were a strange combination of covert operatives and private corporate interests. From then on it was through the looking glass we go.
問題は、彼らがその収納保管されるもののデータにも、真意にも、個々の事件にも、テクノロジーやETの遺体にも、アクセスする手段を全く持っていなかったという事です。(そう、私達は、それらが現在どこにあるかを知り、ライト・パターソン空軍基地にはないと知っています。) 私が蚊帳の中にいると考えていた人々は、実際には蚊帳の外にいたのです。そして主導権を握っている者たちは、秘密の工作員や、民間企業との、利害関係の、奇妙な連合体の中にいたのです。それ以来、私達の歩む道は、鏡の向こう側になったのです。

My ancestors fought in the American Revolution in North Carolina. They fought for the establishment of a constitutional, representative form of government; now I wondered what had happened to the constitution. Like a very bad dream, I kept hoping to awaken to find it was not true. How could I share this with others? Who would believe it? It was bad enough for a doctor in NC to maintain that we were being visited by advanced extraterrestrial life forms, but this?

I asked a friend who was on the staff of President Reagan’s National Security Council how this could be true. How could some of the most powerful people in the world – in government, in the military, the senior intelligence and national security areas – not only not know about this, but have NO ACCESS to this information? I asked him if we let the President know exactly who out there really does know about this and he called them into the Oval Office and said, “I am the President of the United States and I want you to tell me everything you know about this matter”, what would they do?
私はレーガン大統領の国家安全保障会議のスタッフだった友人に、どうしてこんな事が可能になるのか、聞いてみました。政府、軍隊、上級情報機関,および国家安全保障部門にいる、世界で最も力のある人々が、これについて知らないばかりか、この情報に近づく手段さえ持たない等と言う事が、どうして起こり得るのか?私は彼に次のような事を尋ねました。『もし、私達が大統領に、誰が本当にそれを知っているのかを知らせ、大統領が彼らを大統領執務室に呼び出し、『私は合衆国大統領だ。これについて知っている事を全部話すように。』 と言ったら、その相手は何をするだろうか?と。

He laughed and said, “Steve, if they don’t want the President to know, they will simply lie to the president and say no such thing exists. It’s done all the time….” I was stunned by the cynicism of this, and by the clear breech in constitutional law.

Under the ruse of ‘plausible deniability’ to ‘protect’ senior government officials, this apparently is done in certain sensitive areas, and the UFO matter is the most sensitive of all.

In a meeting with a very senior leader in the intelligence community, whose position any one in the public would assume allowed him to know every bit of important secret information, I discovered that, even though this official knew the matter was real, that the UFOs were real, he had no access to either past or current information or projects dealing with the ET subject. Again, I was stunned.

Ditto for very senior Senate investigators with subpoena power and top secret clearance. Ditto for people at the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Ditto for senior UN people. Ditto for senior Ministry of Defense officials in Great Britain. Ditto for heads of state.
召喚権限と最高機密取扱許可(top secret clearance)を持つ、極めて高い地位の上院調査官たちも同じでした。統合参謀本部の人たちも同じでした。国連の高官たちも同じ。英国国防省の高官たちも同じ。国家首脳たちもまた、同じだったのです。

And so it went, on and on. No deception this; these meetings were arranged by personal, back-door contacts and friends. Ironically, these leaders were turning to us for information, analysis and, strangely, action, to get this secret mess fixed. My pointing out that I am only a country doctor from North Carolina, with a wife, four kids, a minivan and a golden retriever did not change this reality. So in my ‘spare’ time, I have done what I could.
物事はこのように進んで行きました。これは偽装ではありません;これらのミーディングは、個人的で内密な接触や、友人たちによって手配されました。皮肉にも、これらの指導者たちは、この秘密による混乱状態を、本来の状態に戻すために、私達に情報内容や分析内容を提供し、そしておかしな事だが、行動を依頼してきたのです。私は妻と四人の子供たち、ミニバンとゴールデン・レトルリバーと暮らす、ノースカロラ イナの田舎の医師にすぎないのです。そう指摘しても、この事態は変更される事はありませんでした。だから私は『空き時間』を使って、私の出来る限りの事をしたのです。

