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2018年06月19日 [日々の事]

✉Please contact immediately! We need an expert witness of the genetics.🐤✉遺伝学の知識を持つ鑑定人を捜しています。至急ご連絡を!🐤

Please contact immediately! We need an expert witness of the genetics.


The Disclosure Project is seeking an objective expert witness with expertise in genetics. A PhD. in genetics or an M.D. with a practice specialty in genetics is required. Knowledge and understanding of current genetic testing techniques, comparative genetic evaluations, and genetic diseases/abnormalities are essential. Applicants should have a thorough understanding of the ethical and professional requirements and standards for scientific research and academic publication. Applicants who are not dependent upon government grants for their livelihood are preferred. The highest level of professional integrity and commitment to academic honesty is a must. This is a position that will require public exposure, to include administrative procedures and possible court appearance.

The topic of investigation is genetic analysis of what is colloquially referred to as the Atacama Skeleton. In 2003, the Atacama Skeleton was discovered in Chile. It is approximately six inches in height and has the general appearance of a humanoid. The recent publication of a highly questionable evaluation of the Atacama Skeleton in a scientific journal and the subsequent dissemination of the results of that evaluation in major media outlets has created a scientifically false portrayal of the Atacama Skeleton and violated the ideals of the basic principles of scientific inquiry and intellectual honesty.
調査するのは、アタカマ・スケルトン(Atacama Skeleton)と便宜上、呼ばれる遺伝子の分析です。アタカマ・スケルトンは2003年にチリで発見されたもので、身長、わずか約6インチ(2.54cm×6=15.24cn)で、全体的に人間形ロボットの外観(ヒューマノイド)のものです。学術雑誌(科学ジャーナル)では、アタカマ・スケルトンは、あまりにも疑わしい(明らかに偽造されたと判断できる)結果と、主流メディアの発表を広める事によって、誤った描写を一般社会に造り、知的で正当な科学研究という基本原則に反した現象を作っています。

The scientists who conducted the evaluation, the academic institutions who employed/supervised these scientists, and the scientific journal which published the evaluation have not provided the peer review comments and much of the technology and methods used in the study have been found to be lacking in basic scientific rigor. Two confidential PhDs in Genetics have concluded the study is bogus and may have been fraudulent from the beginning. . It is the understanding of the Disclosure Project that federal monies may have been used to support/conduct this evaluation.

The Disclosure Project is challenging this evaluation of the Atacama Skeleton, requesting a formal re-evaluation of it, and calling for a formal investigation into the evaluation process and its results, the circumstances surrounding the evaluation, and the publication of the evaluation. Accordingly, applications are requested from people who meet these qualifications and who are committed to scientific truth and the revelation of knowledge that is of the highest public concern.

All inquiries will be kept confidential. Time is of the essence. Please submit inquiries to:

From Sirius Disclosure Project (Dr. Steven Greer)
Recent news.(最近のニュース)
Trump orders creation of Space Force. (トランプ大統領は宇宙の力を利用できる状態を依頼する)

Dr. Greer has been talking about this for years. He has spoken to multiple witnesses who said that at least since the 1960s the US had military assets in space. They are acknowledging something that is already there. However, what is not being talked about, even now, is that those military assets are tracking and targeting ET craft.

Join Dr. Greer in Boulder - June 23 and he will go into what those technologies are.
Attend in person: click(6月23日のグリア博士のライブセミナーに参加して下さい。)

Via webinar: click(ウェブでの後日参加はこちらから申込可能です。)

The lie is a transitory illusion but all truth is based on universal love.
I hope today will be a wonderful day with your true conscience too.
And I pray your true wishes will come true.
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