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2020年03月21日 [日々の事]

⭐Dr. Steven Greer’s paper “Understanding UFO Secrecy”📝⭐スティーブン・グリア博士の論文『UFOの秘密を理解する』📝

Dr. Greer’s interview video in this month:

Dr. Steven Greer Explains The Corona Virus & Current Events. (Live Video)
スティーブン・グリア博士 コロナウイルス&最新イベントについて解説します。(ライブビデオ)

Understanding UFO Secrecy

by Steven M. Greer M.D.
Copyright April 1999

著作権 1999 年

Click here for the PDF version.

Over the past few years I have had the responsibility of briefing senior government and scientific leaders both in the US and abroad on the UFO/Extraterrestrial subject.
The evidence regarding this subject is clear and overwhelming: It has not been difficult to make a compelling case for the reality of UFOs per se. What is a greater challenge is elucidating the architecture of secrecy related to UFOs (see the exposition of this matter contained in the paper entitled “Unacknowledged” by this author). But the greatest challenge is explaining the ‘why’. Why all the secrecy? Why a ‘black’ or unacknowledged government within the government? Why hide the UFO/ET subject from public view?

Unacknowledged』という論文で、この問題の解説をご覧下さい。) しかし最大の困難は『なぜ』を説明する事です。一体、なぜ、秘密なのか?なぜ、政府の内部に『闇の』、または認められていない、非認可の政府があるのか?UFO/ET問題が、国民の目から隠蔽されるのは、何故なのか?

The ‘what’ or evidence is complex but manageable. The ‘how’ or nature of the secret programs is more difficult, much more complex and Byzantine. But the ‘why’ – the reason behind the secrecy’- is the most challenging problem of all. There is not a single answer to this question, but rather numerous inter-related reasons for such extraordinary secrecy. Our investigations and interviews with dozens of top – secret witnesses who have been within such programs have enabled us to understand the reasons behind this secrecy. They range from the fairly obvious and straight-forward to the really bizarre. Here, I wish to share some key points regarding this secrecy, why it has been imposed and why it is so difficult for the controlling interests within covert programs to reverse policy and allow disclosure.
『何が』、つまり証拠は、複雑ではありますが、何とか対処する事が出来ます。『どのように』、つまり秘密計画の性格は、さらに難しく、複雑で、入り組んでいます。しかし、『なぜ』 - 秘密の背後にある理由こそは、最も困難な問題です。この質問に対する、たった1つの答えはなく、こういった桁外れの秘密には、相互に関係した、数多くの理由があるのです。私達の調査と、このような計画の内部にいた数十人に上る、極秘の証人たちへの面会により、秘密の背後にある理由を、理解できるようになりました。それらは、かなり明白で、ストレートなものから、実に奇妙なものまで、多岐にわたります。ここで、私は、この秘密についての、いくつかのキーポイントを共有したいと思います。何故、秘密は保たれる必要があったのか?秘密計画の内部にいる、統制組織にとって、その方針を変えて、ディスクロージャー(公開)を許す事が、何故、困難なのか?

In The Beginning.
In the early days of the ET/UFO phenomena, military, intelligence and industrial interests had concerns regarding the nature of the phenomena, whether it originated from our human adversaries and once it was determined to be extraterrestrial, how the public would react.

ET/UFO 現象の初期には軍、情報機関、および産業界が、この現象の性質について関心を持ちました。それは私達の敵対者による人類起源のものなのか、またそれが地球外起源と断定されたら、一般庶民は、どう反応するのか…。

In the 1930s and 1940s this was no small matter: If these UFOs were of terrestrial origin, they would be evidence of an earthly adversary with technological devices far in advance of US aircraft. And once it was determined to be extraterrestrial (some quarters knew this prior to the end of WWII) there were many more questions than answers. To wit: why were the ET s here? What are their intentions? How do the devices travel at such fantastic speeds and through the vastness of space? How might these technologies be applied to the human situation -both in war and in peace? How would the public react to this knowledge? What effect would the disclosure of these facts have on human belief systems? Political and social systems?

From the late 1940s through the early 1950s, a concerted effort was made to figure out the basic science and technologies behind these spacecraft, primarily through the direct study and reverse-engineering of the retrieved extraterrestrial objects from New Mexico and elsewhere. It was immediately recognized that these objects were using laws of physics and applied technologies far in advance of internal combustion engines, vacuum tubes and the
like. In the climate of the Cold War and in a world where a relatively minor advantage technologically could tilt the balance of power in the nuclear arms race, this was no small matter.


Indeed, the theme of human geo-political dysfunction appears as a recurring feature of the secrecy related to UFOs – up to the present hour. More on this later.
smithFrom the Wilbur Smith top secret Canadian government document of 1950, we know that this subject was held in greater secrecy than even the development of the hydrogen bomb. There was a tremendous effort underway by the late 1940s to study extraterrestrial hardware, figure out how it operated and see what human applications might be made from such discoveries. Even then, the project dealing with this subject was extraordinarily covert.

