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2018年04月15日 [日々の事]

新着情報:映画『スライブ』製作者からのメッセージ(^^♪ What's New! Message from producer of the movie "Thrive"(^^♪

What's New! Message from producer of the movie "Thrive"(^^♪

“Behind me or what my grandchildren like to call grandpa’s toy and they like to play with them almost as much as I do there are actually artifacts that I’ve collected over the years to try to better understand how nature structures the reality that we see and that we don’t see. And this is all going to play a key part in the sequel to our first film thrive. We’ve launched production of thriveU. This is what it takes, and Kimberly and I are going to be giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse into our progress on this film at our next workshop starting June 3rd at Rythmia. We’ve been privileged to witness a ton of exciting breakthroughs in health and energy in environmental restoration in agriculture and much more.”

“So we put together teams and traveled all over the world vetting these different technologies that we heard about after thrive came out, and one of the questions that emerged naturally was how is it that some people have the authority to stop us from even knowing about the different innovations that we ended up having a chance to learn about and witness, and what we can do to reclaim our right to have access to the different innovations that people are coming up with is what we call the Liberty. Perspective and it’s something that we’re going to be unpacking during the workshop at Rythmia.”

“We’re going to be sharing with you how we unpack current events through insider information through deeper understanding and hopefully through just plain common sense.”

“Plant medicine”…『植物医療』

“The way it worked for me is I would come up with an intention. And then drink the medicine and it would answer my questions and intention in a most unexpected and beautiful way. My process was to actually take notes which was sort of hilarious because it’s quite an out-of-body experience during the workshop I’m going to be sharing excerpts from my journal and also we can have an opportunity to take that plant medicine together during the week of the workshop for those of you who are interested. Join us on June 3rd for a week where we can really have a chance to hang out together.
And I look forward to sharing a tropical transformation vacation with you in beautiful Costa Rica.”

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