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2018年06月27日 [日々の事]

★Wonderful story of the CSETI logo.💖★CSETIのロゴの素晴らしいお話し💖

★Wonderful story of the CSETI logo.💖
I was very impressed, too. (T_T)
When you want to begin CE-5, please read this story♪

CE-5 contact training in the MT. SHASTA, CALIFORNIA by Dr. Steven Greer .
This is very precious training for the first time in a while.
July 15 - 21, 2018.

Animation video of the CSETI logo.

The Story Behind the CSETI Triangle Logo
Speech by Ms. Shari Adamiak.
(An excellent secretary of Dr. Steven Greer.)
at the 1997 Crestone CSETI Ambassador to the Universe Training.

Some of you, I'm sure, have heard this story, but I know a number of people haven't. It is just a fabulous story; I'd love to share it with you. It was on our first CSETI trip to England, in 1992. We went to England to do research during the summer during crop circle season and our first time to experience the crop circles.

We convened our team, a small group, on top of Wood borough Hill. As we've said the grapevine in England is like nothing I ever experienced in my life. There were 50-60 people on top of the hill and we thought it would be just our small team, so after a time most of them drifted apart. We did have Colin Andrews and some of his people there with us and a number of other people visiting us that night, including Peter Russell, the English author.....

Nothing was preplanned, this all evolved on site. We decided that it would be a good idea to try and connect with the consciousness of whoever may be responsible for creating the crop circles. As an experiment we thought we would try to project a specific pattern to see if it would be manifested in the crops. We bandied around several different ideas of something simple that we could project..........I felt... in fact I sensed from the very beginning and I know Steven did too, that it needed to be something triangular. So then we determined that we would do something with a triangle and circles. We spent a few minutes deciding exactly how, since you can have a lot of different configurations of that, so we decided a triangle with a circle on each apex of the triangle.

We went into a CTS (Coherent Thought Sequence) and we projected and connected our minds with the minds of the circle makers and just held that image as long as we could sustain it. I think we did it for at least 20 minutes. When we finished, we used the big lights to also draw that pattern in the sky.

Then we went about our way, traipsing about England to other crop circles, doing our research. It wasn't until two mornings later that we were visiting the farm house of the Carsons, who owned a magnificent manor house estate where this ancient sacred hill is,............. to tell her of the incredible events of the night before (which culminated in a 150-ft craft being seen by four members.) In the house with her was visiting Ralph Noyes, a rather elderly white haired gentleman who is a crop circle researcher who has been involved in the UFO thing since the Warminster sightings they had in the mid 1980's. He was there when Steven and I walked in and they were talking about formations. He said, "Oh, we have just come from a wonderful new formation."

........ Ralph Noyes .......... said, "We have just come from the most incredible crop formation, the most pristine one that we have yet seen this year. "We said "Oh, wow, really." He said, "It is fairly close to here too and as the crow flies maybe 5-6 miles in a place called Roadway, which is at the foot of an incredible land mass called Oliver's Castle."......
........ ラルフ・ノイズは「私達はね、今年で見た中で最も純粋な驚くべきクロップサークルの場所から今、やって来た所なんだよ。」と答えました。私達は「え!本当に!?」と驚きました。彼は「そのクロップサークルは、ここから、かなり近くて、直線距離で言うなら、約5〜6マイルの車道を挟んだ所で、そこはオリバーの城と呼ばれる、信じられないほど広大な土地にあるんだ。」と言いました。

We said, "What did it look like?" He showed in his notebook a drawing that was the triangle and circles. I think you could have knocked us over with a feather. He said that they had just been in it that day, but when they spoke to the farmer, he said that it had actually appeared two nights ago. This was in a direct line of sight from the top of the hill we were on, not 5-6 miles as the crow flies from where we were.

Steven and I and another CSETI team member went up there, walked out along this lovely grassy path. It is like you are just walking on air because you are on this beautiful promontory and below is this gorgeous patchwork of farm fields. We were walking out there and suddenly we came to the place were we could see it. There it was, glistening in the sun and it was exactly what we had projected, exactly. I can't tell you the feeling. I have never had a sensation like that in my life. It was the most joyous, wonderful sense of connection and unity consciousness that I had ever experienced up until that point. We were in tears, tears of joy, just beside ourselves. So that has become the CSETI logo.

When we left England, then we found out that there was a man by the name of Gerald Hawkins, who is a professor, I believe somewhere in the Boston area who had written theories about the crop circles. In fact, in January of 1992, he had an article published in a weekly scientific journal, well respected; peer reviewed where he had published an article on geometrical theorems that he thought related to the crop formations. Unbeknownst to us, in a private letter to Colin Andrews, he said that he went out to see this formation and it proved his third geometrical theorem which he had not published yet -- he said that it was so precise that it did not even need to be surveyed. He said it was within inches or fractions of inches of proving this geometrical theorem.

Steve chimes in: Interestingly, Dr. Leven Good, who was looking at cellular changes, said that that crop circle had the most pronounced objectively scientific changes consistent with an anomalous energy type field creation of any crop circle of that season. When they came out with this very fancy big money report, about the '92 season, this whole event was purged when they found out that CSETI had been remote viewing, vectoring and projecting it and they did not want it in the data base and it was purged . To this day it is not in any journal anywhere.

What is also interesting about this crop circle is that when it was formed, it was found by the farmer in the wee hours of the morning of the night that we had been in the field. We did not know it until two days later. The morning that we found out that it existed was the morning of the evening after this big 150 foot diameter disk had been observed in a near landing event. So even finding out about this was all an extraordinary series of events.

From Sirius Technology Advanced Research, LLC.

I hope your trip in the earth will be a wonderful experience for you...
For your happy smile💕
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