実際、この地政学的秩序の不安定化という問題は、UFO に関する秘密の一つの特徴として、繰り返し現れます – そして今日の時点まで続いているのです。1950年、ウィルバート・スミスによる、カナダ政府最高機密文書から、この問題が、水爆の開発よりも大きな秘密だとして保持されてきた事を、私達は知りました。地球外物体についての研究において、その機器が、どのように機能するのかについての解明や、それが人間にとって、どう応用できるのかの予測等、1940年代の後半まで、そのよう多大な努力が払われました。その時でさえ、この問題を扱うプロジェクトは、とてつもない秘密でした。

It became much more so by the early 1950s when substantial progress was made on some of the basic physics behind the ET craft energy and propulsion systems. The best we can estimate, it was then that the entire project became increasingly ‘black’ or unacknowledged.
1950年代の初期に、ETの 宇宙船のエネルギーや、推進システムの背後にある、いくつかの基本的な物理学についての、具体的進展がみられ、秘密の傾向はさらに強まっていきました。私達に推定できる限りでは、このプロジェクト全体が次第に闇の中に消え、認められない『非認可』のものになっていったのは、この事からです。

The compartmentalization of the project dealing with UFOs was exponentially increased by the early 1950s when it was realized what it was that these covert projects actually had: Devices displaying physics and energy systems which – if disclosed – would forever alter life on Earth.

By the Eisenhower era, the UFO/ET projects were increasingly compartmented away from legal, constitutional chain-of-command oversight and control. This means that -while we know from witness testimony that Eisenhower knew of the ET craft – the president ( and similar leaders in the UK and elsewhere) were increasingly left out of the loop. Such senior elected and appointed leaders were confronted with (as Eisenhower called it) a sophisticated military-industrial complex with labyrinthine compartmented projects which were more and more out of their control and oversight. From direct witness testimony we know that Eisenhower, Kennedy, Carter and Clinton were frustrated by their attempts to penetrate such projects.

This is also true of senior congressional leaders and investigators, foreign leaders and UN leadership. This is indeed an equal opportunity exclusion project – it does not matter how high your rank or office, if you are not deemed necessary to the project, you are not going to know about it. Period.
このことは、議会や捜査当局の高官たち、外国や国連のリーダーたち、国連についても同様です。実にこれは,機会均等除外プロジェクトです - 官職や位がどれほど高くても、関係ありません。もし、あなたが、プロジェクトに不要と見なされれば、あなたはそれについて知ることはありません。以上。

Contrary to popular myth, since the 1960s concern over some type of public panic when faced with the fact that we are not alone in the universe has not been a major reason for the secrecy. Those in the know -notwithstanding the fantastic tales spun in UFO circles and on the X-Files -understand that fear of hostile ET s has also not been a significant factor. While there has been continued confusion in some covert circles over the ultimate purpose behind the ET phenomena, we know of no knowledgeable insiders who regard the ET s as a hostile threat.
一般に広まっている神話と異なり、私達が宇宙で孤独な存在ではないという事実に直面した時、一般的に社会の中で起きるであろうと予測されるパニックへの懸念は、1960年代以降の、秘密の中の主な要因ではありませんでした。UFO団体や、Xファイルの中では、奇妙な話しが作られていますが、内情を知る人々は、敵意あるETという恐怖もまた、重要な要因ではなかったと理解しています。混乱したET現象の背景にある、究極の目的について、いくつかの秘密の集団内では、私達はET たちを敵対的な脅威とみなす、内部の者を1人も知りません。

By the 1960s – and certainly by the 1990s – the world was very familiar with the concept of space travel and the popular science – fiction industry had thoroughly indoctrinated the masses with the idea of ET s from far away being a possibility. So why the continued secrecy?

The Cold War is over. People would hardly be shocked to find out that we are not alone in the universe ( the majority of people already believe this – in fact most people believe the UFOs are real). Besides, what could be more shocking than to live through the latter half of the 20th century with thousands of hydrogen bombs aimed at every major city in the world? If we can handle that, surely we can handle the idea that ET s are real.
冷戦は終わっています。私達が、宇宙で孤独な存在ではない事を知り、驚く事は、ほとんどないでしょう。 (多くの人々は、すでにこれを信じています - 実のところ、ほとんどの人々は、UFOが現実のものである事を信じているのです。) さらに、20 世紀後半を全世界の主要都市に向けられた、数千個の水爆と共に生き抜く以上に、衝撃的な事があり得るでしょう?私達がそれを処理する事ができるなら、きっと、私達は、ETたちが現実にいるという考え方に対処できるでしょう。

The facile explanations of fear, panic, shock and the like do not suffice to justify a level of secrecy so deep that even the President and his CIA Director could be denied access to the information.

A Current Estimate.
Continued secrecy on the UFO subject must be related, then, to on-going anxiety related to the essential power dynamics of the world and how such a disclosure would impact these.