UNACKNOWLEDGED SPECIAL ACCESS PROJECTS. USAPS. This term – concept, really – took some time to take hold. Call me naive, but I really believe in democracy and the constitution, the office of the president, the importance of a congress and so on. But such quaint notions at some point had to be assimilated in my mind and reconciled with this new reality: That the president, and congress and the courts and the UN and all the other world leaders exist. They worry about taxes, money, programs of this sort or another. But the really big stuff – leave them out of it. After all, these people come and go every 2 or 4 years. What they don’t know won’t hurt them; besides, we’re doing them a favor by keeping them innocent of any knowledge of these secret projects. At any rate, these projects are UNACKNOWLEDGED, and they don’t really exist at all….
非認可、特殊アクセスプロジェクト。USAPS。この言葉の本当の概念は、把握できるまで、しばらく時間がかかりました。単純だと言われるかもしれませんが、私は民主主義や憲法、大統領職,議会の重要性といったものを心から信じています。しかし、ある時点で、そのような古風な観念は、私の精神の中で修得され、この新しい現実と調和させる必要がありました:大統領、議会、法廷、国連、その他の国の、世界の指導者たちが存在しています。彼らは税金や通貨、この種のプログラム、その他様々なものについて心配しています。しかし本当に大きな物 - それは、彼らを除外しているのです。結局、これらの人々は、2〜4年毎に、行ったり来たりを繰り返します。彼らが知らないでいる事は、彼らに何の害も与える事はありません;さらに、彼らは、これらの秘密のプロジェクトに関して、私達に何も知られないように便宜を図り、潔白を装いながら、彼らの願いを叶えさせるのです。とにかく、これらのプロジェクトは『UNACKNOWLEDGED(非認可)』であり、それらは事実上、どこにも存在しないのです…。

In working with people on the inside of these projects, you must understand that I had to endure a very steep learning curve. Having never been in the military, the government or the intelligence field, this was all new to me. Please understand that I cannot betray the confidence of those who risked so much to share this information with me. People have been killed – and recently – for less, much less.

What is a USAP? It is a top secret, compartmentalized project requiring special access even for those with a top secret clearance, AND it is unacknowledged. This means that if someone -anyone- including your superiors, including the commander and chief, the president, asks you about it, you reply that no such project exists. You lie.
USAPSとは何か?それは極秘の区画化されたプロジェクトで、最高機密取扱許可を持つ人間でさえ、特殊なアクセス手段を必要とし、かつそれは認められていないもの。つまり、あなたの上司、司令官、長官、大統領など、誰か - 誰でもよいですが -それについてあなたに尋ねたとします。あなたは、そのようなプロジェクトは存在しないと答えるのです。あなたは嘘を言う事になるのです。

People in these USAPS are dead serious about keeping their project secret, and will do nearly anything to keep the story covered, and to keep both other officials and the public disinformed.
And the grand daddy of all USAPS is the UFO/ET matter.

これらUSAPSにいる人々は、彼らのプロジェクトを秘密にしておくことについては、非常に真面目であり、内部事情を隠し、他部局の者たちと国民に偽情報を与え続けるために、ほとんど何でもするでしょう。そして、すべての USAPSの元祖は、UFO/ET問題なのです。

Remember that a top secret Canadian document written by Wilbur Smith in 1950 stated that he had found that a secret US group was working on the UFO matter, including the technology behind the UFOs, and that this was the most secret undertaking in the US government, exceeding even the secrecy surrounding the development of the H-bomb.

Now imagine if you will, this project 50 years later. A lot of water has gone beneath the bridge. There has been 50 years and countless billions spent on various aspects of the project: reverse engineering extraterrestrial technology to figure out how it works; experiments with non-linear propulsion and communications systems; massive public disinformation efforts and the deceit of constitutionally elected and appointed officials and bodies; and more.
さて、このプロジェクトが 50 年経ったらどうなるか、想像してみて下さい。橋の下にどれほど多くの水が流れ込んでいるのかを。50年もの歳月の間、膨大な資金が、プロジェクトの様々な側面に使われて来たのです:逆行分析(reverse engineering)による、地球外技術の解明;非線形の推進および通信システムの実験;国民に対する大規模な偽情報の偽造工作や、憲法により選出され、指名された当局者、および組織への虚言;等々。

Add to this active disinformation – the hoaxing or simulation of false ET events, to deceive the public and serve as decoys, thus taking peoples’ attention away from the real action. Abductions. Mutilations. Hybrid babies floating in space and in underground bases. Secret pacts between one-world -government forces and the sinister aliens. And so forth ad nauseam.
この積極的な偽造情報の偽造工作に加え - 国民を欺き、罠にかけ、彼らの本当の活動から、国民の目を逸らすための偽ET事件の捏造や偽装。誘拐。動物の切断(mutilation)。宇宙や地下基地にいる、雑種混血の赤ん坊。世界政府の勢力と、邪悪な宇宙人との間の秘密協定。その他、うんざりするほどです。

Tragically, the tabloid media, book publishers, the UFO subculture/industry and the general public eat this stuff up by the gallon measure.

