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2021年11月02日 [日々の事]

Today‘s Dr. Steven Greer’s news♪今日のスティーブン・グリア博士のニュース♪

Today‘s Dr. Steven Greer’s news♪

In the world today, the corrupt, dumbed-down and controlled Big Media is the central reason for significant investigations being killed, illegal secrecy persisting and major scientific breakthroughs being suppressed.

Conventional Wisdom has it that we live in a free and open society with a free press, which plays the role of a key check and balance on government secrecy and abuse. This and other fantasies, foisted on a gullible public, have enabled runaway illegal secret projects to get away with murder, and they are now on the verge of planeticide – the killing of an entire planet.
本来であるなら、私たちは自由で開かれた社会の中、報道活動を自由に行うことができ、政府の秘密の存在や違法行為に対し、重要なチェックとバランス等の役割を果たせるはずなのです。 騙されやすい大衆に押し付けられた、様々な幻想は、暴走した違法秘密プロジェクトが、あらゆる活動を続けることを可能にし、更に、他惑星の存在に多大な迷惑を与えています。それは惑星全体を死へと至らしめます。

The truth is that we have free media – so long as it is inconsequential. That is, freedom of the press exists so long as it is exercised within a certain sphere of influence that does not reach a critical mass of significance. Sure, you can say and write anything – so long as it does not get placed in front of the masses in an honest way. The quaint notion of a free press, serving as the Fourth Estate and watching vigilantly over the interests of The People is one of the great lies perpetrated by the government, and by the corporate media itself. Every insider knows this is a lie.
真実は、取るに足らないものであり、フリーメディアが存在しているということです。つまり報道の自由は、重要な臨界量に達しない、特定の影響範囲内で行使され、存在しています。 大衆の前で情報が正直に公開されないまま、何でも言ったり書いたりできるのです。 それは第四階級(新聞記者)として機能し、人々の利益を注意深く見守るフリーメディアの趣のある概念は、政府や企業メディア自体によって実行されている大きな嘘の1つとして機能しています。すべてのインサイダー(内部の人間)は、これが嘘であるということを知っています。

Big Media must be distinguished from the media in general, insofar as the former is utterly corrupted and the latter is sequestered into spheres of limited influence and significance. Mass retail media – the nightly news, CNN, The NY Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, Time and the like are less free on anything of real significance than the media of many third world countries – or even communist China.

Without the cooperation, compliance and corruption of Big Media, the shadowy programs that keep the world burning could in no way prevail. In fact, when recently asked by a member of Congress how these illegal operations persist and flourish, I had to tell him it was the primarily due to the fact that Big Media give them a free pass.

From Dr. Greer's 2004 paper – Media play

This documentary is Dr. Greer’s answer to the current government and media disinformation campaign promoting 3 big lies:

1.We do not know what these UAPs/ UFOs are. WE DO.
2. Humans cannot make craft that can maneuver like UFOs. WE CAN and WE DO.
3. The UFOs are a threat. THEY ARE NOT.

1.これらのUAP / UFOが何であるかはわからない…と言われていますが、私たちは何であるのか知っていますし、理解しています。

Watch "The Cosmic Hoax" for free.
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Listen to Dr. Greer explaining many of these issues in depth in his series on GAIA. Join via this link and 30% of your membership goes to support Disclosure and CE5.


Recommended references:

知ってはいけない 隠された日本支配の構造
著者:矢部 宏治
出版社:講談社 (2017年)

It's dangerous if you know the truth about Japan
Hidden structure of Japanese rule

Author: Koji Yabe
Publisher: Kodansha (2017)

知ってはいけない2 日本の主権はこうして失われた
著者:矢部 宏治
出版社:講談社 (2018年)

It's dangerous if you know the truth about Japan 2
Japan's sovereignty was thus lost

Author: Koji Yabe
Publisher: Kodansha (2018)

他多数→グリア博士の『Media play』参照

★Book contents★
・Japan gets a lot of money from the CIA
・The Japanese government continues to make secret agreements with the U.S. military without being able to decipher the secret agreements
・At this rate, the Japanese government will not be able to perform its normal functions.
・Elite methods to move the Japanese and US governments.
It's a layer of lies and deception
・Japan is completely dominated by the US.
Others→See Dr. Greer's “Media play

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Lindsey Stirling - Underground

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