That is, the knowledge related to UFOs/ET phenomena must have such great potential for changing the status quo that its continued suppression is deemed essential, at all costs.
すなわち,UFO/ET 現象に関係した知識は,どんな犠牲を払ってでも、それを抑圧し続ける事が絶対に必要だと考えられるほど、現体制を変える大きな潜在力を持っているに違いないのです。

Going back to the early 1950s, we have found that the basic technology and physics behind these ET spacecraft were discovered through very intensive reverse-engineering projects. It was precisely at this point that the decision was made to increase the secrecy to an unprecedented level – one which essentially took the matter out of ordinary government chain of command control as we know it. Why?
1950年代の初期にさかのぼり、これらのET宇宙船の背後にある、基本的な技術と物理学が、極めて集中的な逆行分析(リバースエンジニアリング)プロジェクトによって、発見された事を、私達は気付きました。秘密性をかつてないレベル – 私達が知るように、本質的に政府の通常の指揮系統による統制から、外す 事ができる- まで引き上げる決定がなされたのは、まさにこの時でした。それはなぜか?

Aside from the possible use of such knowledge by US/UK adversaries during the Cold War, it was immediately recognized that these devices were not your dad’s Oldsmobile. The basic physics behind the energy generation and propulsion systems were such that they could easily replace all existing energy generation and propulsion systems on the Earth. And with them, the entire geo-political and economic order.

In the 1950s, there was no great concern over global warming, eco-system collapse, ozone depletion, rain forest loss, bio-diversity degradation etc. In the wake of WW II, what was needed was stability, not a new convulsion of the world economic, technological and geo- political order. Remember: those in control like to stay in control. They are risk – averse, do not like significant change and do not give up control and power easily.
1950年代、地球温暖化、生態系破壊、オゾン層破壊、熱帯雨林消失、生物多様性の荒廃などには、 大して関心は払われませんでした。第二次大戦後、必要な事は、世界経済、技術、および地政学的秩序の新たな動乱ではなく、安定でした。覚えていてください:支配者は、支配者のままでいるのが好きなのです。彼らは危険回避者であり、 - 重大な変化をひどく嫌い、支配権や権力を、簡単に放棄する事はないでしょう。

The disclosure of the existence of ET s, with the inevitable disclosure related to these new technologies soon to follow, would change the world forever – and they knew it. This was to be avoided at all costs. Besides, that was the era of ” what is good for GM is good for America” , and the same would be true of big oil, big coal and the like.
ETの存在を公開すると、不可避的に、これらの新技術に関連する公開が、すぐその後に続き、世界を永 久に変えてしまう-彼らはそれを知っていたのです。こんな事は、あらゆる犠牲を払ってでも回避しなければならなかったのです。さらに当時は、『GM(ゼネラルモーターズ)にとって良い事は、米国にとってよいことだ』の時代でした。同じ事は、大手石油資本、大手石炭資本などについても言えるでしょう。

The inescapable fact is this: The disclosure of the ET presence would bring with it the certain release of these technologies -and that release would sweep away the entire technological infrastructure of the planet. The changes would be immense – and sudden.
否定できない現実はこうです:ETの存在に関する公開は、これらの新しい技術の、確実な解放をもたらすであろう – この解放によって、この惑星上の、すべての技術的基盤を一掃します。変化は途方もないものになるでしょう - そして突然訪れます。

Fifty years later, as we prepare to turn the page to a new millennium ,this is more true now than then. Why? Because avoiding the problem in the 1950s – while convenient at the time – means that the situation is more tenuous now. For example, world dependence on oil and internal combustion technology is greater now than in 1955. And the world economy is larger by orders of magnitude now, so any change would be exponentially greater – and potentially more chaotic.
私達が新しいミレニアムへのページをめくりつつある、50年後の今、このことは当時よりもさらに真実です。なぜか?1950年代の問題回避により - 当時はそれで、都合が良かったものの – 現在は危険な状況になってしまっているのです。例えば、世界が、石油と内燃機関技術に依存する傾向は、1955年よりも現在の方が大きいのです。また、世界経済は、今の方が、桁違いに大きくなっています。どのような変化も、飛躍的に大きなものとなり – さらに大きな混乱を起こす可能性を秘めているのです。

And so this is the conundrum: each decade and generation has passed this problem on to the next, only to find any path but continued secrecy more destabilizing than it would have been a decade earlier. In a maddening circle of secrecy, delay of disclosure and increasing world complexity and dependence on out-dated energy systems, each generation has found itself in a greater squeeze than the one before. As difficult as disclosure would have been in the 1950s, disclosure now is even more difficult. And potentially earth-shaking in its consequences.
そして、そう、これは難問です:その時々の時代と世代が、この問題を次の世代に先送りする事により、継続される秘密は、各時代ごとに、その不安定さを増していくばかりでした。狂気じみた秘密グループの存在活動、公開の遅れ、増大する世界の複雑さと、時代遅れのエネルギー・システムへの依存、それぞれの世代は、前の世代よりも、さらに大きな圧迫を受けてきているのです。1950 年代に公開する事は、困難であったものの、今、公開する事はさらに難しいのです。その結末は、世界を揺るがす事になってしまうでしょう。

The technological discoveries of the 1950s resulting from the reverse-engineering of extraterrestrial craft could have enabled us to completely transform the world economic, social, technological and environmental situation. That such advancements have been withheld from the public is related to the change-averse nature of the controlling hierarchy at the time – and to this day.
And make no mistake, the changes would be immense.