Not only does this nonsense serve as effective decoys to the unfunded and unprofessional civilian UFO subculture, it creates the patina of craziness and tawdriness needed to keep ‘respectable’ scientists, mainstream media and public officials silent. It keeps the whole matter safely off their radar screens.

From the mid 1940s to the mid to late 1950s, as these matters go, this secret group was somewhat conventional. A number of officials in the Truman and Eisenhower administrations knew about it and were involved. It was genuinely felt to be imperative to the national security that this matter be kept quiet for a while. And I believe they were acting in good faith, and within the reasonable limits of our constitutional democracy.

But apparently sometime in the mid to late Eisenhower years, a pattern developed where those who legally should be in the loop were shoved out. We have more than one corroborating source that this was the case in the late Eisenhower years and the Kennedy Administration.

First hand witnesses have told us that Eisenhower was furious that he was being kept in the dark about a number of important aspects of the UFO/ET matter. He had seen the ET spacecraft and bodies, and yet he found that extraordinary projects were under way, and he was out of the loop. Is it any wonder then that, notwithstanding the fact that he was a 5 star general and conservative Republican, he warned of the “military-industrial complex” in his last address to the nation as president? People forget that it was this 5 star general – and not Abby Hoffman – who coined the term military- industrial complex, first warning us of the dangers of its excesses. Why? Because he had seen those excesses up close and personal.

Fast forward to June of 1963. Kennedy is flying to Berlin to deliver his famous speech proclaiming “I am a Berliner”. On board Air Force One is a military man who relates the following: Kennedy, on the long flight, at one point began discussing the UFO matter with this military officer. He admitted that he knew the UFOs were real, had seen the evidence, but then astonished the officer by stating that “the whole matter is out of my hands, and I don’t know why…”. Kennedy said that he wanted the truth to come out, but that he couldn’t do it. And this is the President of the United States, the Commander in Chief of the armed forces, stating that the matter is out of his hands, and he doesn’t know why. I wonder if he found out before he was killed later that year.
話を1963年6月まで早送りします。ケネディは、『私はベルリン市民だ』という有名な演説をするためにベルリンに飛んでいます。米国大統領専用機(エアフォースワン)の機上には、次のように語る、一人の軍人がいました:長いフライトの際、ケネディは、ある時点から、この将校と、UFO問題について議論し始めました。彼は、自分が UFO が現実である事を知っていたと認め、その証拠を見せながら、『この問題全体は、私の管理外にある。何故なのか、私にはわからない。』と語り、その将校を驚かせました。ケネディは、真実が明かされる事を望んでいるものの、自分にはそれができないと言ったのです。そして、この問題が、自分の管理外にあり、その理由が何なのか分からない…と述べているのは、軍隊最高司令官である、米国大統領なのです。彼は同年のその後、暗殺される前に、真実を解明したのではないかと私は思っています。

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Clinton Administration figures, military leaders, intelligence leaders, foreign leaders. All out of the loop. But all know its real. What is going on?

USAPS is only part of the story. The smaller part. Remember Eisenhower warning of the military-industrial complex? Operative word: industrial, private, privatized. In discussing this matter with a former head of the Ministry of Defense in Great Britain in July of 1995, I found that he was similarly kept out of the loop. We found once again that the really secret stuff was kept from even a man who was head of MI5 and the MoD. The answer existed in part with USAPS, but more largely with private contract entities.
USAPSは物語の一部に過ぎないのです。とても小さな部分です。軍産複合体への警戒を呼びかけたアイゼンハワーの言葉を覚えているでしょうか?重要な意味を持つ言葉:産業の(industrial)、民間の(private)、民営化された(privatized)。1995年7 月に、元英国国防参謀長と、この問題を議論する中で、私は、彼も同様に、蚊帳の外に置かれている事を知ったのです。本当の秘密は、MI5(英国軍情報部 第5課)と、 MoD(国防省)の頂点にいた人間さえも寄せつけない事を、私達は改めて知ったのです。答えの一部はUSAPSにあるものの、もっと大きな部分は、民間の契約業者の組織にあるのです。

The US government builds almost nothing (thank goodness…). The B2 Stealth bomber is not built by the US government, but FOR the US government by private industry. And private industry keeps secrets even better than USAPS. It makes sense: after all these years no body knows the formula for Coca Cola. Not even the President of the United States can get it. The formula is secret, and private.

