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2021年07月06日 [日々の事]

Dr. Steven Greer’s New movie “THE COSMIC HOAX” has been released to the world❣スティーブン・グリア博士の新作映画『宇宙の暴露』が世界公開されました❣

Dr. Steven Greer’s New movie “THE COSMIC HOAX” has been released to the world❣
This movie is very important for both the earth and the universe!
Probably the best in the world(^-^♪


This movie was released for free so please watch♬
It’s a Ultra-presents for the world!


It’s movie an hour and a half🎥
(Subtitles: French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Spanish. More CC coming soon)


…However, the content of this movie is too difficult...
Please read the points of this movie below if you like…♪


New Movie!! "The Cosmic Hoax: An Exposé" (01:23:05)
新作映画『宇宙のニセ旗作戦:暴露』 (1時間23分5秒)




【33-Points of this movie】

(1)An organization called USAP makes the U.S. government believe in extraterrestrial aggression stories.

(2)President Trump tried to release UFO information to the world, but it was blocked.

(3)By making full use of power, the government is being centralized.

(4)Extraterrestrial beings (aliens) are made into bad guys by earthlings.

(5)It is already known who is operating the artificial Earth-made UFO.

(6)People (earthlings) who operate extraterrestrial technology are functioning as a threat to the entire planet.

(7)Even the United States President cannot beat the liars who keep UFO technology secret.

(8)Unless good and sensible people try to walk toward the truth, future threats are more likely to be inevitable.

(9)Since before the 1920s, there have been anatomical photographs of humanoids (aliens).

(10)People who do not know the truth are used in the media as people who really know the truth.

(11)Already before 2000, this earth is ready to safely end poverty, climate change and fossil fuel use.


(12)Since before 2000, some Earthlings have the technology to destroy or move asteroids.

(13)The plan for earthlings and ET to fight is prepared in secret plan.

(14)It is designed to allow the general public to accept that the evolution of technology will be used in warfare.

(15)Various war plans have, in fact, already been hijacked by others.

(16)The new Pearl Harbor project explains how we should deploy weapons and space forces in space.

(17)There are situations in which people exploring and studying the ET phenomenon are being sucked into and poisoned by disinformation black holes.
For example, “ET’s are demons”, “It’s all Inter-dimensional not Extraterrestrial”, “We don’t have man-made UFO’s”, “Aliens are abducting people” etc. And the worst is “Aliens are a threat therefore we need to build weapons in space”.


(18)People who want to know more about secrets are forced to participate in covert operations.

(19)The truth about Roswell is connected to people who are more powerful than the world economy, government and the military. Therefore, they are completely free to move, ignoring all laws.

(20)ETs said to President Eisenhower, “We want Earthlings to stop destroying space structures with nuclear weapons and the like. And we really hope that the Earthlings will actively join the universe and become a wonderful interplanetary family for everyone”.

(21)The current economic system basically functions within the control structure, and financing systems such as stocks are used. And during the war, such an economic system becomes active.

(22)Power fascism and big industries know that 8 billion people (all humanity) cannot control unless they themselves change their own beliefs and attitudes.

(23)The United States won World War II, but couldn't beat those who went underground.

(24)The last war in this world should have ended in World War I.

(25)In fact, nuclear weapons, atomic bombs, wars are threatening (annoying) the peaceful ET's life.

(26)The ETs don't want the Earthlings to do to war.

(27)The ET and UFO information leaked in the streets is useful for making others hostile (racist).

(28)The UFO research community is aware of UFO disinformation operations, but is afraid to profess.

(29)There are roughly three UFO false flag operations. "We don't understand what a UFO is", “The U.S. military does not have an aircraft that can use technology like UFOs", "ET is a threat to national security." These are all big lies.

(30)"The only threat to national security and peace" is a secret project that uses artificial UFOs and technology while hide from us that ET has arrived on Earth.

(31)This message actually leads to the need for war. "Please stop the contact, because ET contact ends all life"

(32)Many people are trapped in money and honor without being aware of the true self and the world.

(33)CE-5 is very important for the world and peaceful future. We are approaching a point where we can never turn back.

Learn the truth from the Father of the Real Disclosure Project.!
This documentary is Dr. Greer’s answer to the current government and media disinformation campaign promoting 3 big lies:
1. We do not know what these UAPs/ UFOs are. WE DO.
2. Humans cannot make craft that can maneuver like UFOs. WE CAN and WE DO.
3. The UFOs are a threat. THEY ARE NOT.

1. 私達はUAP/UFOが何であるかを知らない→私達は知っています。
2. 地球人はUFOのような技術を作ることができません→既に地球人は作って使っている。
3. UFOは脅威だ→というのは大嘘です。

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