地球外の宇宙船の逆行分析(リバースエンジニアリング)によってもたらされた1950 年代の技術的発見によって、私達は、世界の経済、社会、技術、環境等の状況を、完全に変革する事が可能だったでしょう。このような進歩が、一般に公開されずにあり続けたのは、その時点の統制階級が、変化を嫌う本性を持っていた事に関係しています - それは今も続いているのです。だから、間違いなく、変化は途方もなく、大きなものになるでしょう。

* Consider: A technology which enables energy generation from the so-called zero point field and which enables every home, business, factory and vehicle to have its own source of power -without an external fuel source. Ever. No need for oil, gas, coal, nuclear plants or the internal combustion engine. And no pollution. Period.
* 考えてみて下さい:いわゆるゼロ・ポイント・フィールド(場)から、外部の燃料ソースを使わず、エネルギーを取り出す事を可能にし、すべての家庭、会社、乗り物が、それ自体で、動力源を持つ事を可能にするクノロジー。永久に。石油、ガス、石炭、原子力発電所、または内燃機関の、どれもが必要ありません。そして環境汚染もありません。以上。

* Consider: A technology using electro-gravitic devices which allows for above surface transportation – no more roadways to cover fertile farmland since transportation could take place totally above the surface.
* 考えてみて下さい:地表面上を浮遊しながらの輸送を可能にする、電気重力装置を利用した技術 - 輸送は、地表面上を浮遊して行なわれるため、肥沃な農地を覆う道路はもはや不要になるのです。

Sounds great. But in the 1950s, oil was plentiful, nobody worried too much about pollution, global warming was not the faintest concern and the powers that be just wanted stability . The status quo. And besides, why risk the tectonic changes related to such a disclosure? Let a later generation take care of it.
素晴らしい事なのです。しかし、1950 年代は、石油が豊富にあり、誰も汚染について心配せず、地球温暖化には関心のかけらもなく、権力者たちは安定を望んでいました。現体制の維持です。その上、何故、このような公開による、構造変革の危険性を冒すのか?後の世代に任せようではないか。(と考えた。)

But now, we are that later generation. And 1999 is not 1949. The Earth is straining under the burden of a growing population – now 6 billion people – all of whom want cars, electricity, TV s and the like. Everyone knows that we do not have 50 more years of oil – and even if we did, the Earth’s ecosystem could not withstand 50 more years of such abuse. The risks of disclosure are now much less than the risks of secrecy: If secrecy continues much longer, the Earth’s ecosystem will collapse. Talk about a big change and global instability…
しかし今,私達がその後の世代です。そして、1999年は、1949年ではありません。地球はそのすべてが車、電気、テレビといったものを求め、増えゆく人口 - 現在は60億人 - の重荷で緊張しています。石油は、あと50 年もたない事は、誰でも知っています - 仮にもったとしても、地球の生態系は、このような酷使にさらに50年、耐えられないだろう。ディスクロージャー(情報公開)による危険は、秘密による危険よりも、ずっと小さいものです:もし秘密がさらに続くなら、地球の生態系は崩壊します。まさに、大きな変化と地球規模の不安定とは、この事です…。

Many people will consider the technological and economic impact of such a disclosure as the central justification of continued secrecy. After all, we are talking about a multi-trillion dollar per year change in the economy. The entire energy and transportation sectors of the economy would be revolutionized. And the energy sector – the part where non-renewable fuels are purchased and burned and have to be replenished – will utterly vanish. And while other industries will flourish, only a fool would dismiss the impact of such a multi-trillion dollar segment of the economy disappearing.

Certainly the ‘vested interests’ involved in the global industrial infrastructure related to oil, gas, coal and internal combustion engines and public utilities is no small force in the world.

But to understand UFO secrecy you must consider what all that money represents at its core. Power. Massive geo-political power.
しかし、UFO の秘密を理解するためには、その金(マネー)というものが、本当は何を意味するのか、考えなければならないのです。権力です。巨大な地政学的権力。

One must consider what will happen when every village in India (or Africa or South America or China) has devices which can generate large amounts of power without pollution and without spending huge sums of energy on fuel. The entire world will be able to develop in an unprecedented fashion – without pollution and without billions spent on power plants, transmission lines and combustible fuels. The have-nots will have.
インド(アフリカ、南米、中国)のすべての村が、汚染を伴わず、燃料のための莫大なエネルギーも費やす事なく、大量の電力を発生する装置を持ったなら何が起こるか、考えなければならない。全世界はかつてない勢いで発展する事ができるでしょう - 汚染もなく、発電所や、送電線、燃料に巨額の資金を使う事もなく。持たざる者が、持てる者に変わるのです。

This would widely be considered a good thing: after all, much of world instability, warfare and the like is related to mind-numbing poverty and economic depravity in a world of great wealth. Social injustice and extreme economic disparity breeds much chaos and suffering in the world. These decentralized, non-polluting technologies would change that permanently. Even the deserts will bloom…
But it must be remembered that geo-political power flows from technological and economic prowess. India has over 1 billion people and the US about one-fourth that, but who has the greater geo-political power?