Now if you will, combine the proprietary power of private secrets with a combined liaison with USAPS and you build a covert fortress which is virtually impenetrable. Because if you try to get at it through the private sector, it is protected by proprietary privilege. And if you try to get to it through the public sector – government – it is hidden in USAPS, and the ‘government’ as you and I ordinarily think of it is clueless.
さあ、もしあなたが望むなら、民間所有の秘密の登録商標(独占権)を、USAPSと結合させ、一体化してみて下さい。そうすれば、あなたは、事実上、通り抜ける事の出来ない、隠れた秘密の要塞を作る事になるのです。(そうする事で、事実上、誰も侵入できないでしょう。) あなたが、民間部門を通して、それに近づこうとすると、所有権により、保護されるのです。そして、あなたが公的部門や、政府から近づこうとすると、それはUSAPSの中に隠され、通常、考えられているような『政府』には、何の手掛かりもないのです。

And from personal experience I can tell you that if you inform the leaders of this, they will hold their heads in their hands and say, as I once did, “Oh my God…” So, what is the essential profile of this covert operation? Below is my current assessment, based on the degree of penetration and research as of the spring of 1996:

Last code name related to me by reliable sources: PI-40
Meaning of code name: Unknown

信頼できる情報筋から私に教えられた最近のコードネーム: PI-40。

Description: PI-40 is a quasi-governmental, USAPS related, quasi-private entity operating internationally/transnationally. The majority of operations are centered in private industrial ‘work for others’ contract projects related to the understanding and application of advanced extraterrestrial technologies. Related compartmentalized units, which are also USAPS, are involved in disinformation, public deception, active disinformation, so-called abductions and mutilations, reconnaissance and UFO tracking, space-based weapons systems, and specialized liaison groups (for example to media, political leaders, the scientific community, the corporate world etc). Think of this entity as a hybrid between government USAPS and private industry.
説明:PI-40 は、準政府的な、USAPSに関係する準民間組織であり、国際的/国家横断的に、活動する存在です。その大多数の活動は、産業の兵卒に集中しています『他のために働いて』先進の地球外のテクノロジーの理解と応用に関連するプロジェクトと契約し、民間企業の『他から頼まれた仕事』の契約プロジェクトに集中しています。関連する、区画化されたユニット単位は、USAPSでもありますが、偽情報、国民を欺く活動、積極的な偽情報工作、いわゆる誘拐や動物の切断、偵察やUFOの追跡、宇宙兵器システムや特殊連携グループ(例えばメディア、政治指導者、科学界、実業界、その他)に関係します。この組織は、政府、USAPS、および民間企業のハイブリッドとみなして下さい。

PI-40 consists primarily of mid-level USAPS-related military and intelligence operatives, USAPS or black units within certain high-tech corporate entities, and select liaisons within the international policy analysis community, certain religious groups, the scientific community and the media, among others. The identities of some of these entities and individuals are known to us, though most remain unidentified.
PI-40 の主な構成要素は、USAPSに関係した軍隊や情報機関の中間工作員、ある種の先端技術 企業内のUSAPSまたは闇の単位(ユニット)、国際政策分析業界、ある種の宗教団体、科学界とメディアの内部にいる、選ばれた連絡係、他にもありますが、とりわけこういったものです。これらの組織と人物の一部を私達は知っていますが、残りの大部分は特定されていません。

Approximately 1/3 to 1/2 or those comprising the decision-making body of PI-40 are now in favor of a public disclosure of some type on this matter; these are, in general, the younger members who have less complicity in past excesses. The remaining members are opposed or ambivalent regarding a near-term disclosure.
PI-40の政策決定組織を構成する、およそ3 分の1から2分の1のメンバーは、今この問題について、ある種の情報公開を行なうことを支持しています;彼らは過去の行き過ぎた犯罪行為にあまり関わっていない、概して若い構成員です。残りの構成員は、近い将来の公開について、反対か葛藤の状態にあります。

Actual policy and decision-making seems to rest predominantly at this time in the private, civilian sector, as opposed to USAP-related military and intelligence officials, though some information indicates that there is significant relative autonomy in certain areas of operations. It is our current assessment that a rising degree of debate exists within PI-40 regarding certain covert operations and the advisability of a disclosure.

