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2021年05月31日 [日々の事]

🤧Why are known brain toxins in kids’ vaccines?💉🤧なぜ子供のワクチンに脳の毒が入っているのか?💉

Improper Amounts of Aluminum Discovered In Multiple Childhood Vaccines

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From CE collective EVOLUTION


Published 3 weeks ago on May 12, 2021
By Arjun Walia


>The Facts: A team of aluminum experts at Keele University has found that multiple childhood vaccines contain significantly more or less aluminum than what is listed on product labels. They have filed a petition with the FDA in an attempt to resolve this issue.
>Reflect On: What are the consequences of misleading or incorrect product information, like vaccines, listed on the product label? Should these labels not be completely accurate?

>考察: 誤解を招くような、ワクチン等の製品成分内容表示の記載情報が、その製品ラベルに貼られることによって、現実的には何が引き起こされるのでしょうか?こういった表示ラベルは、正直で正確である必要がありますよね?

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The aluminium adjuvant that’s used in multiple childhood vaccines has come under the scrutiny of multiple scientists from around the world over the past couple of years. It’s been discovered that a number of these vaccines have far more or far less aluminum adjuvant than listed on their FDA approved product labels, and as a result two formal petitions (access them here and here) were filed with the FDA on May 4th and May 6th of this year.

The petitions demand that the agency do its job and assure that vaccine manufacturers are disclosing accurate information about the amount of aluminum adjuvant that’s actually present in their childhood vaccines. You can access the most recent legal update, here.

A team of the world’s foremost experts in aluminum toxicology, led by Christopher Exley (initiator of the petition), a Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry for the last 29 years with more than 200 published peer reviewed articles regarding aluminum, made this discovery. Six vaccine products contained statistically significant greater amounts of aluminum (Pentacel, Havrix, Adacel, Pedvax, Prevnar 13, and Vaqta) and four childhood vaccines were found to contain a statistically significant lower quantity of aluminum adjuvant than what is outlined on the label for these products (Infanrix, Kinrix, Pediarix, and Synflorix.
クリストファー・エクスリー(請願書の作成者)が在籍する、世界有数のアルミニウム毒物学の専門家チームは、過去29年間に、200以上のピアレビュー記事を発表し、そして今回の発見へと至りました。6つのワクチン製品(Pentacel、Havrix、Adacel、Pedvax、Prevnar 13、Vaqta)には、統計的に大量のアルミニウムが含まれており、4つの子供用ワクチンには、製品ラベルに説明が書かれているものよりも少ない量のアルミニウム、アジュバントが含まれていたことが判明しました。

This discovery was published in The Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology where researchers point to the fact that since aluminum is a known toxin in humans and specifically a neurotoxin, it’s content in vaccines should be accurate and independently monitored to ensure both efficacy and safety.
この発見内容は、アルミニウムが、人にとって既知の毒素であり、特に神経毒であるため、ワクチンに含まれる成分内容が正確で、確実なものである必要があり、監視する必要のあるものであり、有効性や安全性の両面が保たれている必要があるとの指摘内容が、医学や生物学における微量元素ジャーナル(The Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology)に掲載されました。

Another paper of interest for readers might be this one, titled The role of aluminum adjuvants in vaccines raises issues that deserve independent, rigorous and honest science. It also outlines the concerns being raised.

The petition states, these deviations from the products’ labels are extremely concerning. Doses with more than the approved amount of aluminum adjuvant raise serious safety concerns, and doses with less than the approved amount raise questions regarding efficacy. Indeed, aluminum adjuvant is a known cytotoxic and neurotoxic substance used to induce autoimmunity in lab animals, and which numerous peer-reviewed publications implicate various autoimmune conditions…. These deviations also render the products and manufacturers not in compliance with various federal statutes and regulations, requiring immediate action from the FDA.
嘆願書には、認められた量を超えるアルミニウム、アジュバントを投与した場合、安全性は脅かされ、重大問題が体に発生し、逆に、認められた量を下回る投与量では、有効性に疑問が生じます。 確かに、アルミニウム、アジュバントは、動物実験で、自己免疫を誘発するために使用される既知の細胞毒、および神経毒のある物質であり、多くの書籍に様々な自己免疫破壊が起こることを示しています…。 こういったことにより、製品や、その製造会社は、様々な連邦法ならびに規制に従っていないことを示し、FDA からの即時対応が望まれます。

The Petitions therefore demand that the FDA immediately and publicly release documentation sufficient to establish that the aluminum content in each vaccine at issue is consistent with the amount provided in its labeling and that the FDA pause distribution of the vaccines at issue until it has done so.

Nothing can be more important than the safety of vaccines injected into babies.

If you would like to provide the FDA a comment regarding the petitions filed regarding aluminum levels in childhood vaccines, you can do so here and here.