As these new energy systems proliferate, the so-called third world will rapidly reach parity with the industrialized world of Europe, the US and Japan. This will cause a massive shift in geo-political power. And the industrialized world will find that it must then actually share power with the now down-trodden third world.

Those in the cat-bird seat currently (and in 1950) have no interest in doing any such thing. We can hardly even support and share power in the United Nations.
The release of information on the UFO / ET subject will lead to the global proliferation of new energy systems which will rapidly result in an equalization of power in the world. The US and Europe have around 600 million people. That is only 10% of the world’s population. Once the other 90% rise in technological and economic standing, it is clear to see that the geo-political power will shift – or equalize – to the rest of the world. Power will have to be shared. Real global collective security will be inevitable. It is the end of the world as we know it.

現在(1950 年においても)権力の座にある者たちは、こんな事をすることに何の興味もないのです。 私達が国連の中で、権力を支持したり共有したりする事は、ほとんど不可能です。 UFO/ET 問題の情報公開によって、新エネルギーシステムは、全世界に拡散され、世界の権力は急速に均等化されるでしょう。米国とヨーロッパには、6億の人々がいます。これは世界人口のたった10%にすぎないのです。残る 90%の技術的、および経済的地位が上がり、地政学的権力がその方に向かって移行、または均等化する事は、明白なのです。権力は共有されるべきものになっていきます。本当の地球規模での集団安全保障が必然となるでしょう。それは私達が知っている、世界の終わりです。

When you combine the economic and technological impact with the geo-political impact, it becomes obvious that the changes related to ending secrecy are truly tectonic – massive, world-encircling and transformative. It is not to be regarded lightly.
経済的、および技術的な影響と、地政学的な影響を合わせ、秘密が終わる事で、もたらされる変化が、真の構造である事は明らかです - 大規模で、世界を取り巻き、革新的になる。それは簡単な事ではありません。

But 50 years after the world could have had these new technologies – and 50 long years of ecological degradation, social and economic chaos and disparity – we find that we are the last generation in the long line of passing the cosmic hot potato known as the UFO secrecy problem.
しかし、世界がこれらの新しいテクノロジーを獲得したはずの時から50年 - それは生態系の荒廃、社会的、経済的な混乱と格差が生まれた、長い50年でもありました。私達は、UFOの秘密として知られる、宇宙的難問を先送りしてきた、長い行列の最後の世代であると気付いています。

And here we stand, holding this hot potato, but what shall we do about it?
To end the secrecy means vast and profound changes in virtually every aspect of human existence – economic, social, technological, philosophical, geo-political and so forth. But to continue the secrecy and the suppression of these new energy and propulsion technologies means something far more destabilizing: the collapse of the Earth’s ecosystem and the certain depletion of the fossil fuels on which we depend. And the growing anger of the have- nots, who are needlessly being deprived of a full and dignified life. There are no more generations to which we can pass this cosmic hot potato: we must deal with it and do what should have been done in 1950.

そして、今、私達は、この難問を抱えて、ここに立っていますが、何をなすべきだろうか?秘密を終わらせる事は、人類生存の事実上、あらゆる側面において、甚大で深遠な変化を意味します - 経済、社会、技術、哲学、地政学、等々。しかし、秘密の継続と、これらの新エネルギーや、推進技術の抑圧は、はるかに不安定な何物かを意味します:私達が依存する、地球生態系の崩壊と、化石燃料の確実な枯渇など。満たされた尊厳ある生活を、必要以上に奪われている、持たざる者の怒りの増大。この宇宙的難問を、引き渡せる次の世代は、私達には、もういません:私達はこれに対処し、1950年に行なわれているべきだった事を、しなければなりません。

The Webs We Weave.
As if the foregoing was not enough to justify secrecy, recall that extraordinary things have been done to maintain this secrecy. The infrastructure needed to maintain and expand the level of secrecy which can deceive presidents and CIA Directors and senior congressional leaders and European Prime Ministers and the like is substantial – and illegal. Let me be clear, the entity which controls the UFO matter and its related technologies has more power than any single government in the world or any single identified world leader.