Many compartmentalized operations within ‘black’ or USAPS projects are structured so that those working on the task may be unaware that it is UFO/ET related. For example, some aspects of the so-called ‘Star Wars’ effort, or SDI, are intended to target extraterrestrial spacecraft which come into close proximity to earth, but the vast majority of scientists and workers in the SDI program are unaware of this.

We have learned from three separate, corroborating sources that since the early 1990s, at least 2 extraterrestrial spacecraft have been targeted and destroyed by experimental space-based weapons systems.
私達が、三つの個別の、実証済の関係者から得た話しでは、1990 年代の初期から、少なくとも2機の地球外の宇宙船が、実験的な宇宙兵器システムの武器体系によって標的にされ、破壊されてきました。

The vast majority of political leaders, including White House officials, military leaders, congressional leaders, UN leaders and other world leaders are not routinely briefed on this matter. When and if inquiries are made, they are told nothing about the operations, nor is the existence of any operation confirmed to them. In general the nature of this covert entity ensures that such leaders do not even know to whom such inquiries should be addressed. International cooperation exists to a wide extent, though some witnesses state that certain countries, particularly China, have aggressively pursued somewhat independent agendas.

Major bases of operations, apart from widely diversified private sites, include Edwards Air Force Base in California, Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, particularly S4 and adjacent facilities, Los Alamos New Mexico, Fort Huachuca Arizona (Army Intelligence Headquarters), the Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, and a relatively new, expanding underground facility accessible only by air in a remote area of Utah, among others. Additional facilities and operations centers exist in a number of other countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Russia. Numerous agencies have deep cover, black, USAPS related units involved with these operations, including the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), the National Security Agency (NSA), the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI), Naval Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, the FBI, and others. An even more extensive list of private, civilian and corporate entities have significant involvement.
活動の主要拠点は、広範囲に分散している民間施設を別にして、カリフォルニア州エドワーズ空軍基地、ネバダ州ネリス空軍基地、特にS4と、それに隣接する施設、ニューメキシコ州ロスアラモス、アリゾナ州フアチュカ基地(陸軍情報司令部)、アラバマ州レッドストーン兵器庫、飛行機でしか行けないユタ州の僻地にある比較的新しい拡張中の地下施設など、とりわけこういった場所なのです。 その他の施設と活動拠点は、英国、オーストラリア、およびロシアなどを含む、多くの国々に存在します。多くの機関が、これらの活動に関与する、隠蔽された、闇のUSAPSに関係する部署を持っており、その中には国家偵察局(NRO)、国家安全保障局(NSA)、中央情報局(CIA)、国防情報局(DIA)、空軍特別捜査局(AFOSI)、海軍情報局、陸軍情報局、空軍情報局、連邦捜査局(FBI)、その他が含まれます。さらに多くの民間人や、企業の組織が、重要な関係を持っています。

The majority of scientific, technical and advanced technology operations are centered in the civilian industrial and research firms. Significant – and lethal – security is provided by private contractors.
科学、技術、および先端技術に関する活動の大部分は、民間の製造業と研究機関に集中しています。重要な - そして殺人をも厭わない - 警備は、民間の契約業者が担っているのです。

The majority of personnel as well as the leadership of most if not all of these agencies and private groups are uninvolved and unaware of these compartmentalized, unacknowledged operations. For this reason, sweeping accusations related to any particular agency or corporate entity are wholly unwarranted. ‘Plausible deniability ‘ exists at many levels. Moreover, specialization and compartmentalization allows a number of operations to exist without those involved knowing that their task is related to the UFO/ET subject.

Both positive inducements to cooperate and penalties for violating secrecy are extraordinary. A senior military source has related to us that at least 10,000 people have received $1 million or more each to ensure their cooperation, over the past few decades. Regarding penalties, we know of more than one credible case where individuals have had their families threatened should they break the code of silence, and we have learned of two recent alleged ‘suicides’ at a private contract industrial firm which occurred after the victims began to violate secrecy on a reverse-engineering project related to ET technology.
協力に対する見返りと、秘密保持の義務に違反した場合の罰は、共に尋常なレベルではありません。軍の上層部にいる情報源が、私達に伝えてくれた内容によると、過去数十年間にわたり、協力を確実にするために、少なくとも1万人の人間が、それぞれ100万ドル以上を受け取ってきたそうです。罰に関しては、『沈黙の掟を破るな!』と、その家族が脅迫を受けてきました。信頼すべき複数の事例を私達は知っています。また、私達は、最近、自殺と見せかけた、民間契約企業の、二つの事例を知っています。それは、被害者たちが、ETテクノロジーに関係する、逆行分析(reverse engineering)の、秘密保持義務に違反し始めてから起きた事でした。

Funding: A senior congressional investigator has privately related to us that ‘black budget’ funds apparently are used for this and similar operations, which are USAPS. This ‘black budget’ involves conservatively $10 billion, and may exceed $80 billion per year. The amount dedicated to the UFO/ET operation specifically is unknown at this time. Additionally, significant funds are derived from overseas sources and private and institutional sources. Amounts deriving from these activities are also unknown by us.

