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2018年11月02日 [日々の事]

💿Sirius disclosure, Epoch-making DVD🌟💿シリウス・ディスクロージャーの画期的なDVD🌟

💿Sirius disclosure, Epoch-making DVD🌟

Explore everything you need to know about disclosure with The Disclosure Collection.
From Sirius Disclosure.

This historic collection has a wealth of information about how the National Security State works, why the ET issue is kept secret and how.

The collection includes:
•The Untold History of Disclosure – 2 DVD set.

“The Untold History of Disclosure” gives you the real behind the scenes history of the modern Disclosure movement. What was Dr. Greer’s overall strategy in 2001? What was the legal reasoning giving whistleblowers permission to come forward? What was Project Starlight and how were Laurance Rockefeller and President Clinton involved? What was the overarching strategy of the May 2001 historic National Press Club event? How does the strategy continue?

•Expose of the National Security State – 2 DVD set.

Dr. Greer has been involved in the highest levels of governments and military for over 25 years and will share what he has learned on the who , what , where and why of UFO secrecy and the deep trans-national security state and the constellation of illegal projects that are currently operating.

This 4 hour workshop includes:
・How secrecy is maintained through the hybrid of corporate and government programs.
・Which military bases and facilities and which corporations are involved in this secrecy.
・Where the secret underground bases are and how they are connected.
・The Connection between the global financial system , UFO technology, drug-running and covert military airspace and bases;
・How does MAJIC the controlling entity on this issue operate. How do Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) operate and how are they kept secret from the people, the President and Congress.
・The History of UFO secrecy since WW II and how it has devolved into its own illegal transnational cartel.
・See explosive documents on secrecy, how human military controlled "Abductions" are "stage-crafted" and what is the agenda for this Deception.
・What is the future agenda for the cartel managing UFO secrecy-and how you need to prepare for this future!
・The Planned Cosmic 911 Deception- What you NEED to know!


•The European Connection – 1 DVD.

“The European Connection”
Join Dr. Steven Greer- founder of the world-wide Disclosure movement and CE-5 Initiation and creator of "Sirius", the historic documentary- for an evening of amazing information on never -before heard revelations on briefings and contact initiatives in Europe.
スティーブン・グリア博士と一緒に参加して下さい。 世界的ディスクロージャー活動の創立者でもあり、CE-5の開発者でもある、グリア博士による、「シリウス」からの驚異的な情報、ヨーロッパとのつながり、歴史的なドキュメンタリー。

These include:
・Briefings for European royal families and Government officials in the UK, Monaco, France, The Vatican and Liechtenstein.
・Senior French Ministry of Defense and Intelligence initiatives for CE-5 contact events in France and never-before seen documents from the French Government- the most important UFO documents in existence!
・He will discuss the CE-5 Contact event in France with ET craft confirmed on radar over CE-5 Contact Site at over 200,000 kilometers per hour- and one that appeared partially materialized in the contact field.
・The future of Disclosure and Contact in Europe and the world- and how you can play a key role in the beginning of a new civilization on earth!

There is a question and answer period with the audience at the end of the presentation.
This was filmed live for a webinar. Please excuse any video or audio problems.

•The History of New Energy – 2 DVD set.

In the first 2 hours Dr. Greer covers the history of the new energy movement and describes what he has observed over the years trying to find a working device that can be brought out to the public. He covers many of the deceptions used such as tricking the meter instead of actually saving power and some of the other issues such as not knowing enough science and mis-measuring input or output. The protocols he uses to assess if a device is truly over-unity are explained.

He explains his strategy of openness to combat the suppression that has been going on since the time of Tesla. And he explains the pitfalls of many of the currently employed strategies.
The second part of the workshop are questions and answers from the audience about a range of subjects from Disclosure to making Contact.


•2 Hour Witness DVD with 500 page Briefing Document and Executive Summary.

A distillation of over 120 hours of video interviews made by Dr Greer.
Dozens of highly credible military and government witnesses discuss UFO events and projects they have worked on, with introduction and overview commentary by Dr. Greer.
This work is a basic primer for those who wish to bridge the credibility gap once and for all.

To watch this presentation now, On-Demand, please click here!

Topics Covered:
• Secrecy Risks: What are the global consequences of doing nothing?
• Credible Testimony: How high does one have to rank in government and military before we believe them?
• Astronaut and Satellite-Related Testimony.
• Craft and Body Retrieval of Extraterrestrial Origin.
• Secrecy Examined: How it works through compartmentalization and unacknowledged special access projects; how most members of government are kept out of the loop.
• Secrecy Behind Space-Based Weapons: The lethal implications.
• Threats and Ridicule: Aimed at those wishing to disclose the truth.
• The Veil Lifting: How and why secrecy is no longer necessary.
• Also includes the Executive Summary and 500 page briefing document given to members of Congress. A treasure trove of analysis and smoking gun documents.

•Historic National Press Club Event – May 2001.
(ナショナル・プレス・クラブでの歴史的なイベント - 2001年5月。)

This powerful and dramatic documentary of the May 9, 2001 event in Washington D.C.
Carries the press room tension and excitement of ‘Disclosure for the first time’. Many of the same witnesses are featured giving brief public testimony, with thought-provoking introduction and commentary by Dr. Greer. If family, friends, and colleagues have never dared consider the subject, start here!
Our shipping costs reflect our actually shipping and handling costs.

To watch this historic event now, On-Demand, please click here!

•Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications – Dr. Greer's first book and many people's favorite.
(地球外とのコンタクト:証拠とその意味 – 多くの人のお気に入り。グリア博士の初の書籍。)

This definitive landmark book on ET intelligence features:

•Absolute best UFO/ET cases and evidence.
•The best US government and other government ‘smoking gun’ documents related to UFOs.
•An expose of who is maintaining UFO secrecy and why.
•A thought-provoking overview of why ETs are here, what are the implications of disclosing this knowledge, and how the world will change once the truth is known.
•The physics of ET travel, communication, and The Crossing Point of Light.


•Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History.

Another landmark document, years in the making, featuring:
•The testimony of military and civilian pilots and air traffic controllers who have tracked ET spacecraft on radar going thousands of miles per hour.
•The truth about new energy and anti-gravity propulsion systems, technologies hidden in ‘black’ projects, that could solve much of our energy crisis.
・Testimony regarding the deep concern extraterrestrials have shown towards nuclear weapons and our weaponization of space.
•Testimony revealing the secret agenda behind Star Wars (SDI): to eventually hoax an ET threat when none exists so that trillions will be spent on weapons build-up.
•Dozens of top secret government documents proving that UFOs exist and that world governments have been hiding the truth for over 50 years.

Visit any of the product links above for a full description.
Total price: $155 + s/h.
If purchased individually: $250.


From Sirius Disclosure.

Please heal yourself immediately if you felt that you were injured by somebody.
There are a lot of methods.
For example, learning, massage, the good bathing of the feeling, a trip, an artwork, outdoor work, talk, pleasant bathing, the act to warm your body (heart), meditation, etc...
It is an exciting action and it will delete your noise.
So... you can understand someone who made you feel unpleasant objectively.
We still need a thinking time to understand our partner.
We still easily can't completely understand ourselves and our partner.
For example, environment, constitution and property, personality, thought, health condition, family, friend, etc.
We talk in ourselves to ourselves (shadow) now.
If you feel sadness to that slanderous defamation, you grieve to the self-injurious act of the partner.
This may be 1 of mechanism in karma.
The key to the solution is an effort to know all truth.
It is individual efforts.
Let's help each other.♪
May you always be there smiling...☻
With kind regards. 💖
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