前述の話しが、秘密と言うには不十分だと思うなら、この秘密を維持するために、驚くべき事が行なわれてきた事を思い起こして欲しい。秘密を維持し、大統領、CIA長官、高い地位にある議会指導者、ヨーロッパの国々の国家元首といった人々を欺く事のできる秘密レベルを維持し、拡大する必要があり、その構造基盤は、相当あるのです - そして違法な活動なのです。明確に言うと、UFO問題と、その関連テクノロジーをコントロールする組織は、世界のどの国の政府より、または知られている世界の指導者の誰よりも、強力な力を持っています。

general1.jpg (8381 bytes)That such a situation could arise was forewarned by President Eisenhower when, in January 1961, he cautioned us regarding the growing “military- industrial complex”. This was his last speech as president to the world – and he was warning us directly of a frightening situation about which he had personal knowledge. For Eisenhower had seen the ET craft and deceased ET bodies. He knew of the covert programs dealing with the situation. But he also knew that he had lost control of these projects and that they were lying to him about the extent and full nature of their research and development activities.
1961年1月、アイゼンハワー大統領は、このような事態になるかもしれない事を、『軍産複合体』 に関して、私達に警戒を喚起した時、予め警告していました(general1.jpg: 8381バイト)。これは、彼が大統領として、世界に発した、最後の演説でした - 彼は、彼自身が知っていた、驚愕すべき状況について、直接、私達に警告を発していたのです。というのは、アイゼンハワーが、ETの宇宙船や、遺体を見ていたからです。アイゼンハワーは、この状況を扱う、隠れた秘密プログラムについて知っていました。しかしまた、アイゼンハワーは、これらのプロジェクトに対するコントロールを失い、秘密プログラムの人々が、自分たちの研究開発の範囲と全容について、彼に嘘をついている事も知っていました。

Indeed, the current state-of-the-art in secrecy is a hybrid, quasi-government, quasi privatized operation which is international – and functions outside of the purview of any single agency or any single government. ‘The Government’ – as you and I and Thomas Jefferson may think of it – is really quite outside the loop. Rather, a select, tightly controlled and compartmentalized ‘black’ or unacknowledged project controls these matters. Access is by inclusion alone and if you are not included, it does not matter if you are CIA Director, President, Chairman of Senate Foreign Relations or UN Secretary General, you simply will not know about or have access to these projects.
実際、秘密維持における、現在の最新技術は、世界的ハイブリット、準政府、準民間の国際的な活動です – どのような1つの機関、または一国の政府の権限も及ばないところで行なわれ、役目を果たすのです。あなたや私や、トーマス・ジェファーソンが考えるような政府は、本当にまったく、蚊帳の外に置かれているのです。むしろ、選り抜きの、厳重に管理され、区画化された、『闇の』、または『非認可のプロジェクト』が、これらの問題をコントロールするのです。彼らに近づくためには、組織の一員になる以外ありません。そうでなければ、CIA長官、大統領、上院外交委員会議長、または国連事務総長の誰であろうと、これらのプロジェクトについて知ることも、近づく事もできない…、というだけの事です。

Indeed the situation is so dire that senior Joint Chiefs of Staff leaders in the Pentagon who I have briefed have no more access to such projects than any other civilian – unless they are on the ‘inside’ for some reason. But this is rare.
私が背景説明を行なった事のある、国防総省の統合参謀本部の高官たちが、こういったプロジェクトに、一般市民よりも、アクセスができない状況は、実に尋常ではないのです - 何かの理由で、秘密プログラムに関わる彼らが、『内部』にいれば別の話しですが、これは稀な事です。

Essentially, the covert management of this matter operates as part super-secret international government program, and part privatized organized crime operation: It is more like a secret Mafia than government as one would normally think of it.

To acquire and maintain such power all types of things have been done. We are reminded of that Robert Frost poem in which he describes ‘the webs we weave…’. But how does such an entity extract itself from such a web of secrecy, deceit, lies and insubordination?

To be specific, this group has usurped power and rights not legally granted to it. It is extra- constitutional, both in the US and in the UK and other countries around the world. It is, therefore, a criminal enterprise and a conspiracy of the first order. Additionally, it has committed crimes which include assassinations, murder, kidnaping, theft of technology and so forth.
はっきり言えば、このグループは、法的に『与えられていない権力と権利』を、不正使用しているのです。そ れは、米国や英国、および世界中の他の国々で憲法を超えたところにあります。だから、それは犯罪活動 であり、かつ第一級の陰謀でもあります。さらにこの組織は、暗殺、殺人、拉致、技術の盗用、その他の犯罪を犯して来ました。

I will grant the possibility that, at least initially, this covert undertaking was designed to maintain secrecy and avoid instability. But the risks of inadvertent leaks – or a national or world leader deciding legally that it was time for disclosure – made it essential to weave a web of greater and greater secrecy and of illegal operations. And now the web has closed in on the operation itself.