This is part of what we know at this time. Obviously, there are more questions than answers here, and what is unknown exceeds what is known. Nevertheless, we have, I believe, made significant and historic advances in understanding how this entity operates. I have presented this general assessment to a number of important military, political and policy institute figures, and was surprised that it was regarded as quite accurate and in agreement with independent assessments arrived at separately by them.

But the larger question is why? As in life in general, the whats, whos and hows are always easier than the whys. Why the continued secrecy and deception?

I am reluctant to go too much further out on this limb, because here we get into questions related to ultimate motive and purpose, which is always a rather squishy area, ill-defined in the best of cases. And this, I am afraid, is no ordinary matter, and the emotions, motives and purpose behind such extraordinary and high-stakes actions are likely complex and dissonant. Indeed, such motives are likely a very mixed bag, ranging from the initially noble and well-intentioned, to the depraved.

Sen. Barry Goldwater told me in 1994 that the secrecy surrounding the ET subject was “a damn mistake then and a damn mistake now…”. I am inclined to agree with the senator here, but the drive for secrecy was not and is not altogether rooted in stupidity. Rather, I see it rooted in fear and a lack of trust.
1994年、バリー・ゴールドウォーター上院議員は、私にこう語りました:『ET問題を取り巻く秘密は、当時の最悪の失敗であり、そして、今の最悪の失敗でもあります…。』 私は、ここで上院議員に同意したいところでしたが、秘密に駆り立てるものは、過去においても現在においても、そのすべてが愚かさだけであるわけではないのです。むしろそれは、恐怖と信頼の喪失に根ざしていると私は見ています。

While I generally dislike psycho-babble, I believe the psychology of all of this is important. It is my belief that secrecy, especially extreme secrecy of this degree, is always a symptom of illness. If you have secrets in your family, it is a sickness, born out of fear, insecurity and distrust. This, I feel, can be extended to communities, companies, and societies. Ultimately, the drive for secrecy is a symptom of a deeper malaise derived from a fundamental lack of trust, and an abundance of fear and insecurity.

In the case of UFOs/ET, the early days of the 1940s and 1950s were, I sense, a time of fear bordering on panic. We had just emerged from a devastating world war, and unleashed the horror of nuclear weapons. The USSR was expanding its empire, and arming itself to the teeth with bigger and deadlier nuclear weapons. And they were beating us in the race into space.

Now along come extraterrestrial spacecraft, which are retrieved along with deceased (and one living) life form. Panic. Fear. Confusion. Countless unanswered questions arise, all tinged with fear.

Why are they here? How will the public react? How can we secure their technology – and keep it from our mortal enemies? How can we tell the people that the most powerful air force in the world cannot control its airspace? What will happen to religious belief? To the Economic order? To Political stability? To the keepers of current technology? To….
彼らはなぜここにいるのか?一般市民はどう反応するか?私達はどうしたら彼らのテクノロジーを確保できるのか – そして、私達の仇敵から、それを隠す事が出来るのか?私達はどうしたら、世界最強の空軍が、その領空を統制できないと人々に話す事が出来るのか?宗教的信念に何が起きるか?経済秩序には?政治的安定には?現在の技術の所有者には?そして…

It is my opinion that the early days of secrecy were predictable, even understandable, and possibly even justifiable.

