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2018年05月11日 [日々の事]

Today’s what’s new. Mr. Alfred’s news & Ms. Laura’s message.♪今日の新着ニュース。アルフレッドさんのニュースとローラさんのメッセージ♪

Mr. Alfred news page (アルフレッドさんのニュースページ):

Ms. Laura’s video (ローラさんのビデオ):

From Mr. Alfred’s news.

Law of One: Souls (like Trump’s?) will destroy Earth as Tiamat (Asteroid Belt) & Mars were unless spiritually awakened or removed.

May 10, 2018. Science has now confirmed what NewsInsideOut.com reported several years ago in an interview with a then British elected official.

Nuclear isotopes similar to those of exploded hydrogen bombs have now been detected on Mars by the NASA Mars Rovers. Mars was, according to available mounting evidence, destroyed in a planetary nuclear war. Mars was, according to available mounting evidence, destroyed in a planetary nuclear war such as that which now threatens Earth through the agency of Donald J. Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from the multi-lateral Iran non-proliferation agreement.

As a result of its planetary nuclear war, Mars, once a verdant planet like Earth, is now an opioid pumpkin-like sphere with a thinned atmosphere, devoid of vegetation on its surface, with reptilians that have been witnessed as well as photographed by NASA Mars Rovers at approximately 25-75 feet tall living on the Martian surface, and a Martian human civilization of approximately 1,000,000 that are Homo Sapiens genetic cousins living under the Martian surface. Conflicting research places the date of the Martian nuclear war at either 75,000 years ago or 705,000 years ago.

II – How Planetary nuclear war made Tiamat (Maldek) the Asteroid Belt.
II –惑星の核戦争はどのように、ティアマト(マルディック)を小惑星帯にしたのでしょうか。

Historically, there is plausible Exopolitical forensic evidence supporting a hypothesis that a similar planetary nuclear war caused the destruction of what once was a verdant Earth-like planet in what is now known as the Asteroid Belt.

The USA Secret Treaties with Draco Reptilians, Orion Greys & Anunnaki Reptilians that brought Nuclear Warfare to Earth in World War II, and which Trump Refused to Abrogate!
第二次世界大戦において、地球に核戦争をもたらし、トランプが廃止を拒否した竜座の爬虫類、オリオン、グレイ、アヌンナキによるUSAでの密約!…(-_- !!

Please go to the below URL. This news continues.

Video: (ビデオ:)

Message from Ms. Laura Eisenhower.

New Website, Sessions and Subscriptions。

“Hello. This is Laura Magdalene Eisenhower. I would like to invite you to check out my new website.”

“The newsletter in going to give you one astrological report at least a month and also ten minutes on the phone with me and you can book that 10 minutes on my bookings page and there I can look at your Astro chart information and see what’s specifically going on for you. So you’d want to have a question already in mind and you know just get ten minutes with me and then each month you can just sort of check in and see where things are going me putting the data in won’t actually be included I will do that beforehand or when we get on the phone.”

Please watch a video♪ (English) 5 minutes.

Cosmic Gaia, web site:

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