That is, the complexity of the compartmentalized projects, the degree of unconstitutional and unauthorized activity, the ‘privatization’ (or theft) by corporate partners (the ‘industrial’ part of the military – industrial complex) of advanced technologies, the continued lying to legally elected and appointed leaders and to the public – all of these and more have contributed to a psychology of continued secrecy -because disclosure would expose the greatest scandal in recorded history.
すなわち分類されたプロジェクトの複雑さ、憲法違反で、無許可の活動の程度、先端技術の連携企業(軍産複合体の『産』の部分)による、民営化(または盗用)、合法的に選出され、任命されたリーダーと、社会に対する、これまでの虚言 - これら全てと、それ以上の事が、秘密にし続けなければならないという心理を、助長してきたのです。なぜなら、ディスクロージャー(情報公開)により、歴史上、最大のスキャンダルが暴露されるからです。

For example, how would the public react to the fact that the degradation of the entire Earth’s ecosystem and the irretrievable loss of thousands of species of plants and animals now extinct due to pollution, has been utterly unnecessary -and could have been avoided if only an honest release of this information had occurred in the 195 0s?
例えば、汚染による、地球全体の生態系荒廃や、今や絶滅した数千もの回復不可能な動植物の損失が、まったく不要でした - そして1950年代、この情報の公開が、既に正直に行なわれていたら、これらの損失は、回避されていた - という事実に、国民はどう反応するだろうか?

How would society react to the knowledge that trillions of dollars have been spent on unauthorized, unconstitutional projects over the years? And that these tax-payer dollars have been used by corporate partners in this secrecy to develop spin – off technologies based on the study of ET objects which were later patented and used in highly profitable technologies? Not only have the taxpayers been defrauded, they have then been made to pay a premium for such breakthroughs which were the result of research paid for by them! And this does not address the intellectual property theft of such technologies from the ET s. While the basic energy generation and propulsion technologies have been withheld, these corporate partners have profited wildly from other breakthroughs and benefits in electronics, miniaturization and related areas. Such covert technology transfers constitutes a multi-trillion dollar theft of technologies which really should be public domain since taxpayers have paid for it.

And how would the public react to the fact that the multi-billion dollar space program, using internal combustion rockets and the like, has been a primitive and unnecessary experiment since much more advanced technologies and propulsion systems were in existence before we ever went to the moon? NASA and related agencies have, for the most part, been as much a victim of this secrecy as has the rest of the government and the public. Only a small, very compartmentalized fraction of NASA people know of the real ET technologies hidden away in these projects. Certainly my uncle, who helped design the lunar module which took Neil Armstrong to the moon, was as much a victim an anyone insofar as he was denied access to these technological breakthroughs. He had to rely on the old physics and the old internal combustion jet thruster technologies just like everyone else. What a shame.

The inescapable reality is this: This secret project, no matter how well intentioned initially, got carried away with its own secret power. It abused this power. It has hijacked our future for fifty years. And the scandal of this fact would result in such consternation in society and in government that its consequences can hardly be imagined. Indeed, it could well be cataclysmic from a social and political perspective.

In fact, the quiet coup d’etat of the late 1940s and early 1950s, once exposed, could result in real instability today.
実際、1940年代の後期と、1950年代の初期に行なわれた、静かなクーデターが、ひとたび露出されるなら、 今日、本当の不安定さを結果として生じる場合もあります。

But the situation is actually much worse than this. All that is written above is dwarfed by a larger problem: The covert group running these UFO related black projects have also had exclusive sway over the early days of an embryonic extraterrestrial-human relationship. And it was been tragically mismanaged – nearly to the point of genuine global catastrophe.
しかし、状況は実のところ、これよりさらに悪いのです。これまで述べたすべては、さらに大きな問題の前では、小さく見えます:UFOに関係した、これらの闇のプロジェクトを運営している、秘密グループは、初期段階でもある、地球外文明と人類との関係性を、独占的に支配してきたのです。そして、悲劇的にも、間違った対応がとられてきたのです - 真の地球破壊になりかねないほどの。

For what happens when an unelected, unappointed, self-selecting, militarily oriented group alone has to deal with inter-species relations between humans and ET s? Well, as in most areas, if you wear rose-colored glasses the entire world looks red. And if you are wearing military glasses, every new and uncontrolled development will be seen as a potential or real military threat.
というのは、選ばれてもいない、任命されてもいない、自らを選んだ、軍事的グループが、独断で、人類と ETの間の、異種族間交渉をしなければならないとしたら、何が起きるだろうか?ほとんどの場合がそうであるように、バラ色の眼鏡をかけたら、全世界は赤く見えるものです。そして、もし、あなたが軍事的眼鏡をかけ たら、あらゆる目新しい、制御できない現象は、潜在的、または現実の、軍事的脅威とみなす事になります。

The nature of such a group – which is inordinately controlled and incestuous – is that it is homogenous in world-view and mind-set. Power and control are preeminent qualities. Such extreme secrecy creates a very dangerous milieu in which checks and balances, give and take, are utterly lacking. And in such an environment, very dangerous decisions can be made with inadequate feedback, discussion or insight from needed perspectives which are, per force, excluded.
このようなグループは、異常にコントロールされ、かつ排他的であり、彼らの性質は、均質な世界観と発想です。権力とコントロールは、極めて、顕著なその特徴です。このような極端な秘密性は、抑制と均衡、妥協 を完全に欠いた、極めて危険な環境を作り上げます。そして、そういった環境の中では、意見の反映や、議論、必要な洞察などが、適切に行なわれないまま、否応なしに排除され、非常に危険な決定が取り決められる可能性があります。

In such an environment of extreme secrecy, militarism and paranoia, we have found that immensely dangerous actions have been taken against the ET s. Indeed, we have multiple inside sources who have described to us the use of increasingly advanced technologies to track, target and destroy extraterrestrial assets. If there is even a 10% chance that this is true ( I am convinced it is 100% accurate) we are dealing with a global diplomatic and social crisis which is utterly out of our control but which puts the entire planet at risk.