But as the decades rolled by, and especially with the end of the Cold War, fear alone does not fully explain the secrecy. After all, 1996 is not 1946 – we have been to space, landed on the moon, detected planets around other star systems, found the building blocks of life in far-away space, and about 50% of the population believe the UFOs are real. And the Soviet empire has collapsed.
しかし、数十年が過ぎ去り、特に冷戦が終わると、恐怖だけではこの秘密を説明する事が出来ません。結局、1996年は1946 年ではないのです – 私達は宇宙に進出し、月に着陸し、他の恒星系に惑星を発見し、遙か遠くの宇宙に生命を構成する物質を見出し、人口の約50%が、UFOが現実のものである事を信じるようになりました。そして、ソビエト連邦の帝国は崩壊したのです。

I believe two other significant factors are at play now: Greed and control, and the inertia of decades of secrecy. Greed and control are easily understood: Imagine being involved with a project unraveling and then applying advanced extraterrestrial technology. The power and economic impact – and thus value – of such technology exceeds the combined significance of the internal combustion engine, electricity, the computer chip and all forms of telecommunications. We are talking about the technology of the next millennium. You think the computer/information age revolution is big? Fasten your seat belts, because down the road – sooner or later – will be the non-linear, zero point technological revolutions based on advanced ET technologies.
私の考えでは、二つの重要な、別々の要因が進行しているのです:貪欲と支配、それと数十年間にわたる秘密の慣性。 貪欲と支配は簡単に理解できます:進歩した地球外テクノロジーを研究解明し、それを応用するプロジェクトと関わっていると想像してみて下さい。先進技術力と経済的影響…従って、この価値は、内燃機関や電気、コンピューター・チップ、遠隔通信の、あらゆる形態を合わせたものよりも、はるかに大きな力を持っているのです。私達は次の千年のテクノロジーについて語っているのです。あなたは、コンピューター(情報化時代の)革命を、大したものだと思えますか?やがて、遅かれ早かれ、進歩したETテクノロジーに基づく、非線形、ゼロポイント技術革命が始まるでしょう。シートベルトをしっかり締めて下さい。

No wonder the corporate, military-industrial complex interest and secrecy exceeds even that of the government related USAPS. The formula for Coca Cola has nothing on this.

The bureaucratic inertia of large secret operations is yet another matter. After decades of operations, and of lies, public deceptions and worse, how does such a group unravel all the webs it has weaved? There is a certain addictive allure to secret power for some types of people; they are charged by having and knowing secrets. And there is the specter of a sort of cosmic Watergate, with all manner of people calling for this head or that. It becomes easier to maintain the status quo, something all bureaucracies are adept at doing.

And even now there is fear. Not just fear of being exposed in the age of Watergate, this -gate and that-gate, but a rather xenophobic and primitive fear of the unknown. Who are these humanoids, why are they here; how dare they enter our airspace without our permission! Humanity has a long tradition of fearing – and hating – that which is different, unknown, from elsewhere. Witness the still-rampant racial, ethnic, religious, and nationalistic prejudice and hatred which ravage the world of humanity. There is an almost ingrained xenophobic response to the unknown and that which is different. And it is certain that the ETs are more different from us than, say, Protestants are from Catholics in Ireland.

I once asked a physicist involved with military and intelligence operations related to UFOs why we were attempting to destroy these spacecraft with advanced space-based weapons. He immediately became agitated and said, “Those cowboys running this thing are so arrogant, so out of control, that they view any entry by a UFO into our air space as an offense worthy of a hostile response. And they are going to get us into an inter-planetary conflict if we are not careful…” And so it goes. Fear. Fear of the unknown. Greed and control. Institutional Inertia. These are a few of what I see as the current animating forces driving the continue secrecy of PI-40.
私は一度、UFOと関連した軍隊や情報作戦に関わる、一人の物理学者に、『なぜ、私達が、宇宙空間に設置した、高度な先端兵器で、これらの宇宙船を破壊しようと試みるのか?』と、尋ねた事があります。彼は興奮して、『この作戦を実行している連中は、とても傲慢で自制心がないために、彼らは私達の領空 に、UFOが侵入すると、どれも敵対行動をとるに値する攻撃的なものなのだと判断します。だから、注意を怠ると、彼らは私達を惑星間戦争に巻き込もうとするだろう…。』 恐れ。未知のものに対する恐怖。貪欲と支配。組織の慣性。これらは、PI-40 の秘密を継続する、現在の原動力の一部になっていると、私は考えています。

But where to from here? How to transform this situation from extreme secrecy to disclosure?

