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2021年04月23日 [日々の事]

💻@Let's watch the movie "Thrive II"! & 🌟ADr. Steven Greer’s news! & 💉BCOVID-19 vaccine problem Japan News!📰💻@映画『スライブU』を見よう!&🌟Aスティーブン・グリア博士のニュース!&💉B新型コロナワクチンニュース!📰

💻@Let's watch the movie "Thrive II"! & 🌟ADr. Steven Greer’s news! & 💉BCOVID-19 vaccine problem Japan News!📰

💻@Let's watch the movie "Thrive II"!
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Imagine if a film came along that exquisitely revealed cures for cancer, working free energy devices, the Unified Field Theory that Einstein was seeking and an ethical playbook to transcend the political polarities shredding relationships worldwide... Well, It’s here today!

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この画期的なドキュメンタリー映画は、すべての人の人生を変える力を持つ人々や、その発明の舞台裏を紹介します。 期間限定のオファーを利用してください!


🌟ADr. Steven Greer’s news!
US military paid scientist to build 'physics-bending weapon for wars with UFOs'!


Dr Greer's comment:
" The media is gearing up the UFO war narrative AS PREDICTED. Discover the truth at the 20 year anniversary April 25, 2021 !
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US military paid scientist to build 'physics-bending weapon for wars with UFOs'.

Pentagon chiefs, concerned that China may already have advanced UFO technology, commissioned Dr Salvatore Pais to build a new kind of aircraft that can travel at incredible speeds.

The US Department of Defence has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the development of a 'Space-Time Modification Weapon' that will ensure battlefield supremacy by bending the laws of physics.

While the concept might seem like something dreamed up by tinfoil-hatted conspiracy theorists, the US military has a long history of dabbling in research that sounds like science fiction.

The radar-invisible F117A Nighthawk and its flying wing cousin the B2 Spirit still look like something from a Star Wars film despite both designs being around 40 years old.

This new initiative is based on the work of controversial scientist Dr Salvatore Pais.

The Stealth fighter remained a closely-guarded secret from its inception in the mid-70s until its exposure in 1988.

Pais claims that artificially generated high energy electromagnetic fields can manipulate the "quantum vacuum" that underlies the entire Universe.

If Pais is correct, a craft surrounded by an electromagnetic "force field" of this kind could move through air – or water – with virtually no resistance.

This would allow incredible acceleration and produce a new kind of aircraft that – according to the enigmatic Dr Pais – would be able to "engineer the fabric of our reality at the most fundamental level".

But not everyone agrees with him.

Documents from the US Patent Office reveal the 'plasma compression fusion device' Pais designed.

Dr. Salvatore Pais claims his invention would make a nuclear bomb 'look like a firecracker'.

Science writer Brett Tingley argues that the so-called Pais Effect "has no scientific basis in reality" and added the patents related to it "were filled with pseudo-scientific jargon".

But it’s pseudo-scientific jargon that has convinced at least some US defence chiefs. Pais has been handed over $500,000 (£365k) to research the bizarre concept.
しかし、少なくとも一部の米国国防省を納得させたのは疑似科学用語です。 ペイスは、奇妙な概念を研究するために500,000ドル(365,000ポンド)を手渡されたのです。

Defence department emails reveal that there was at least one experimental demonstration of the technology. UFO hunters will note that the schematics Pais drew up for his experimental craft look suspiciously like the "Black Triangles" sometimes spotted gliding silently over the southwestern United States.

Large 'black triangle' UFOs have been reported around the world since 1989.

The US National Institute for Discovery Science catalogued sightings of so-called "Black Triangle" UFOs dating back to the 1990s, and concluded that the behaviour of the mysterious aerial objects "does not appear consistent with the covert deployment of an advanced DoD [U.S. Department of the Defence] aircraft".

In a recent publication, Pais describes his craft – which would operate as both an aircraft and a submarine – as a being shaped roughly like the point of a pencil: "The HAUC is conical in configuration with an elliptical cross-section, similar in geometry to a hypersonic glide vehicle [or] dart."

The hybrid craft, which would encase its crew in a Faraday Cage to shield them from the intense electromagnetic forces, would operate "as a submersible craft capable of extreme underwater speeds" as well as a supersonic or potentially hypersonic stealth aircraft.

US military bosses were thinking about the next generation of combat aircraft long before current stealth fighters were made public.

Pais has filed several patents, with titles such as "Craft Using an Inertial Mass Reduction Device," "Piezoelectricity-induced High-Temperature Superconductor," "High-Frequency Gravitational Wave Generator," and "Ultrahigh Intensity Electromagnetic Field Generator".

He claims that they are all based on discoveries that will overturn the laws of physics as we currently understand them.

At least one of his patents was rejected by the US Patent Office in 2018 because it did not seem to be scientifically plausible, but then later resubmitted with further documentation that appeared to prove Pais’s wild claims.

The B2 Spirit's development began in 1974, and the ultra stealthy bomber entered service in 1993.

A Faraday cage inside the craft would protect its crew against the intense electromagnetic field.

According to The Drive, the US military is investing in these technologies because of concerns that China has already developed ultra-advanced aircraft of the type that reportedly "buzzed" the USS Nimitz in 2004.

Brett Tingley and Tyler Rogoway wrote: "The Chief Technical Officer of the Naval Aviation Enterprise personally wrote a letter addressed to the examiner claiming that the U.S. needs the patent as the Chinese are already ‘investing significantly’ in these aerospace technologies."

The claims made by Pais seem wild and implausible - but in a world where killer robots, pilotless aircraft and laser weapons are becoming commonplace, perhaps his reality-busting flying subs will one day seem as ordinary as the Stealth Bomber.

💉BCOVID-19 vaccine problem Japan News!
Today's Japanese New Medical Study Group News.


About the COVID-19 vaccine problem.

Fukui Prefectural Assembly said, “Vaccines are murder weapons. Don't inoculate”.
About 2 minutes video:

福井県議『ワクチンは殺人兵器 打つな』(1分57秒):

In Japan, Vaccination of the COVID-19 for the elderly aged 65 and over, which began in April of this year.
Fukui Prefecture's Saito Fresh Green Prefectural Assembly (64) says vaccination should not be done.
Saito Prefectural Assembly issued a parliamentary report in February of this year.


It was written big in the headline. “Vaccine is a murder weapon”, “When inoculated, die within 5 years”.
見出しには大きく 「ワクチンは殺人兵器」、「打つと5年以内に死ぬ」。

In addition, "The COVID-19 turmoil was planned by the'dark forces'", and the new corona was "intentionally created for population reduction and human control". It is written that such content.

He distributed it to many supporters and published it on his own website.
What kind of background does he have?


In fact, Saito Prefectural Assembly belongs to the Liberal Democratic Party and is currently in its sixth term. He is a veteran member of the Liberal Democratic Party Fukui Kenren, acting as chairman and chairman of the Fukui Prefectural Assembly.
People in the Liberal Democratic Party of the provincial council say he violates the policies of the government and the ruling party to promote vaccination.


Saito Prefectural Assembly said, "This is about my own political beliefs and has nothing to do with the Liberal Democratic Party." He explains that criticism of vaccination is an individual belief.

Many Japanese admire his actions very much! He is like a true wonderful Japanese Samurai!
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