Remember, covert reverse-engineering projects have resulted in huge quantum leaps forward in technologies which, once applied to military systems, could be a real threat to ET s which may be here peacefully. The attempts to rapidly militarize space is likely a result of a myopic, militaristic and paranoid view of extraterrestrial projects and intentions. If left unchecked, it can only result in catastrophe.
覚えておいて下さい。秘密の逆行分析(reverse engineering)プロジェクトは、技術の飛躍的進歩をもたらしました。それは、ひとたび軍事システムに応用されれば、平和的にここにいるであろうETに対する、真の脅威になり得るのです。宇宙空間を急速に軍事化する企ては、おそらく地球外知的生命体のプロジェクトと意図に対する、近視眼的、軍事主義的、被害妄想的な見方によるものです。それが抑制されないままであるなら、結果として、大災害を生じるだけです。

Indeed this group, no matter how well-intentioned, is in urgent need of exposure so that global statesmen with a new perspective can intercede in this situation. While we see no evidence that the ET civilizations are at all hostile, it is also clear that it is unlikely that they will allow unfettered and growing interference with their operations. Self-defense is likely a universal quality. And while tremendous restraint has been shown by the ET s thus far, might there be a ‘cosmic trip wire’ if human covert technologies begin to reach parity and we are using such advanced technologies in a bellicose fashion? The prospect is sobering.
実際、このグループは、その意図が、いかに善意から出たものであっても、直ちに白日のもとに曝され、新しい視野を持った、全世界の政治家たちが、この状況の仲裁に乗り出せるようにする必要があります。ET文明が敵対的である証拠を、私達はまったく持っていませんが、ETたちの活動に対し、野放図で、増大する干渉を、彼ら(ETたち)が許す事はないという事も、また明らかです。自己防衛は、普遍的なものでしょう。ET たちは、これまで、驚異的な自制を示してきましたが、もし人類の秘密の技術が、彼らのそれに肩を並べ始め、そのような先端技術を、人類が敵対的な方法で、用いようとするなら、宇宙の仕掛け線を踏む事になるのではないでしょう?その見通しには、考えさせられるものがあります。

jimmy carterWe need our Jimmy Carters and Dalai Lamas and other international statesmen involved with so vast a problem. But if access is denied -and the subject remains undisclosed and off the global radar screen – we are left with the unelected few to decide our fate and act on our behalf. This must change, and soon.

In the final analysis, while the changes attendant such a disclosure related to UFOs and ET s would be massive and profoundly impact virtually every aspect of life on Earth, it is still the right thing to do. Secrecy has taken on a life of its own – it is a growing cancer which needs to be cured before it destroys the life of Earth and all who dwell on her.
結果的に、UFOとETに関係した、こういった公開に伴う変化は、大きく、地球での生活の、実質的な、あらゆる側面に、深遠な影響を与えますが、それを行なう事は正しいのです。秘密は一人歩きしてきました - それは増殖する癌であり、それが地球の命と、その上に棲むすべての者を、破壊する前に、治療する必要があります。

The reasons for secrecy are clear: global power, economic and technological control, geo- political status quo, the fear of scandal surrounding the exposure of such projects and their behavior and so forth.

But the one thing more dangerous than disclosure is continued secrecy. The Earth is dying because we are killing her. The top 250 people and families in the world have the net worth of 2.5 billion of our poorest citizens. The promising relationship between humanity and people from other planets is being militarized and strained by failed thinking and failed programs run completely in secret.

As daunting as disclosure may be, with all its potential for short-term instability and change, continued secrecy means that we will destroy the Earth through our folly and greed. The
future of humanity, which has been delayed and hijacked for the past 50 years, cannot be hijacked for 50 more. For we do not have 50 more years – the Earth’s ecosystem will collapse before then.

ディスクロージャー(情報公開)によって、短期的な不安定さと、変化を起こす可能性もありますが、秘密を続ける事は、私達の愚行と貪欲さによって、地球を破壊する事を意味しています。人類の未来は、既に、過去50年間、遅らされ、奪われ続けていますが、さらに50年間、奪われ続ける事は出来ません。なぜなら、私達は、さらに50年間の時間を持っていないからなのです - 地球の生態系は、その前に崩壊するでしょう。

There are no easy choices. But there is one right one. Will you help us make it?

Steven M. Greer M.D.

Dr. Steven Greer
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