Exley and his work is supported by many scientists from around the world, yet he is facing a potential set back with regards to continuing his research on aluminum and disease. One hundred scientists came together and recently wrote a letter of support, stating,

We are writing to express our concern over the possible interruption of research on aluminum and disease conducted by Christopher Exley and his group in your (Keele) University. We feel that Christopher Exley’s work conducted for so many years in line with the previous research of late Pr Birchall at Keele University has been an important service to the scientific community, patients and society in Europe and globally. We firmly declare that Pr Exley has always defended rigorous research independent of commercial conflicts of interest, and has freely carried out his research without any control by any of his sponsors.
私たちは、キール大学で、クリストファー・エクスリーと彼のグループが行ったアルミニウムと病気に関する研究が中断される可能性を心配し、それを表明するためにこの手紙を書いています。キール大学の故バーチャール博士の以前の研究に沿って、長年、実行してきた、クリストファー・エクスリーの研究は、ヨーロッパ、ならびに世界的な科学界、患者、社会にとって、重要な貢献であったと感じています。 私たちはエクスリーが常に商業的利益とは無関係に、厳格な調査を擁護し、スポンサーを持つことなく、自由に研究・調査を行ってきたことを堂々と断言します。

You can read more about what’s going on with regards to this situation, and access the correspondence that’s happened between Keele University (Exley’s employer), Exley, and the academics who support his work, here.
この状況に関して何が起きているかについての詳細は、キール大学 (エクスリーの雇用主)、および彼の仕事を支援する学者間で行われた通信内容を読むことで知ることが出来ます。

Exley has provided his own comment on the petition that reads as follows,

Once these data on the aluminium content of infant vaccines were known to me I asked myself about their absolute significance. What were the data witnessing. Sloppy processing by manufacturers? If so then why weren’t these issues flagged up by internal auditing of the products? Do manufacturers not actually measure the final content of aluminium in their vaccines? It looks that way. If they do not are they still assuming that the information they give on the patient information leaflet is accurate? Presumably they are as this amount of aluminium per dose of vaccine has been extensively researched and optimised by the manufacturer to give the antibody titre necessary for the vaccine to be effective. Since the vaccine is wholly ineffective in the absence of the aluminium adjuvant then the amount of aluminium adjuvant injected into the infant must be tightly controlled in providing a safe and effective vaccine. Isn’t that correct?

How can vaccine manufacturers be so complacent about such a critical issue? Is there a darker side to all of this? It may or it may not be true that manufacturers carefully optimise the aluminium content of infant vaccines. However, how often do manufacturers monitor the efficacy of their vaccine in receiving infants? How do they know that the data they must have for their clinical trials is reproduced in real time vaccinations in infants. Simply, how do they know that their vaccine works against its target disease? Do they even care? These data on the aluminium content of infant vaccines suggest very strongly that from the moment the vaccine is aliquoted to its vial ready for subsequent administration to an infant the manufacturer has no interest in whether it is either effective or safe.

No one is monitoring the former and vaccine manufacturers have no responsibility for the latter. Vaccine manufacturers are businesses first and foremost, it is not up to them to make sure that their products are safe and effective. It is the responsibility of the FDA and the FDA is clearly neglecting this responsibility as is the European Medicines Agency. A cartel of neglect and complacency that puts infants all of the world at risk, not only from the disease the vaccine is meant to be effective against but critically from the injection of an unknown amount of a known neurotoxin into vulnerable infants.

I know that many of you have given me your support in a myriad of ways and I am eternally thankful. You may be interested to know that the ‘academic’ Aluminium Family has also played a part and you can read all about this through this link. If you have any questions or comments about this please direct them to Professor Romain Gherardi (RKG75@protonmail.com) who kindly instigated this effort on my behalf.
多くの方々が私に様々な方法でサポートを提供してくださったことを私は知っており、私はそのことに永遠に感謝しています。「学術的」なアルミニウムファミリーも一役買い、このリンクからすべてを読むことができます。質問やコメントがある場合は、私に代わってこの取り組みを開始してくださったロマン・ゲラルディ教授 (RKG75@protonmail.com) までご連絡ください。

The Takeaway: The politicization of science has become quite a large issue these days. In my opinion, science that seems to support a narrative that is in favour of certain government and/or corporate interests is heavily promoted and explored, while science that calls these narratives into question is heavily scrutinized, censored and unacknowledged within the mainstream.
要点: 科学を政治化することについては、近年、非常に大きな問題(疑問)になっています。 私の意見では、特定の政府や企業の利益に対して有利なストーリー展開を与えると思われる科学が盛んに推進され、研究されていますが、これらのストーリーに疑問を投げかける科学は、主流媒体において、厳しく精査され、検閲され、受け入れられない場合も少なくありません。

If science is raising a cause for concern, especially regarding something like aluminum toxicity that is so prevalent in our lives today, why can’t we as a society embrace, support, and acknowledge the study of it openly and collectively? What is going on here? You might imagine that everybody would support research like the kind Exley and his team are doing, as it only seeks to make a healthier world. Then again, it may not be in the best interest of pharmaceutical companies and their business model.

Isn’t human health and ‘doing no harm’ the key oath public health is interested in upholding? The implications of science should not impede progression of health, but rather accelerate it.

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