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2018年05月24日 [日々の事]

★☆🐬News! Live in Dr. Greer in Boulder CO - June 23, 2018! ★ボールダー社におけるグレア博士のライブ – 2018年6月23日!★☆🐬

News! Live in Dr. Greer in Boulder CO - June 23, 2018!
ボールダー社におけるグレア博士のライブ – 2018年6月23日!

CRITICAL INFORMATION you will not get from anywhere else!

Click here for your tickets. (チケットはここをクリック)

Behind the Curtain: An Expose of Secret Unacknowledged Technologies: YOU HAVE A NEED TO KNOW!

Zero-point-energy is the game-changer that will revolutionize the planet; no more hunger, poverty, pollution, or climate change, and an influx of advances in transportation, medicine, travel, entertainment, and the sciences that will skyrocket the global economy.

This is the reason we are making the UFO/ET forbidden history public: zero-point-energy and anti-gravitic technologies that were reverse-engineered from downed extraterrestrial craft, dating back to the Roswell crash landings in June/July of 1947. You may be thinking … ah, come on now; I know this can’t be true. After all, why would anyone deny a non-polluting free energy source that can do so much good for the world? In a word: Power―of which money is only a symbol.

In 1901, when Nikola Tesla had figured out how to tap into the zero-point-energy field―a discovery that would have made power plants obsolete. J. P. Morgan didn’t like the idea of free energy, having just invested heavily in the copper wire that was required in electrical wiring. So the industrialist got his cronies in Washington, D.C. to stop Tesla and had them confiscate all his work.

Since then, no patents have been issued on any inventions or energy systems that threaten to replace the status quo. (Who killed the electric car indeed).

A century later, our growth has stagnated, our vehicles are still saddled with gasoline-dependent combustion engines, the poles are melting, cancer runs rampant from our needless exposure to the rising amount of toxins being pumped every day into our environment, and 80% of the world’s population lives in abject poverty. It was never supposed to be like that.

Dr. Greer will share with you the culmination of his 26 years of behind the scenes contacts.

Saturday June 23, 2018 - Wolf Law Building Auditorium.

・2 pm - 5 pm (2〜5時に開催されます)
・2 - 4 pm – presentation (2〜4時・プレゼン)
・4- 4:15 pm – break (4時〜15分・休憩)
・4:15 - 5 pm - Q & A (4:15〜5時・質疑応答)
・5 - 5:30 pm - book signing (5時〜30分・本のサイン会)

Dr. Greer's presentation will include details about:

●ARVs - Alien reproduction vehicles - "man-made UFOs".
●The latest intel from top secret pentagon sources of facilities underground and what is being stored there.
●Locations and corporations involved in USAPs.
●Plans for a fake alien disclosure.
●PLFs - Programmed Life Forms.
●Interdimensional Technologies.
●Man Made portals into other dimensions.
●Cloaking technologies.
●ARV - 本当の宇宙人の乗り物を再生した乗り物 - 「人造のUFO」。

●In contrast to actual ET craft and beings and how they emerge and vanish in our dimension.
●ET manufacturing and transportation technologies - How you can tell the real from the fake!
●ETの製造と輸送技術 ―どのように偽物と本物を見分ける事ができるのか!

If you can't make it in person, view via webinar at the time or at your convenience. We will have the webinar link in the next email - $50 US

WE THE PEOPLE can change the world for the infinite better for all, simply by demanding free, clean zero-point-energy.
Learn more by watching the "Unacknowledged" documentary and reading the companion book "Unacknowledged: An Exposé of the World's Greatest Secret".
Movie “Unacknowledged” The Companion Book, HALF OFF NOW!!!
$25.95→Sale price: $12.97

OFFICIAL Unacknowledged Trailer (you-tube)

Life seems to be long, but short...
May you notice the true reason that came to this earth.
Many people are strongly hoping for an act manifesting a love of humanity in the depth of one's heart.
With my feelings of gratitude and love.♪
By Dolphin🐬
By Dolphin🐬
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