There is an old Chinese proverb which says, “Unless we change directions, we are likely to end up where we are going.” How true. And where we are going in this area is immensely dangerous. Extreme secrecy, especially on something this far-reaching and important, undermines democracy, subverts the constitution, concentrates enormous technological power in the hands of the unelected few and puts the entire planet in harms way. This must end.
古い中国の諺では、『私達が方向を変えない限り、私達の行く所は、終わりになるようだ…』というものがあります。まさに本当です。そして、私達が、『行く所』は、非常に危険なのです。極度の秘密、特にこれほど遠大で重要なものの秘密は、民主主義を土台から崩し、憲法を覆し、途方もない技術的能力を、選ばれてもいない少数の手に集中させ、惑星全体を危険な状態に陥れてしまうのです。 これは終わりにしなければなりません。

CSETI Project Starlight has been working for nearly 3 years to collect evidence, identify current and former government, military, intelligence and corporate witnesses, and brief various world leaders. Much has been accomplished, with no paid staff, no significant funding and the dedication and volunteer efforts of a persistent team. But much remains to be done.

Here is a partial list: In June of 1995, we convened a meeting of important military and government witnesses from the US and Russia, and we all signed a letter asking President Clinton to issue an executive order permitting such witnesses to speak without penalty or retribution. I suggest that the Administration, in cooperation with Congress, sponsor open hearings where these witnesses, who now number over 2 dozen, could openly testify to what they know about the UFO/ET matter. This would constitute a definitive disclosure, I assure you. In this regard, you can help in two ways:

1) Write the President and ask that he issue an executive order permitting these witnesses to safely come forward, and at the same time write your Senator and Congressman and request that they sponsor open hearings where these witnesses may speak.
1) 大統領に手紙を書き、これらの証人たちが、安全に名乗り出て来れるように、大統領令を発する事を要請する。同時に、あなたたちの上院議員と下院議員に手紙を書き、これらの証人が語る事が出来るように、公聴会の開催を要求する。

2) Contact me immediately if you or someone you know may be a current or former government, military or corporate witness. We have protective measures in place, and the more witnesses we have, the stronger the case – and the greater the margin of safety for all concerned. Please help us if you can.
2) もしも、あなたか、あなたの知っている誰かが、現在、あるいは以前の政府、軍、企業の証人であるな ら、すぐに私に連絡して欲しいのです。私達は保護手段を整えてあります。証人が多ければ多いほど、主張は強化され、すべての関係者の安全性は高まります。できるなら、どうか私達に力を貸して欲しいのです。

The international community and the United Nations should similarly hold open hearings on this matter. We have witnesses from all over the world, and ideally, an international disclosure and evidence gathering effort should begin immediately.

The world community should not sit by passively, thus abdicating responsibility to secret operations. CSETI has for 5 years been involved in a citizen’s diplomacy effort, and made significant breakthroughs in developing protocols to contact these extraterrestrial visitors. Rather than passively watching this as some distant ‘phenomenon’, we should attempt to establish communication with these life forms, and begin the early stages of an open inter-planetary relationship. If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved in such a research and diplomacy effort, contact us.
国際社会は受け身的に傍観するべきではなく、それは秘密の活動に対する責任放棄です。CSETIは、5年間にわたり、市民外交の取り組みに関わり、これらの地球外からの訪問者たちとコ ンタクトをする手順の開発において、著しい飛躍を成し遂げました。私達はこれを受け身的に、『何か遠くの現象』 として眺めているのではなく、これらの生命体との交流を確立し、オープンな惑星間の関係性の初期段階を開始すべきです。もしあなたが、このような研究と外交の取り組みに関与する、詳細な方法に興味をお持ちなら、私達に連絡して下さい。

Lastly, we must be prepared to forgive. There is nothing to be gained by calling for severe retribution for those involved with either current or past secrecy. Many may have felt they were doing the right thing at the time, and even currently. We do not need a cosmic Watergate, and we must collectively renounce it. We should be willing to look to the moment and to the future, and forgive the past. There is precedent for this: In the early days of the Clinton Administration, there were sweeping disclosures about past excesses and crazy experiments within the Department of Energy, and the former Atomic Energy Commission. We learned of plutonium being put on the oatmeal of kids in orphanages, of deliberate radiation releases in populated areas to see ‘what would happen’, and so forth.

This truth came out, and the world did not end. Nobody had to go to jail. The government did not collapse, and the sky did not fall. Let us move forward, with some real compassion and forgiveness, and begin the next century anew.

Ultimately, if the people will lead, the leaders will follow. Courage, vision and perseverance are needed to transform this situation, and create a time of openness, trust and to lay the foundation for both global and inter-planetary peace. If our leaders currently lack this courage and vision, then we must manifest it for them. The stakes are too high to look the other way while our future is stolen from us. The future of life on earth, and our place in the cosmos, are at risk. Together, let us work to secure it, for our children and our children’s children.

Steven M. Greer M.D.

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